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  1. What’s with the forum ghost signing in registered users? This started a few days ago and I thought it was just a little bug that would be fixed, but it’s continued without any abating. Am I mistaken? Or is it just happening to my account? All I’m seeing on pages of the site is “No registered users viewing this page”. But I’m pretty sure I’m a registered user and I noticed that the number of users I usually see at the bottom of each page has also dramatically decreased in number. It makes me presume that it’s not just on my account alone that something’s going wrong. It’s not affecting my ability to use the forum or post though. But just wondering what’s happening…
  2. I have found that training the "Runs with ball" trait makes them really want to go at it with their dribbling skills much more. Of course, the extent of his attributes determines how successful and perhaps how often he does try it. But that learning the trait is IMO the biggest factor to whether he's trying to dribble a lot. Then, choosing the right role modifies the behavior. And then his attributes and other tactical settings finetune it even more.
  3. These police and general law enforcement agencies are just not that smart. The same thing happened in the Jan 6th Trump riots. They don’t anticipate anything or they allegedly willfully don’t get involved. We should just thank high heavens there weren’t any loss of lives on this occasion
  4. After a goalmouth scramble that saw a Marco Verratti header pushed against the post by Jordan Pickford, the Juventus man turned the ball in to the delight of the Italian support. It was the first goal from open play that England have conceded in the entire tournament. --Source: Somewhere on the Internet.
  5. What was more encouraging and somewhat surprising to see was the calling-out of the people who only "support" the kick-it-out movement for appearances or for their own ends only. Seeing people like Mings calling-out Patel and people pointing out that the Prime Minister also has made contradictory statements on the matter. This would not have happened 12 years ago. So something is really changing. Slowly, but yes.
  6. I got to say, I know I've been a thorn in the side of the English fans for the tournament. Now the tournament is over, remember that we're all still friends. Alright? No personal hurts, and no hate. Hugs all-round. (: England did do well after all. I'm happy Spain did well enough too. On to club football now and getting Barca back in shape.
  7. Of course, jokes aside, we are all biased to some extent. Everyone has a skin in the game. Except perhaps you're not a fan of football at all, and just a casual viewer of the sport.
  8. I suppose it's getting less and less likely, going by the falling %'s. Why do these kind of theories always arise every single year? It just seems that because we humans can't see the computer thinking, we assume it's not got a brain and must be cheating its way to stuff.. It's so intriguing how our species think. EDiT: That should be how our "minds" work.
  9. Either take it back down to 16 or increase it to 32. Pick your poison. This 3rd place stuff needs to go!
  10. I agree. But interesting that Spain actually bested the eventual champions in a one to one match-up. Very interesting..
  11. If I were the OP, I’d welcome a challenge like this. The game became so easy for me that I had to seek out a world super league of some sort to increase the difficulty. Welcome the challenge and keep fighting with them. That’s the fun of the game believe me
  12. How would you sync the audio to the video then? Why are people this particular about the commentary? If I don’t like the commentary, I just mute it and overplay music in the background. There, problem solved. 😇😊
  13. FM07, 12 and 14 for me. Will find it hard to choose between those three. Started with 07 where Bent was banging it in and Aguero was just a wonderkid Then 12 where if you signed Pace you had a good chance of winning lol. But then that ME was at the top of the developmental cycle of its era. Then 14 that I've played for years now, till today. Surprisingly though, those games were all the ones where I had the most fun saves. Says a lot about threads like this or the human perception of things.
  14. The other matches that I've watched of them, the first one (of which I will speak no more), and the last one, Poulsen didn't affect the game at all when he came on. What does he see in him? He's not really good at using his physical attributes to hold up the ball, nor does he possess good enough first touch. The ball kept bouncing off him in all his appearances. I think that single decision might have cost them the game sadly.
  15. On another note, does anyone actually know why with Denmark already on the ropes and looking beat, Grealish was withdrawn? When the camera panned to him again in the stand, he was not best pleased with it. Actually, I think he was fuming inside. Why was he taken off? Was it just to accommodate the fullback they brought on? Coz they now had 3 fullbacks on the pitch but still didn't look like they switched formations.
  16. Why did he do that though? He just removed all the threat they posed in the game. I didn't watch all their matches... If you did, was that something he has been doing? They were already starting to be killed, and then he just shot himself, metaphorically speaking.. Was he always making such changes in the prior matches? Or were they carrying injuries? I know they would've been able to recover even if they played the full 120 mins, as a recovering Kane and a few others that had injuries pre-tournament have been able to play full distance.
  17. That's just the stereotypical behavior of the English fans in this forum. Everyone who isn't for us is automatically against us. They are deleting posts, and banning people right and left to keep the approved narrative going... It's just so sad.
  18. So how's Eriksen doing? Especially as things soon start to transition to the new season; will he be fit to play? Any news on his condition? Edit: Fit to play in the new season, I mean..
  19. Well, there we go. The dream really is over, isn't it? At least, we weren't embarrassed, and actually played pretty good. Good luck to Italy in the final )':
  20. Why should that matter though? Do you think where I'm from will influence my behavior on a message board like this? Genuinely curious
  21. Thinking and saying out loud that other leagues and teams are now rubbish.. Just the general "snubbery" that you get with over-confident fans. This is just football banter and sport trash talking, I know, but sometimes it just gets wearing. Maybe there's also the fact that Barca are just not doing well at anything right now; so there's that. So no need for anyone to take my comments right now on football very personally. (:
  22. I actually don't hate England. To be honest, I love English people. I just don't want England to win this particular championship, that's all... The wish might not be granted. England might win it comfortably. I just have been so unimpressed with how the English fans have been behaving ever since their teams won the Champions league trophies (Liverpool and Chelsea) recently.
  23. Spain didn't think they'd be here and flattered to deceive during the group stages (some might say they even fluked their way up to this point).. and should consider it a triumph to even have made it considering their relatively poor squad when compared to past years Italy were quietly confident from the start, and then expectations have risen since their first 2 games. They have been arguably the team of the competition. My heart says Spain should win, but my head disagrees and insists this is Italy's to lose. Either way, I hope whomever wins wins the lot on Sunday in the final against Denmark
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