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  1. I would probably make one of the fullbacks more attacking to get the overlap working more? Not sure if the thread is being continued though.
  2. Bit of an unknown but Proudie is slowly becoming a favourite of mine
  3. Any way to get rid of the auto sidebar and put it back to normal? I play on software and it gets in the way most of the time
  4. http://strikerless.com/2015/03/24/a-more-in-depth-analysis-of-the-withdrawn-targetman/ This thread talks about the Fellaini role and how to make it work in FM. You could make him a CM-A and copy the PI's and see how it goes.
  5. My sidebar isn't disappearing. -Fixed. Had to change to Gpu assisted for it to work. I've run into an icident sometimes when it hovers into the middle when I click it but I just reload the skin and it gets fixed.
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