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  1. Fantastic stuff !!! I am using Control mentality and it really has very similar issues with your attacking mentality problems. Believe it or not, like wat Jessan asked regarding you swicthing your right winger from Winger to IF, i actually did the exact same thing. I am interested to know if it's because with the WB(a) behind him, you feel u need someone to create space for the WB(a) to run into? That was my reason. Because they often times found themselves very close to each other.
  2. Great analysis!! I tweaked my 4231DM after reading ur posts, but remained with Control mentality. So I'd be intereated to see how you'd adjust if it's in a higher mentality.
  3. Yes, because Team Shape influences individual creative freedom as well. Fluid/v fluid does not just make your entire team play closer together, it will also encourage individual creative freedom. The opposite can be said for structured/h structured. So, in very general terms, to make a fluid/ v fluid team shape more balanced, you may want to use more general Player Roles like CMs or AMs instead of APs or DLPs etc. Because they hv high creative freedom via Team shape anyway, and if further encouraged via specialiaed player roles may be counter-productive. Again, in very general terms. On the other hand, to make a structured/h structured team shape (which restricts creative freedom) more balanced, you may want to use specialised Player Roles like Playmakers or BPDs etc to define who has license to be more creative, who's gonna be the playmaker, who's gonna do the through balls etc. And again, this is all in very general terms. You can make it work going against these concepts definitely, if you know what you're doing. The other aspect of Team Shape is, of course, the closeneas your players will be with each other. Let us assume that you're dead set on 2 things: (1) your formation (4231 with CMs), and (2) you're style of play (pass and move). Non-negotiable. Now a 4231 is a top heavy formation. You've got 4 players (and at times, 6) beyond the half way line, and only 4 under the halfway line. That's top heavy. Yes, you may have you players closer together, especially between your CMs and your front 4, but that also means opponents marking them are also closer to your front 4. Not to mention you're Man Utd, which will probably mean even more men behind the ball against you. One way to counter/balance such a top heavy formation, and especially when your style of play critically needs the creation of space, is to use a Structured/H Structured team shape, where players are actually further apart if compared to fluid/v fluid team shape. And so, space-creation wise, it may be more beneficial for you to use a structured/h structured team shape. And, to counter the restriction of creative freedom via this team shape, u may assign one or multiple specialised Player Roles on players whom u want to be more creative. Do correct me on anything.
  4. Make no mistake, the way you "Dumb it down" is exactly what most beginners like us need to understand the game. Great thread!
  5. Start filtering your players and get rid of some deadwood. Chuck all you players (senior, reserves, youths) in the first team squad. Apply a few levels of filters and you will see who are the best players you have at your disposal. You can obviously apply any kind of filters based on your preference. But after reading several articles and write ups from the mods and experts here in the forums, I have a pretty good mix which perhaps you can apply to your team makeover. Before I list down my filtering methods, take note of 3 points 1. I categorised attributes as such: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20. For my LLM save, I deem 6 as the lowest acceptable level (use the colouring on the numbers, makes life easier). 2. I aim to have 22 players including goalkeepers in my first team squad. 3. Formation: 4-4-2. 1st filter: Bravery, Determination, and Work rate. Directly lifted from a write up by Rashidi. He called them Swing Attributes. Basically, imo, they are attributes that tells you a player's playing attitude. Does he give up easily? Is he willing to put his body on the line? Is he willing to work harder than he is required to? Unlike composure, decisions or anticipation etc, which are more or less 'skill' mental attributes, these 3 attributes tells you the player's character as a football player. After chucking everyone in my first team squad, I customise my squad view to just these 3 attributes. Anyone who has any of these 3 attributes lower than 6 is out of the team. They go to the reserves or youth team depending on their age. You may argue that determination can be tutored to get it up. You may be right, but remember, that only applies to young players. Older ones cannot be tutees. And we don't usually associate tutoring and youth development with LLM, cause' what's the point? They'll just get snatched up by the bigger clubs. And of course this does not fully apply to GKs. For them, I only look at Determination and Bravery. 2nd filter: Injury proneness, consistency, big match no-show You'll have to find these in your assistant's report for each individual player. Anyone who has a RED for any of these hidden deficiencies is out of the team. Reserves or youths depending on age. 3rd filter: Physicals, except Jumping Reach In LLMs, it's hard to find technically gifted players. Fact of life. So, go for physicals instead. Anyone who has anything less than 6 in any of those attributes is out. Except for Jumping reach, which I think is only critical to CDs. 4th filter: the starting line-up By now, you'd probably have either slightly more or less than 22 players. It's time to fit your best 11. Again, another lift from Rashidi, utilise the position filters on your squad view. Look at your GKs first, and decide on who gets No 1, and who gets the bench. Do the same for defenders, midfielders, attackers. For outfield players, this is the time to look at the other attributes. For mental attributes (except the mentioned 3 in the 1st filter), these 4 are applicable to any position imo: Composure, Decisions, Anticipation, Concentration. The others I'd argue to be genrally fitted to players depending on whether he is a defensive or offensive player. For example, Off the Ball for players involve in attacking phase, Positioning for players involve in defensive phase. For technical attributes, these 3 are the most important for any position imo: First Touch, Passing, and Technique. If I have 2 players playing the same position, and I am trying to see who is better, I'd look at these attributes first, before looking at role specific attributes. For example, let's say I've got 2 RBs. I'd first compare them on these 7 attributes, and only then move on to role specific attributes like Tackling, Marking etc. I actually got 11 decent starters and 11 best direct replacements in the first team squad. This also allowed me to know what players to look for when recruiting. Of course, if you already have very few players left after the 2nd filter, you'd have to compromise. I'd say Natural Fitness may be the next best to be disregarded along with jumping reach. Compromise at your own specific preference and discretion. I hope this helps.
  6. So you gv the grey players contracts (albeit amateur ones, Tuvalu right?), or did you just let them remain 'grey' throughout the season?
  7. Had a look at the Australian NPL database. The club called "Melbourne Victory (NPL)" playing in the NPL Victoria is the 'B' team to Melbourne Victory FC in the A-league, and so should not be manageable as a club by itself. I found the NPL side available when started the database with the "Prevent teams which already have managers to be controlled" ticked. I reckon you might need to do the same to other NPL sides which are B teams to A-league sides.
  8. Hope u dont mind me using ur thread. After upgrading my training facilities to below average 3 seasons ago, which was the only time i did, the option to upgrade it has not appeared altogether in the list of board requests. Anyone know why? Is the willingness of the board to upgrade the training facilities linked with other stuff like club reputation or league reputation etc? Cuz if it does it'd make sense cuz my club is from Northern Ireland so reputation does not grow quickly. But i need to be sure if it is indeed that reason.
  9. Entirely true. I should've added 'in the case where u compare apple to apple, where the player does not hv any ppm, and that u r playing at standard mentality and flexible shape'. In other words, fundamentally, i think that is the difference between an AP(s) and an AP(a) deployed on the CM strata. As for everyone saying abt the AP has differing PIs in default based on the strata which we put him, entirely true no doubt. But the OP did say that he'd rather use a customised CM role. So i assume he is referring to an AP on the CM strata.
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