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  1. Dont know if this is a known bug or not Playing as Spurs, twice the board have agreed on my request to expand the stadium and start work. Then later they decide on their own to expand the stadium and work restarts and is re-costed with a later completion date even though once it was for less seats than the previously agreed amount. I have also had this happen when I requested training facility improvements. It was only 1 month until completion to state of art and the board announced they were improving the training facilities, pushing the completion date back and recharging for the work.
  2. AH! that was it , thank you!
  3. I'm probably doing something stupid but i cant work out why i cant save my filters. The name and save button are greyed out. As you can see ive saved some in previous games so not sure what im doing wrong this time. Thanks for any help
  4. No talk team option for subs if you use quick sub!
  5. What are the best attributes for staff to deal with Press Conferences past their media handle stlye? I've been looking at Mental, Man Management and Motivating but just wanted some other opinions. Media and setting general training schedule are the main things I dont like doing myself so looking for more information about how to get the best people to do those jobs for me! Thanks
  6. I started without a DoF but recently employed one. He has better JPP/ JPA/ WWY and negotiating than my HoYD so I set him to deal with with youth intake etc. If my HoYD doesnt help with youth training is there any hidden reason to keep him that im overlooking? Thanks!
  7. What attributes specifically make a staff member good at creating the training schedule? It's something I like to delegate but not sure what makes someone good at those decisions. Thanks!
  8. you considered having a night off for a moment there, its ok we wont tell
  9. I've got no problems with that, cena wins tactic is awesome, still doing great with it on my Wolves save. Thanks Mr Hough
  10. Mr Hough, seems to be some form of biscuits wrapper in that photo on the far right! You are busted!
  11. 2MC, it worked better for me, can't say other than that as I only changed it with this save
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