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  1. Where did you put it ? I looked inside the obb file it seems the game files are locked inside. So making custom databases and skins doesn’t seem possible now
  2. There’s a bug with the in game editor each time you use it on a team it always adds a third kit, there should be an option to add/remove a third kit. No matter what options you change in editor it always creates a third kit for the team. Even if you use it to just correct some names or change a club name it still creates a third kit.
  3. I know, Alari was suggesting me replacing one of the teams using editor so I can use a custom logos since you guys removed the myclub logo option. I was going to holiday a season or 2 hoping they get promoted.
  4. Are they not one of the teams in contention for promotion in game to the national league north? They are top of northern premier. Title contenders would be unrealistic if they are not in game.
  5. The ID 23071971 is no longer working in this years game. Is this a bug or removed? Or has the ID changed? @Alari Naylor @Marc Vaughan Many Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply I really hope this gets sorted. I’m will to do some testing if needed. many thanks
  7. I reported this issue in last year's game which really bugs me. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 the game downloads retina skin instead of xga skin Screens below Not stretched and stretched... the game looks awful on this high end tablet.. Will this be fixed? If not I will have to request a refund.
  8. i was going to say the iPad skin looks better in a way than Retina/HDTV skin. will there be a fix so it sticks with the iPad skin? after restarting Tablet it uses the iPad Skin but after about 15 to 30mins it switches to Retina/HDTV Skin.
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