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  1. I started in the skrill premier, bought Ryan Bird, a poacher from Portsmouth reserves, for £3k. My assistant protested. It took him 2 seasons to score 100 goals, and in season 3, he's tearing up league 1, has scored 22 in 21 games. His wages we still just £700 a week. My assistant still doesn't rate him, so he clearly doesn't rate goalscoring in a striker.
  2. Hi, I'm a little baffled by training. It seems simple enough, make sure the attackers are doing intense attacking training etc. I'm 3 seasons in with Wrexham, have good training facilities and my oldest player is 27. But the attacking stats of my forwards keep dropping and dropping. They are all training intensively on attacking. This doesn't seem to affect their actual performance as my 2 first team strikers have scored 100 each in 120ish games for the club. Just don't know how to preserve their stats.
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