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  1. Well... No, it's not you. It's a feat. For what it takes... last year we were an almost good team, ended 3rd in Bundesliga (expected 10th) and won the german cup. This year we are a very good team, we are 8th (february), same tactics, just a few better players (expected 5th). Oh, atmosphere: Very good to Excellent, manager support: Very good. I surrender, it's a feat. No way to program your future, before or later you have to resign, that's how FM 'evolved'. Better find some fun with it. P.S.: Don't worry about your tactics, if you nailed it the previous year it's evidently work
  2. 1. I don't understood what are you referring to, Mezzala is a precise role. 2. It's a guarantee, you are playing with three attackers and a DM (and two WB?!) so that defensive phase is definitely weak. 3. Eventually I don't translate well IF. I translate it as 'Seconda Punta', not 'External Attacker' (so a support role for the striker, not an external attacker... that's a more offensive winger). If the IF isn't a Seconda Punta how do you translate that? 4. With many attackers you want to overturn fastly (counterattacking), that's not done with shorter passing and lower tempo.
  3. Mezzala is a role invented to replace the winger, but need to be sustained by many midfielders (like another two in line plus a DM). Both BBM and Mezzala leave their position and should leave you open to counterattack, no matter the DM. Also two IFs? And shorter passing with two IFs? An higher line with a covering defender (breaking offside)? Lower Tempo with two IFs? It just isn't logical. Also with that player placement the last you should do is to play out of defence. The ME allows you to do it, but would it work in real life? I seriously doubt it. Looks to be my last reply.
  4. The fact that a tactic like this works show how broken is the ME. It's not even logical.
  5. I don't see technical attirbutes in those two actions. This is technique (and a technical player), now let the defender do it in a match situation and you have a jolly (Roberto Carlos, then?): I too have scored from long distance, if you have power in your legs you can do it... but give to it that spin to trick the keeper in the lower corner, that require technique.
  6. It has never been a 'play your way', at all. All press, all attack, always. And this isn't any different. The randomic part has been denounced, 'they' (Sigames? A few users?) replied A. Life is randomic, B. There are no cheats in the engine, everything is fair, C. Randomness is fun. So you have to 'swallow and shut up', I presume.
  7. 1st and 2nd: nothing technical, 3rd: I don't know what to watch. Anyone can pass the ball under the legs, what's the point?
  8. 1. Bug. 2. Don't overdo with 'payment in installments', we (italians) call it 'rateizzazione', otherwise the board can react badly.
  9. Perhaps, I don't know... lately things feels so much randomic. Chance isn't randomity. Chance is kicking that ball badly, or unability to reaching it, etc., there is a mistake made by the player involved; 'Concentration, Decision, etc.' all those beautiful words that sometimes don't reflect well in the ME. I understand it well: 'a player does a thing that should be incapable of doing'. That's causing frustration to a person, and that person is definitely right. A man can't give birth to a child, it's unable to (until we will find a capable coder able to mix the data accordingly), so
  10. Heffem v1.6 by a talented french artist, it's fantastic (unfortunately it doesn't support zoomed fonts). Look at this:
  11. In PES? That's an eurogol, though I doubt that Acerbi can do this (more technical goal): x Florian: That would be a very bad limit of current scripted engine; would mean that anyone can be capable of doing anything if against a very weaker player, that would be really bad. I don't know if we are now at that level, but I hope not (I do remember that in old editions non-technical players were unable to do specific moves, eventually my memory tricks me).
  12. I thought it was a risky 'purchase' (well it costed 9M, still wasn't sure it would have performed because of his attributes) but he did wonders. Sometimes the graph don't reflect how well he will play, so I stopped thinking at numbers and now I trust more scout suggestions. Eventually his explosive physical attributes do matter so much. Finishing? Nay!
  13. It should, otherwise it would be very limited. If a weak player can do wonders against a weak player it's far from reality. You can't really teach technique, there are personal predispositions in every player, some born woody and stay woody, no matter how they train. There are a few defenders with good technique but generally they haven't it; it's not required for the role, and you can't expect them to do a Maradona's thing, not even against the worst player in the planet.
  14. Though 1 should always stumble. I can say that a 10 would be unable to dribble a 15 marking, but still be somewhat capable of dribbling by itself, a 5 would be uncapable of dribbling despite relations.
  15. Nah, I remember losing against PSG in FM17 while not ragequitting. Telling myself 'we played good, can't do nothing against that dreadnought'. It was fair, or at least I sensed fairness. I wasn't tricked, it was immersive. I watched matches, now I don't watch them that often (I let them run silent in background).
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