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  1. I'm on a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro running Catalina with similar stats. I have the large FM database running and have 3 stars for performance - player count is 54,000. Works fine for me.
  2. I've been part of these forums longer than most and I've played FM since the original CM. Part of what keeps me coming back is to see if I can get to grips with the tactics each year. I'm not against plug and play tactics but the satisfaction, at least for me, is creating a tactic of your own that you're happy with and one you have success with. Whenever I get the new FM I always manage a team I'm familiar with and write off the first couple of seasons before I start my long term save. This means I'm familiar with the players and I can focus on developing a tactic. I feel your pain with the 4-1-4-1. I've started managing Newcastle and have gone through some frustration like you're experiencing. I think one of the big factors with tactics this year is asking yourself 'why?' - with roles, players, and instructions. I've pulled my hair out developing my 4-1-4-1 system but I decided to let it ride out and tweak here and there. It was moderately okay with Newcastle but it was very inconsistent. And then I came up against Chelsea at Stamford, who are top of the league on my save. I decided to put my tactic up against them and see how it did. I got tonked 5-1 but I learned a lot about the weaknesses of my 4-1-4-1 as the AI pretty much took my tactic apart. For example I had my Fullbacks set up to man mark the opposing wingers in the AML/AMR positions which they did but they were confused when Chelsea's wing-backs just marauded past my fullback on the overlap and caused havoc. After making the necessary changes I put it to the test against Brighton in my next game at St James's. I won 4-0. It could and should have been more. Here's how my 4-1-4-1 is set up now after the changes. I'm operating with a Control / Fluid and my three TI's are Shorter Passing, Play out of Defence, and Work Ball into Box. I have my CM to push forward often and my fullbacks tucked in. I'm looking forward to seeing how this matches up against some of the bigger teams.
  3. I've been using a 4-4-1-1 or a 4-2-3-1 with either Gayle or Mitrovic as the lone striker. Here's what I've found with Mitrovic - you have to play to his strengths. With Gayle you can set him as an Advanced Forward, put in low crosses and more often than not he'll be on the end of them (Atsu and Ritchie on either side works a treat). For the majority of my play through so far, I've played Perez as a Trequartista in behind Gayle and it gives the opposition defence something to think about. With Mitro it's not that easy - you need to find the right person to play closest to him and think about their role. I've found that it doesn't work with a Trequartista behind him because it's too predictable - they just mark Mitro and the Trequartista gets stifled because there isn't an option ahead of him. I changed Mitro's role to a Complete Forward, and instead of a Trequartista I set the player behind him as an attacking midfielder and the crosses are set as mixed. This seems to benefit both players because the AI seems a little confused on who to pick up (either the Attacking Mid or Mitro), and it gives the wide players a couple of options. Plus, more often than not, Mitro causes enough mayhem that the AI aren't sure what to do with him. I'm about half a season in at this point, so it's early, but this is what I've found to work well to accommodate both Gayle and Mitrovic.
  4. I struggled with performance of my wingers too, but the more I thought about it, the more the term 'attacking wide players' was more appropriate. I literally spent all of yesterday struggling with a formation then started tinkering today. I generally play with a lone striker as well, so the contribution of my two wide players (AML & AMR) is vital. When I struggled, it was generally because one of the following happened: - Not enough crosses - Poor performance from the Striker - Not combining with players around them (situational awareness) - They swapped with each other during the game and weren't properly trained in the roles - Wide players would run into a cul-de-sac Here's what I changed: - Ben Arfa in the AMR slot as an IF/A - Obertan in the AML slot as a Winger/A (having two different roles on either side gives you a variety of options and isn't as predictable as two Wingers on either side) - Changed the movement of the striker so he wasn't so high up the field all the time (if your wingers get to the byline and float a ball in, he needs to be a little more withdrawn). If I were you I'd give Bianchi a support role. - Changed the instructions of my two midfielders (I play with an AMC and two MC's) Once these changes were implemented it was like night and day. In fact, just played Sunderland at home and Obertan scored two and was given the MOM. Also, if you're playing in a balanced formation, I would expect more from my two centre-mids in terms of crosses as well - I could see your formation becoming very one-dimensional if the opposition took your two wide players out of the game.
  5. Cheers for the responses lads. I'm off work for a week which means plenty of time for FM! I'll post about my first season later - in a nutshell, the first half of the season was great, while the second went down the tank. Managed to finish in 7th.
  6. To those of you having success, what formations are you using? I just don't seem to be scoring too many goals. Currently playing a 4231 - Control, Mixed Passing: GK DL DC DC DR CM (Ball Winner) CM (Deep Lying Playmaker) AML (Inside Forward) AMC (Trequartista) AMR (Winger) ST (Poacher)
  7. @DandyDon Have you tried the lone forward with a poacher role? I have Wilfried playing there and he's doing pretty good in a 4231 wide formation (wide players are set as Advanced Playmakers). Not many goals from our midfield though, but some decent performances and currently sit second in the table a week into October.
  8. Here are my transfers so far: Transfers In: Carlos Diogo (RB): Free Transfer Wilfried (ST) £3.5 million Erik Pieters (LB): £2.5 million Mahamadou Diarra (DMC): Free Total: £6 million Transfers Out: Alan Smith - QPR: £1 million Peter Lovenkrands - Ajax: £1.7 million James Perch on Loan to Cardiff: £350k Nile Ranger - Peterboro: £1 million James Tavernier on Loan to Rotheram Total: £4.1 million I still have £3.3 million left in the transfer budget so might do a deal if the right one comes along. I did try and bid for Tshabalala but he failed his medical (back injury). May revisit that in the January transfer window.
  9. Alright lads, just getting started as Newcastle on Fm12. Some of the coaching stats are shocking! Looking to replace them, plus some of the deadwood such as Smith, Perch, and Lovenkrands. As always, I will look to the future and scour the leagues for quality youngsters. Speaking of youngsters, Adam Campbell looks very good! I have a large database and I have England, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, and Spain loaded.
  10. Hi Allerocco, Which teams have you had success with using this tactic? Do you have any screenshots?
  11. Ordering two shirts right now (Football Rules 1863 and England Managers Red), but one costs more to ship than the other (Football Rules 1863). Odd.
  12. Been wanting this for a couple of years now. When clubs come in to loan your players and there are a list of reasons why you're letting him go - one of those reasons should be "In order to get more first team football".
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