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  1. Odegaard 'Unavailable'

    Wouldn't let me register him, decided to just buy the editor and remove the ban that he had
  2. Odegaard 'Unavailable'

    This happened to me, the embargo has been lifted but it is still saying he is unavailable, this is January 2016 any ideas?
  3. Thanks a lot Basically the key is not to switch the players directly but to clear the DM space first for example by putting the player into an empty part of the pitch and putting whoever you want into the DM spot and work it that way
  4. I have a problem where I created a new tactic with the tactic creator 4-5-1 as an alternative to my usual 4-4-2 When I switch between them I want one of the strikers to drop back to DM and the midfielders to stay in there previous postions but it always switches LW to DM and RW to LW and makes the ST go to the RW Can't seem to get it to stick as I want it even if I move the players where I want and save. Any ideas? Not sure if I explained it clearly
  5. has to be players from the days of CM, 99/00 I had Andri Sigporsson for first Valladoid and then Real Madrid. Also in CM97/98 had a regen for Barcelona called Alex Mbeah, was Liberian so might have been George Weah. Think I got him from that fountain of talent that was Minor Club FC for a couple of grand, best season he scored 57 goals in 57 games
  6. they couldn't afford to get his name on the back of thei shirts
  7. yes I am planning to make transfers in Football Manager 10, would be difficult to play otherwise
  8. West Brom are a massive force in European in my game
  9. probably winning the CL final 8-3 in CM 99/00 with a Real Madrid team that included Andri Sigporsson, Allan Borgvardt, Joe Cole, Simon Davies and the mighty Paul Dillon Willie Howie scoring at hatrick in the last game of his first season in Serie B as Sampdoria secured promotion to take him to 40 league goals and 50 goals in total FM 2009, thumping Chealsa 5-1 in a CL semi with Cesena was quite special as was finally winning Serie A.
  10. I keep it off for that reason, sometimes a player you aren't keen to lose is wanted, wants a new challenge etc. but teams arn't bidding. So I offer them out because I could do with the cash but I don't want to TL and say he is not needed because I am not that desperate to get rid of them.
  11. Major clubs should have scouts pretty much permanently in certain major countries rather than them moving around all over the place. I read the other day SAF talking about his scouts based in Scotland (in reference to finding fewer and fewer good players). This will be the same for lots of other countries, they will either have a scout or contacts which alert them to promising players and then they send out their head scouts. A big club IRL is not going to stop finding out about stars because at that time the scout is in a different part of the world or you have forgotten to renew their assignment
  12. Shirt Sales in Future Versions

    yes, it would be good if it was a bit clearer than just being combined with merchandising, i sold a top player and only noticed a big drop in merchandising a few months later, would be good to be informed at the time that this might happen etc.
  13. West Brom in mine too. Pescara and Lecce always do suprisingly well in Serie A too.
  14. Ancellotti and Milan for the last 10 years Plays the normal 4-3-2-1 formation as IRL, always end up with on of his 5 mids scoring.
  15. sorry I can't help always been told not to talk to strangers Welcome to the forum