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  1. Just felt the need to contribute Old player here, been playing the game since 00/01 (skipped a few), using knaps tactics since 2017. Here is my story so far in FM 2020: I have been mainly using FIRE 4321 P103 (ID 1491) with NO changes!! For SUS, occasionally using !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1MississippiKnapVOL4141SUS to kill the game later on, but just to keep player condition up , ensure you're leading at least with 2 goals (preferably 3 or more) because it can backfire. For narrower leads you can use Positive mentality for SUS, maybe even Cautious (not experimen
  2. Immense accomplishment, congratulations! Apart from staff micro-management, do you ever play with tactic mentality, or rather play plugn play style? Thanks.
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