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  1. Okay, scratch that. It's actually working fine in-game, despite the competition tester in the editor not liking it at all
  2. I've been trying to crack this for a while now but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I have two pseudo-continental competitions. The main competition feeds its losing qualifiers into the first round of the second-tier competition. 8 losers from Q1 and 4 losers from Q2 go into stage 2 of the second competition. All 49 clubs from across the two competitions are selected in the top-level competition's qualification rules so as not to duplicate teams across the two contests. This works fine for calling two teams into a quali playoff for the second-tier competition. Stage 2 is set to get the rest (19) of the qualified teams from the top-tier competition intended for this competition. It grabs the winning team from the quali playoff. It is then set to get qualified teams from stage 0 and 1 of the upper competition, who are set as losing teams to qualify for stage 2 of the lower competition. Am I bungling the fate actions, or is there some other reason why stage 2 doesn't fire? Would anyone like to help me deduce the answer? Can upload screenshots or the file itself.
  3. That's really kind. Thanks a lot. I'm at the rule creation stage now. In theory this shouldn't take long, but you never know - especially with the editor always being so bugged just after release.
  4. Found the bug. It couldn't deal with 2/4 regional leagues at step 3 having a split while the other 2 didn't.
  5. I've re-added the 3rd and 4th tiers to this ruleset, with quite simple rules in the basic rules editor, and I'm now getting the same bugs again.
  6. Bizarrely, removing the 3rd & 4th tiers of my league rules has temporarily solved this issue. I'll see whether it recurs when I try to build them in again.
  7. The base file is a set of database changes from FM17, which have been imported and built upon in the FM19 editor, including adding rules in the latest editor. There were no previous rules in the FM17 version of the file. The issues are as follows: - The file now seemingly decides at random that it needs to be reverified, when it already has been verified. - In the editor, the basic rules verify, but the editor will not convert to Advanced Rules. It just gives a blank error message titled 'ADVANCED RULES'. - On starting a new career in game, the file appears as normal (if it hasn't decided it needs to be verified again), but on performing advanced setup generates the following error message after processing: 'Warning: Could not process rule group settings in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data\GRN-VIN.XML Function: 'SITOOLKIT::LOG_MANAGER::display_error' File: 'c:\j\workspace\fm19-build+exe-game-win-final+prot-x64-(staging)\dev\projects\games\fm\branches\fm2019\staging\silibs\sitoolkit\generic\logs\log_manager.CPP' Line: 199' Everything was running smoothly before tonight's game update.
  8. It seemed a bit too easy to bring in good players (who had interest from 2 levels above) in my quick play as St Andrews. Not only were they willing to join me ahead of teams from further up the pyramid, they were willing to relocate to Fife from all corners of Scotland. I can accept that for non-contract football at that level, you'll go where the better deal is regardless of standard, but the willingness to move geographically didn't seem right to me. Does the game just treat Scotland as too geographically small to worry too much about players moving between distant local regions?
  9. "-10" works just as well as "200". There's a future_regens.edt generator out there somewhere that can create a whole document at once, but if you're liberal with the settings it sometimes creates illogical CA/PA settings for the players (e.g. CA 53, PA 17). The game seems to deal with this fine and I imagine just treats the PA as random or equal to the CA.
  10. "DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "First" "Common" "Last" "DD/MM/YYYY" "Nation" "Favourite team unique ID" "Ethnicity*" "Skin tone" "Hair colour**" "Height" "Weight" "Foot" "Position***" "Preferred squad number" "Birth city unique ID" "CA" "PA" "Club unique ID" *Numbered as follows: Random = -1; Northern European = 0; Mediterranean/Hispanic = 1; North African/Middle Eastern = 2; African/Caribbean = 3; Asian = 4; SE Asian = 5; Pacific Islander = 6; Native American = 7; Native Australian = 8; Mixed Race = 9; East Asian = 10. **Numbered as follows: Random = 0; blond = 1; light brown = 2; dark brown = 3; red = 4; black = 5; grey = 6; bald = 7 ***GOALKEEPER; DEFENDER_LEFT_SIDE; DEFENDER_RIGHT_SIDE; DEFENDER_CENTRAL; MIDFIELDER_LEFT_SIDE; MIDFIELDER_RIGHT_SIDE; MIDFIELDER_CENTRAL; ATTACKING_MIDFIELDER_LEFT_SIDE; ATTACKING_MIDFIELDER_RIGHT_SIDE; ATTACKING_MIDFIELDER_CENTRAL; ATTACKER_CENTRAL Leaving nation blank defaults the player to the nationality of their club. Using the unique ID of nations seems to work better than using the name.
  11. For anyone wondering, it does indeed.
  12. Does this work the same for clubs newly created in the editor?
  13. Just giving this a test whirl now as St Andrews United, whom I saw play once in about 2013 when I was a Masters student there. Their goalkeeper at the time was shorter and shitter than me! One tiny little bit of feedback already... Should it not be St Andrews (no dot) as opposed to St. Andrews? I seem to remember that the locals and the uni were very pedantic about the lack of the dot, as apparently the name of the city predates the use of punctuation for abbreviation and possessives (hence not being Andrew's, either).
  14. Forgive my ignorance. I only tend to buy FM every two years, so I'm always trying to catch up with two sets of changes by the time I get a new version. What, if anything, has changed regarding reviving extinct nations in FM18 and FM19? On FM17, I'd go with CIS for maximum stability, select languages, continent, and region, and it was good to go. Names were generated by language and people added to the nation, and ethnicity was generated according to the region the nation was given. Regens were produced by clubs as normal. Another thing that worked well was splitting the nation and local region of a city. A city could be based in one nation, but have its local region in another. This forced players with dual nationality and the naming conventions and ethnicity of the nation of the local region. I'm wondering whether it's still quite so simple on FM19. My CIS-based ahistorical Greenland-Vinland nation is behaving as expected, though I've not tested it over the course of a season and I read somewhere that regens could be an issue for extinct nations on FM18. Unfortunately, my Inuit and Native American nations aren't quite behaving in the way I expected. They're both based on other traditionally stable extinct nations, and seem to function fine except for generating ethnicity based on region. This is the case with split cities and 'pure' native cities. They just generate white guys. Has ethnicity been hardcoded in some other way over the past couple of versions that I need to catch up with? I've logged it as a bug, but I'm not sure whether it's just new game behaviour. Basically, my question is, are extinct nations still safe to use in the same way as they were in FM17 and before?
  15. St Pierre & Miquelon is off the south coast of Newfoundland. You'll get white players with French names and French second nationality. In the past, with extinct nations, you could just set the region and languages to get the ethnicity and names you wanted.
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