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  1. Okay I've had a day to think about it and after going back and forth on whether to end this career, I still don't want to. But I don't want to take over Juventus again. and honestly I'm not feeling Leverkusen (I have actually never coached in Germany in all the careers I've had). At the same time, I'd much rather take a team during the summer than mid-season. I am 63 years old right now. I'm going to keep forwarding and see if the perfect job comes up. Well the "perfect job" doesn't come open as the season approaches, so I wait it out. And on August 2, 2037, this happens... And at age 63, I embark on my final challenge, one that I turned down a few years ago but that I now see as the final frontier, and the opportunity that, if I'm successful, would cement my legacy as the greatest American manager in football history. I am now the head coach of... THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
  2. The season is over. I did not get any of the jobs I applied for, which is fine. As for my former employers, I couldn't be happier. They play 16 matches after canning me and go 3-7-6, including 2-5-4 down the stretch in the league. They score 14 goals in 16 matches, and allow 20. They finish 12th in the league. I have two job offers on the table. One is from Leverkusen. The other is for a return to Juventus. I'm going to clear my head for the night and decide tomorrow.
  3. Of course West Ham comes back to win the second leg of the Euro Cup fixture, 3-1. And they beat Fulham in the FA Cup replay. But they lose to Everton in the FA Cup quarters, and they lose to Gelsenkirchen in the round of 16 of Euro Cup. They are 0-1-1 in the league since firing me, so that's 1-2-3 overall. GOOD. As for me, I've applied for three jobs: OL, Fiorentina, and Cardiff, which lost Gavin Strachan when he was hired by... West Ham. I get an interview with Fiorentina but refuse to play the style they want, and don't get the job. Cardiff lists me as their leading candidate.
  4. I saved. *&^%^*^$#@%@*#(#)$)*&@&@&
  5. Folks, I am stunned. Absolutely stunned. On December 7, I was called into the chairman's office and given the ultimatum to improve results. We went out and lost three of four after that, and then proceeded to go 7-5-2, losing only to Wolves in the league and to Guimaraes in the Euro Cup match last week. As I looked to the future, I really saw a win over that team at home in the second leg, and a push at the end of the league season with a number of weaker teams on our schedule for the final 11 matches. This is total bull****. This is the first time I have ever, EVER, been let go over a lack of squad harmony. And there were only two players who were even upset: Felipe Fidalgo over playing time, and he was slated to be a starting defender next year and was getting plenty of run this season (starting 11 league matches and basically all of them lately with Mahsas' absence), and Bradley Kretzschmar, which, who cares. He's our fifth forward. I am legitimately angry over this firing and in the interest of full disclosure, I came incredibly close to closing out, replaying the Fulham match, and moving forward. But I have never done that in any career I've ever played, and I can't do it now (especially since I just posted the screen shot). Although I'll admit, as I write this, I have not yet saved the game since the firing. I know I said that I would finish this career when my tenure at West Ham ended. I am not going to do that. I have coaching left in me in this career. I am going to see what happens. And I am going to be absolutely freaking pissed if this team winds up making a run in Euro Cup and in the league at the end of the season. DAMMIT!!!!!!!
  6. February 26, 2037 - Euro Cup First Knockout Round, Second Leg: West Ham vs. Vitoria Guimaraes (Vitoria Guimaraes leads, 2-1) Guimaraes actually played its weekend match the day after ours, so they'll be on tired legs just as we are, if not more. I've been in this position in cups before, and we know what to do. I trust our defense to get the job done, and for the offense to out at least one past them. OH MY GOD I JUST GOT FIRED!
  7. Sorry about the double post... February 22, 2037 - FA Cup, Fifth Round: West Ham vs. Fulham With the second leg of the Euro Cup next week and us now needing to put in a significantly improved performance, this competition takes on less importance. So this is the chance for Leiva, Drent, Marriott, Perez, and Grassi to get their legs back under them. I still think we can win this to advance to the quarter-finals. Getting those players some match action is about the only thing we can take out of this one, as we draw, 0-0. I'm not saying I would rather have lost than play a reply match, but man, I really didn't want to play a replay match. We don't get it done though, and we'll see these guys again in nine days. If we win that match to reach the quarters, we'll face... the winner of the Nottingham Forest-Everton rematch, at home.
  8. February 19, 2037 - Euro Cup First Knockout Round, First Stage: Vitoria Guimaraes vs. West Ham This is not a team I know anything about. They're third in the Portugues league right now though, so they've definitely got something. They've scored the second-most goals in the league and allowed just 18 in 21 matches. They finished second in possibly the worst Euro Cup group, with Fenerbahce winning it and AEK and Legia finishing well back. Adrian Marriott is back for this match, leaving only Mahsas unavailable. I'm torn as to what to do with some of our guys, but I'm going to go with the team we've been using, then bring Marriott, Drent, and Perez in to play the FA Cup match against Fulham. I like starting on the road, as I'd rather know exactly what we need to do in the second leg when it's at home. We get that all-important road goal early, as Jack Wilson finds Chris Barker for an easy chip shot in the 24th. We catch a big break five minutes later when Guimaraes has a man sent off. I have half a mind to go into attack mode to try to net another, but we'll wait and see. Right before the half, Mario Romero hurts his foot, and while he's shaking it off on the sideline, Guimaraes goes on a run and scores to tie it, with the goal coming from my former Liverpool youngster, Martin Guedet. Really unfortunate. It's 1-1 at the break. The second half drags on and we're content to leave Portugal all even, but in the 87th we make a defensive mistake that leads to an easy shot in front of our net, and they convert. With seconds to go in stoppage time Bonet hits the post with a wicked shot, but it bounces away and we fall, 2-1, giving up both goals while a man up. We've got work to do in the second leg next week.
  9. February 14, 2037 - Premier League: Stoke (11-9-6, 42 pts., 7th) vs. West Ham (10-7-9, 37 pts., 9th) This is a really big match for us. With a win, we can move within just a point of a continental qualification spot. Of course, with the match on the horizon, we lose another key man, as Rafik Mahsas goes down for a month with a groin injury suffered in training. Felipe Fidalgo played very well in his place when Mahsas was out on duty with Algeria, so I trust him to step in, but still, this guy's our best defender. Javier Leiva is ready to go in net for this one, but I'm sticking with Benes in net as he's been in place for our great run. I'm also keeping Perez and Drent on the bench to start the game. A draw doesn't do us too much good here, but it's what we get. Stoke outplays us, but Martin Benes gets us a point, saving two point-blank shots in a row in the 88th minute. He's the deserved player of the match, and it's a 0-0 draw, our third straight shutout. We now have two weeks off from league play as we play the first knockout round of Euro Cup, with our FA Cup match sandwiched in the middle.
  10. February 8, 2037 - Premier League: West Ham (9-7-9, 34 pts., 11th) vs. Manchester City (10-2-13, 32 pts., 11th) We're getting healthy. Sander Drent, Oscar Bonet, Javier Leiva, and Juan Pablo Cuevas are all back for this one, leaving just Alberto Perez and Adrian Marriott left as our injured players, and Stanojevic is still out due to suspension. We also get Rafik Mahsas back from Algeria duty earlier than expected, as they flamed out in the group stage of the African Cup of Nations. We have a quiet transfer deadline, as I made a couple offers but couldn't get anything done. We'll have work to do in the off-season (if I'm retained), as some guys are going to leave. Stanojevic already has a foot out the door, and Mario Romero, our quality central defender, will not accept a new contract offer from me. Honestly, I think the combination of Felipe Fidalgo and Ruben Luz can take over for him next season. City has slowly inched up the table, but played a midweek match against Arsenal and got drilled, 3-0. Everyone's played 25 games, and we're in the top half. We need to win or draw this match to stay there. I have a good feeling about this one as we're on a nice run, going 6-3-1 in our last 10 matches since Boxing Day. We've also scored seven goals in our last two matches, and City is not a good defensive team this year. Still, these guys slaughtered us earlier in the season. We get off to another hot start in this one, as Jorge Acosta leaves a long cross onto the foot of Jack Wilson, who sneaks past the defense to score. Chris Barker nets us a second in the 20th, and we cruise to halftime up 2-0. Honestly, I thought I had paused the game to run a couple errands, but I didn't, and the second half played out with out me making a substitution. Luckily, we hang on for the 2-0 victory, and we continue our great run and pass Watford to move up to 9th with a dozen matches to go.
  11. February 1, 2037 - FA Cup, Fourth Round: Watford vs. West Ham We get a week off and we desperately need it. We're still without most of our injured guys, although Sander Drent is ready to get some run as a sub. Mirko Stanojevic is also out for this one due to suspension for yellows. Well, we get a chance to give Drent some game time, because we absolutely dominate this match. Jack Wilson opens the scoring in the 11th, he gets a second in the 32nd, and then Jahmal Overend scores in the opening two minutes of the second half to make it 3-0. We get a fluke goal on a long header from sub Joel Reed-Dennison in the 77th to close out the scoring. We're on to the final 16 of FA Cup, and just a match away from meeting board expectations for this competition. In the next match, we'll get... a home match with Fulham. We now have another week off before facing the team nipping at us for 10th place in the league, Man City.
  12. January 24, 2037 - Premier League: Reading (8-4-11, 28 pts., 15th) vs. West Ham (8-7-9, 31 pts., 11th) The three-day turnaround is just a killer here, as of our missing guys, only Felipe Fidaglo is back, and everyone who's playing is dead tired. But we have to push on against a team that we should beat, even on the road. Let's do it. I give Jack Wilson his first start in quite a while in this one, and he rewards me in the 17th with a goal to make it 1-0. In the 26th, Alberto Perez picks up his second assist of the half, setting up Jahmal Overend for his first league goal, and it's 2-0. Reading gets one right before the half to make it 2-1. In the second half, yet another player goes down, and it's Perez, who pulls a hamstring. This will be a really tough one if it's a long-term injury. In the 83rd Chris Barker, on for Perez, puts it away on a great setup from Wilson, and we get back to our winning ways. Reading scores late, but it's a 3-2 victory.
  13. January 21, 2037 - Premier League: West Ham (8-7-8, 31 pts., 10th) vs. Wolves (11-4-8, 37 pts., 6th) I got a little ahead of myself saying that we moved into 9th after our last match. We're in 10th, as Watford won after our match to jump us. But we've got bigger things to worry about... Now that's an injury list. Yikes. That's six starters and two quality reserves out of action. The big loss is Bonet and being without him for two weeks makes me cringe. But we've got to get by with Jahmal Overend. This is a matchup of the two hottest teams in the league. We've gone seven straight without a loss, and Wolves is 6-1-1 in their last seven in the EPL. We beat these guys in the FA Cup match a few weeks ago, but we weren't playing with six reserves in the starting lineup. It takes 90 seconds for the guys to put me at ease, as Chris Barker takes a corner and finds Dan Donoghue for his first goal of the season. But Wolves pull even quickly, in the 9th, and it's 1-1 at the half. In the second half, Cesar Meneses gets called for a foul in the box, and Wolves convert to go up 2-1 in the 56th. We go into attack mode, but too many guys are either gassed or just not match fit, and the streak is over as we lose, 2-1.
  14. January 17, 2037 - Premier League: West Ham (7-7-8, 28 pts., 14th) vs. Manchester United (15-4-3, 49 pts., 1st) United looks like a team headed to its fifth consecutive EPL title. They've got a four-point lead over Arsenal, and have allowed just 15 goals in their 22 matches. We're going to need to put in a great performance today to extend our streak, and we just haven't played well against this team in my tenure. I'm a fool if I think that the board isn't still seriously considering my future, and we've got a tough stretch of games coming. I'm working without a contract past June 30, so we need to continue our quality performances. Prior to this match Mirko Stanojevic, whose contract is up at the end of the year, signs a contract to play in China next season. I was unlikely to re-sign him, as he's 32 years old and wanted a giant pay raise. Still, he's our captain and has been a good player. We'll need to look for a new right back, either now or later. We also lose Claudio Grassi to a training injury, as he's out for two weeks with a damaged foot. We'll get Sander Drent back before then, but we're thin in the midfield right now, and Angus Knowles takes his spot today. Even worse, Rafik Mahsas has left the team to join up with his Algerian side for the African Cup of Nations. Man, it's been one long string of absences to key players this season. United comes out strong in the first half, but in the 22nd we get a counter attack, and Chris Barker hits Alberto Perez with a fantastic lead pass to put us up! Just what we needed! We get stronger offensively from there, and in the 42nd Oscar Bonet scores to give us a 2-0 lead! We hold it at the half, and are 45 minutes away from our biggest win of the season. The second half moves along and United's not really challenging. With 10 minutes to go, it's clear we're going to win. But Chris Barker makes it an even more emphatic statement in the 90th with our third goal, and we beat the best team in the league in convincing fashion, 3-0. Easily our biggest win of the season. We pay a big price for this win, as Oscar Bonet (2-3 weeks), Felipe Fidalgo (4-5 days), and Jorge Acosta (12 days-3 weeks) all go down. But for now, we'll relish this victory that sees us move into 9th place in the league.
  15. January 11, 2037 - Premier League: Bolton (4-8-9, 20 pts., 17th) vs. West Ham (7-6-8, 27 pts., 13th) We've given up just a single goal in our last four matches and are undefeated in five. Bolton is struggling, and with a win here on the road we can move to the top half of the table. It doesn't take long at all for us to get on the board, and again it's Oscar Bonet, who is led in the middle of the box by a pass from Perez that he nails in just the 2nd minute. But we give it back almost immediately, with Benes failing to make a save at the left corner of the net for an own goal in the 6th. Bolton takes the lead in the 31st, but much like them, we answer quickly, as Barker scores just four minutes later, and it goes to the break 2-2. There are no goals in the second half, and while it's great that we're now undefeated in six, that's three straight league draws, and we're treading water and falling slightly in the league, as we're now down to 14th.