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  1. Guys thanks so much. Just returned from a taxing day trip to see these comments. I will let you know when I start up again!
  2. Well, I've changed my mind again. On December 22, 2038, the day after my 65th birthday, I decide to retire from football. It was an impressive career: I retire as, without question, the most successful American-born coach in soccer history. Here are the final numbers... My Trophy case includes: 2017 Chile Cup with Santiago Wanderers 2017 Chilean Super Cup with Santiago Wanderers 2022 Euro Cup with Roma 2026 World Cup with Italy 2028 Italian Super Cup with Juventus 2029 Serie A title with Juventus 2029 Champions Cup with Juventus 2029 Serie A Head Coach of the Year with Juventus 2029 Club World Championship with Juventus 2030 Italian Cup with Juventus' 2030 Serie A title with Juventus 2030 Champions Cup with Juventus 2030 Serie A Head Coach of the Year with Juventus 2036 EFL Cup with West Ham United I coached Santiago Wanderers in Chile, then went to Europe and basically never left, starting with Genoa (not good in my first major job), then Roma (huge success). I moved on to coach Italy (incredible success), left for Spain (disaster), then returned to club football with Juventus (won everything). I left for England, where I coached Leicester (successful), Liverpool (meh), and West Ham (successful with a maddening end to my tenure). Last, I took over USA (most successful World Cup campaign in years and years). I won the most prestigious trophy in the world and the most prestigious club trophy in Europe (twice). Here are my five favorite moments of this save... 5. Being hired by West Ham United. One of my goals, achieved late in my career. How this ended basically also ended my desire to continue with this career, so really bittersweet. 4. The second Champions Cup with Juventus - It got boring toward the end, but in that second year, having this dominant team and doing everything I set out to do was satisfying. 3. Winning Euro Cup with Roma. I got more joy out of coaching Roma than any other team. The 4-0 win over Inter to complete an incredible run to my first major cup was really exciting. I played the final in my bedroom with the door closed with basically a "do not come in here" mandate to the family. 2. The first Champions League win with Juventus. The victory over City cemented me as an American coaching legend, having won World Cup and Champions League. 1. The entire 2026 World Cup run - The early struggles, the needed win to get out of group play, and the run of wins over Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. That Mexico match, going to extra time and then winning it, was the single most exciting game I have ever played in Football Manager. Here are my five favorite players: 5. Michael Platt - Not the best player in the world, but I bought this guy when I took over Leicester and he led us to two really good seasons. 4. Mohamed Salah - This guy was a decent player when I came to Roma. He turned into a world-class goal scorer under me. He would go on runs where he just couldn't be stopped. 3. Jonathan Valdes - The keeper I brought in from Sporting to Juve for $45 million. My highest-dollar transfer. He started 70 club games for me and had shutouts in 39 of them. He was epic in the Champions League runs, then went to Chelsea and cemented himself as the best keeper in the world. I'm taking credit for this success. 2. Davide Calabria - My very first signing with Juventus, he became one of the best right backs in the world. Taking credit for this as well. 1. Federico Bernardeschi - He was already at Roma when I arrived, but this guy is one of the favorite players I've ever had in any career. Won the 2026 World Cup Best Player. What else is there to say? I loved this player. FINAL THOUGHTS I thoroughly enjoyed doing this. I was hoping when I started that it would rejuvenate my interest in FM, and it absolutely did. There is no doubt I will do this again with FM 2018. One thing I'll do is pace myself a little better. I would go days where I'd play, and write long summaries, of 6-7 games (and I play out each game, watching all 90 minutes). Toward the end, I was getting burnt and just running out of things to write other than game recaps. So maybe 2-3 games instead of 4-5. I also plan to throw in a teeny bit more fiction... maybe some back stories of guys, and make it a little more "fun." Last, I coached 10 teams in 22 seasons - seven clubs, and three nations. That's a little too much for me, and I found myself constantly looking for the next thing. Next year, I want to focus on really taking a club and building it into what I want for the long haul. LAST THING I just really appreciate everyone who read this and especially those who commented and helped me with your ideas, strategies, suggestions, and general encouragement. That sounds cheesy, but when I started I told my wife, "no one will read this... they don't know me, I'm never on the boards, and it will be boring. But I'm doing it." And then when the comments started coming, it was absolutely awesome. So sincerely, thanks to all of you, and I cannot believe this little thread won a coveted forum award!!! I will make a vow right now that when a new person starts their first thread for FM 18, I will post encouraging words for her/him. Okay... I have no more words to give to the "Last Chance Save." Thanks again... see you whenever 2018 is ready to devote another story to! Tom
  3. I've made a decision. I'm going to play out these last three friendlies (two in November and one in March), then pursue one final club job come summer. I'm just not that into this. I want to give it one more go with a club, then shut down and take a little time off while I explore FM18 and wait for it to be fine-tuned before starting another career story. I feel like I'm losing some steam in this career. Losing the West Ham job the way I did really threw me for a loop as I thought I'd stick on there until I retired. But I don't want to play the next few years having just a handful of meaningful games in a season and then a bunch of friendlies that honestly I'm barely paying attention to. We lost to South Korea, 2-1, after holding a 1-0 lead. We beat Australia, 3-1, scoring twice in the first half (Pooley and Kronberg), giving up one early in the second, and then scoring on an own goal late to take it.
  4. As we prepare for our next set of friendlies, I actually get some exciting news - we're going to participate in next summer's Copa America! We were last in this tournament back in 2016, and have played in it just four times total. This will be a fantastic test for us, and I'm thrilled to participate. Colombia will host the tournament. It's our B Team that will be in it, and to be honest I'm not sure what that means. Can I just take my regular players and place them on the B Team? I truly don't know. But I do know that I'll manage these matches. On October 25, the groups are drawn... Argentina, Brazil, and the hosts are the top seeds, and everyone else is thrown together. We are drawn into Group A, with... Argentina, the fourth-ranked team in the world that just advanced to the World Cup Final. Next up... Uruguay, the team that just beat us at home in a friendly. And finally... Venezuela, the second-worst team in South America. So... I'll figure out what to do here. There are no players currently on the B Team.
  5. October 8, 2038 - International Friendly - Ecuador vs. United States We play our best match of the fall in this one against the 17th-ranked team in the world. Seventy seconds in Patrick Molina gets his first-ever US goal. Ten minutes later Kronberg gets one to make it 2-0, and we cap a great first half when defender Martin Altamarino also scores his first ever goal for his country on a corner kick from Kronberg. There are no goals in the second half, and we take it, 3-0. October 12, 2038 - International Friendly - United States vs. Uruguay We head home to Chicago to take on our second straight club that advanced to the knockout rounds of the World Cup. This time we give up a goal on a corner in the 34th. That's the only goal, and I lose for the first time on home soil.
  6. I'll just say it... I'm really missing club football. Fifteen months have gone by and I've played 13 matches. I'm not getting any younger here, people (about to turn the dreaded 65), and I'm scouring the job board. I may break the rule I set way back when I took the Italy job and double-dip, taking a club job if they will allow me to stay on with the US team (do they ask you that in interviews?). But for now, another month off, and two more meaningless friendlies.
  7. September 1, 2038 - International Friendly: Norway vs. United States Our first match since the World Cup is against the 29th-ranked Norwegians. We're changing up the roster a bit, although the starters from the World Cup will also start this one. We're a mess in this match and look totally uninspired, and frankly the prospect of nine straight friendlies before we play another meaningful match has me feeling uninspired as well. We dominate possession, but get just a handful of good shots off. Norway scores in the 53rd and again in the 71st, and we fall, 2-0. September 7, 2038 - International Friendly: Barbados vs. United States Things should go better against 106th-ranked Barbados. We start all of the players who didn't start in the Norway match, and we give 22-year-old Juan Espinoza his first start in goal for the national team. It takes until late in the first half, but Alberto Arriola finally puts us up 1-0 in the 44th. I make no subs in this match, and we win, but just 1-0. Not exactly an inspiring pair of matches. Oh well.
  8. We've now got two months to ponder what went right and what went wrong in the World Cup before friendlies kick back up in September. We're named the "Biggest Surprise" team of the World Cup for reaching the second round and giving England all it could handle. (Italy is the selected as the biggest disappointment). Needless to say, the American Soccer Federation is happy with our run and my leadership. Our performance in the World Cup moved us all the way up to 13th in the world rankings, so we've jumped 16 spots since I took over a year ago. Danny Rowe, who was a key player for us in the Cup, announces his retirement from international soccer. The 35-year-old put in 105 performances in goal for the US. There are a number of other guys who are going to have to give way as well, as we need to get younger, faster, and more skilled. So we're likely to say goodbye to central midfielder Elliott Clark, goalkeeper Juan Cortez, forward Danilo Farinello Rosa, and midfielder Dan Stewart. My goal for the remainder of the year is to bring at least five new players up to the club and get them game action. These will all be relatively low-pressure matches. We need to see what guys can do. We play five of our six friendlies over the remainder of the year away from home. We start in Norway, then visit Barbados for a vacation/thrashing, visit Ecuador in October then host Uruguay, and finish with a trip way east in November to face the South Koreans and the Australians. That's a decent slate of matches (save for Barbados). Then we'll look to face some European teams in the spring fixtures.
  9. The World Cup Final is played on July 11th. In the third-place match the day before, it's England medaling for the first time since 1966 with a 2-0 win over Mexico. And in the Final, the Germans strike first on Argentina in the 26th. They add another two minutes into the second half, and cap it with a third in the 78th. It's a 3-0 win, and Germany becomes the first team ever to win three consecutive World Cups.
  10. In the quarters... Germany beats Spain easily, 3-1. England has a man sent off in the 57th minute of their match with Austria, but Liam Cummings scores in the 69th, and they hang on, 1-0. Holland and Argentina go to extra time 0-0, then play 30 more scoreless minutes. The Dutch don't convert any of their PKs, and Argentina moves on. And Mexico's run continues with a quality 2-0 win over Belgium. So it's England against Argentina and the Mexicans facing the two-time defending champs. And in the semis... Argentina scores two first half goals on England to go up 2-0 at halftime. England gets one in the 52nd, but that's it, and the English dream is over. And the Germans score three times in the first 35 minutes and beat Mexico, 3-1, to advance to their third straight final.
  11. Well, we're out of the World Cup, but the tournament continues. Germany destroys Uruguay, 4-0, and looks like a team poised to win their third straight World Cup. The surprising Austrians knockoff Ecuador, 2-1, on a penalty kick in the 66th. Spain rolls Ghana, 3-0. Holland beats France, 3-1, and both teams I had in the final are out before the quarters. Belgium scores in the 70th to beat Nigeria, 1-0. Our rivals from Mexico beat Croatia, 2-1. And Australia's run ends with a 1-0 extra time loss to Argentina, who score in the 117th minutes. So the quarterfinals look like this... A real chance for England here, and in the bottom half, the Germans are looking incredibly strong.
  12. June 26, 2038 - World Cup Second Round: United States vs. England We're playing with house money here as any further advancement would constitute a miraculous run. England breezed through Group A without giving up a goal. They beat Serbia 2-0 and Canada 3-0 to clinch their spot in this round, then drew with a quality Uruguay squad 0-0 to officially win the group. They are currently ranked 9th in the world and they have big talent all over. Every one of their players play domestically in the EPL. Their right midfielder, Ben Cameron, is one of the best players in the world. The 26-year-old from Man United is valued at $81 million. But he's hardly alone. Man City's young striker Adam Green is a $50 million player, and they've got just two players over the age of 30, so this looks like a team that could make noise in the coming years. But they've lost in this round in each of the last three World Cups, and as always, there will be a ton of pressure on them. I want my guys to play without that pressure and just go out and enjoy football for the next 90 minutes, and give me everything they've got. Once again I am going with the same lineup, with World Cup super-sub Rafael Ramirez waiting to come off the bench. Only three teams - France, Austria, and Senegal - scored more than our seven goals in group play. We're the first match of Round Two, and it's time to kick off. We dominate the first 20 minutes of the match, but in the 26th, England gets a cross, and for the second straight match we get called for a penalty. Liam Cummings scores it, and we're down, 1-0. England takes control from there, and it takes a couple of excellent saves from Rowe to keep it at 1-0 at the half. In the 55th Arriola goes down with a leg injury and we're down to two healthy forwards. I wait until the 69th and bring in Rafael Ramirez to see if he can make magic happen for us again. We're exhausted out there and still down 1-0 heading into the final 10 minutes, and I just need someone to make a play. We get a final chance in the last minute of stoppage time, but Bob Holt doesn't have the power behind his shot, it's saved, and England holds on for the 1-0 win that ends our World Cup run.
  13. Wow, big surprises as we go from 32 down to 16 teams in this year's World Cup. Another major powerhouse joins Brazil on the shelf: Italy. They draw 2-2 with Ecuador in a match they needed to win, and they are out, finishing 0-3-0. Germany, Austria, and France are thee three teams to get through group stage with nine points. I still like France to win this thing. Here's how the group stage played out, and what the Knockout Rounds will look like: If I was a betting man, without looking everything over, I'd say England, France (still my pick to win it), Germany, and Belgium in the semis, with France and Germany in the final. But... there's only one way to find out.
  14. With each team playing two matches, there are a number of surprises. Perhaps the biggest is that Brazil has flamed out and will not advance to group stage after falling to Austria. Italy is in trouble after a pair of 0-0 draws with Spain and Iran, and they need to beat Ecuador to advance. Some teams are already into the knockout rounds, including England, Austria, Ghana, Holland, France, Argentina, Croatia, and a surprise team, Australia. Mexico, Nigeria, and Uruguay will have to fall apart to not make it. June 22, 2038 - World Cup, Group B, Match 3 - Ireland (0-0-2, 0 pts., 4th) vs. United States (1-0-1, 3 pts., 2nd) This isn't all that complicated. With a win our chances of advancing are great. Senegal would have to beat the Germans by multiple goals, which I just don't see happening. Ireland's not entirely out of it although they'll have to beat us by two goals and have Germany beat Senegal by multiple goals. The Germans just need a draw to clinch the group. I'm taking a chance here and sticking with my starting lineup even though a number of guys are tired. I just think we're better than Ireland and can get a result with this group, then scoreboard watch the Germany-Senegal match. Oh man, things get off to a horrific start for us as in the second minute, Ewan Fontaine is called for a penalty in the box. My old friend Michael Platt scores it for Ireland and we're down. But almost simultaneously, Germany scores on Senegal, and we're still in second place. We go to the half down 1-0, and right before the half in their match, Senegal ties Germany. We're in third place with 45 minutes to go in Group B. With 30 minutes to go, we need a goal. I bring Rafael Ramirez in for some offense. In the 73rd minute, Ireland is called for a foul right outside the box. Ramirez takes the free kick, and he nails it! We're tied, 1-1, and we're back in second with 17 minutes to go! In the 80th minute of our game Germany takes a 2-1 lead over Senegal, and we've got to hang on for 10 more minutes. In the 89th we get another free kick, and this time it's Arriola who scores it!!!! 2-1 USA, and we're moments away! We hang on in stoppage time and win, 2-1. Germany's 2-1 lead over Senegal holds, and the United States is on to the Knockout Stage of the World Cup!!!! We'll play England, winners of Group A, in the First Knockout Round. But for now, we'll celebrate advancing for the first time in 20 years!
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