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  1. the bggiest issue for me is that I do not see the reason why they rejected the loan. thats what i would like to see changed. Now its just a quessing game. it could be anything.
  2. 1 english and 1 brasilian According what PSV says when I moved them to affiliate club they were going to be first team regulars. Which means CL footbal (or euro cup if they fail to qualify)
  3. 1 fairly sporting and 1 fairly determined couldnt find anything about the adaptation so I looked with the editor and both are 13 adaptation
  4. No i havent spoken to them. Im going to load up the season start again and try again and then speak to them. I seriously not sending them to aleague 1 club
  5. The remaining 2 players have just recieved and accepted a load to a Skybet league 1 club. Idiots
  6. I have quite a few promising players who definetly need more match experience. I cannot give that experience just yet. So a loan is the best possible option. I wanted to move the 3 players to PSV who play CL and are title contenders. 1 player accepted (a defender who was going to be a regular) 2 players (an AMC and a right winger who were also going to be regular) They sit in my U21 team and haven't really got a chance to be prmoted to main squad or to be used in low priority matches. All 3 are 19 years old. Current 2 star and potentional 4 stars. I can accept that a player doesnt want to be loaded out. I can accept that a player thinks he will be playing in the main squad soon. What I cannot accept is that I cannot see the reason WHY they rejected the loan
  7. Lelo Marin has been injured while on internation duty. This is her 11th injury while on international duty. Injuries suck bigtime but lots has to do with the hard training and matches ofcourse. Once they know my tactic fluidly I turn down training to average or low. I do have quite a few fitness coaches (perhaps that helps lessen the injuries occuring) in my team the squad usually have 1 or 2 out for 2 to 3 months and about 3 on interval. Ofcourse sometimes I get more and the season before last I had only 7 injured players from my first team. No longer than 3 weeks. its annoying as hell but its also the luck of the draw. RNG biting your ass.
  8. I guess I am the odd one out then. I do not think about the game anymore after I exited the game.
  9. Currently Man Utd is in BPL League Cup Fa Cup CL World Club I'd that's pretty damn many games per season. Sometimes more than 50 / 60 I think that Barside was spot on. The recovery rate is just to fast. Either that or I have godlike fitness coaches. I also have only around 18 / 20 players in my team.
  10. Not sure if this is a controversial topic or not but I do believe that player condition is to strong I believe it needs to go down more per match than it does now and not back to nearly 100% after 2 or 3 days. I am trying to fit in new players who definetly have a future here but because my key players just aren't tired enough I hesitate to rotate. I almost never have a player below 80% and by the time the next match starts they are back to 98. Now I feel i MUST weaken my team every few matches just so I can fit in new players to get more match experience and thus become better. Every 3 to 4 days my team has a match. Ofcourse it doesnt happen every season.
  11. Currently still on my Man Utd save Rotation - max wage 100k p/w First team - 175k p/w Key - 400k p/w My midfielder current internation, age 24, 19 apps for England. CA and PA rating fairly good for senior team. Currently worth 49m Contract now on rotation runs till june 2025. Date now is jan 1 2024 Definetly worth keeping another 3 to4 seasons and a rotaional first team member. Simply not better than my current 3 MC Have 2 MC on rotation because they are very good as backup but not better than my first team MC. I play them on leg2 cup matches, FA cup, League cup and CL group matches so they do get around 25-30 starts and 20 as subs He wants a new contract. I agree. His opening bid is ..... 230 p/w. I agree that he needs a boost as his current wage is 71k p/w I can get him to around 200k p/w but any lower and its end of negotiations. I think to myself, ok i put him on key so I can give him his 200k. Poof!. He suddenly demands 340k p/w because this new wage is befitting his squad status.... I absolutely NEED the first team wage to be upped by a fair amount. I cannot discuss the finance option with board. Simply NOT available. I may try cheating it a bit with offering him a 2m bonus if he scares 30 goals in a season or something like that. He is NOT a key player nor will he ever become one. Any suggestions?
  12. well i was worried about nothing it seems. After the appeal he was givin his conditional WP... Still would be interested in having my question answered. For future reference!
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