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  1. Hi folks I believe FM19 is the 1st edition to put a restriction on signing under 18 players from anywhere but your home nation? Putting aside any arguments about realism etc., is it possible to remove this restriction, via an unlockable or the editor? If it is significant, I am playing Touch rather than 'Full Fat' Thanks people!
  2. The type of Brexit you get is, but the date it triggers isn't. October 26th seems to be the date when the game checks if Brexit will happen at the end of the current season. If you're happy to reload a few times you can delay it every year
  3. You can essentially delay it indefinitely if you're happy with saving/reloading, although I haven't tried that since the official release went live. Save your game on the 24th October, then play on. If you get to the 27th with no email about Brexit, you're good until the next year. If you do get the email, reload. I'm sure some folks would consider that cheating, but I can't see the harm. I played about 18 months into my save during the beta. I did have to reload a number of times (30+?) to not get the message, but it is possible if you're patient
  4. Hi FrazT, I appreciate the quick response, thank you. I understand what you are saying, however is there some kind of big, planned update that people are aware of that is hitting in a couple of days, do you know? I'm not asking for secret insider knowledge, just if there is another update similar to the one that we all knew about for launch. Essentially what I'm asking is, am I probably good to start my long term save now?
  5. Hi folks Quick question, as the title says, are we done with updates for a little while? I think I read something about there being a separate database update coming in a few days, but I've only seen it mentioned the once, so might be rubbish Cheers people!
  6. Right, just had Brexit not trigger on 26.10.18. Had to reload quite a few times, so the odds of it not triggering are probably quite low, but it does seem possible
  7. Yes, the type of Brexit you'll get is, but the year has previously been random
  8. Hello everyone Not looking to incite a riot, just wanted to create a thread so that people can talk about Brexit and how it has happened in their save. If I could just confirm a few details with folks: I got the 1st message saying that the UK is leaving the EU on 26.09.18, is that the same for everyone? I then got a further message on 26.10.18, giving me the detail of what type of brexit will be applied. Is that the same for everyone too? On previous versions of the game, I believe that brexit details were also confirmed on 26th October, but the year was random. You used to be able to save on the 25th, then keep reloading until brexit didn't trigger that year. You could, in effect, delay brexit indefinitely doing this. Has anyone had any joy doing it on this version? I've tried reloading a fair few times and always get that same message on 26.10.18. Cheers people!
  9. So many mixed opinions on how Brexit affects FM. I really hope that for this coming FM that either it's optional, you can control the outcome, or that you find out what is going to be the 'Brexit outcome' much earlier, ideally as the save starts. I've found it absolutely baffling that a potentially game changing decision is made randomly by the game, at the start of the game, but you don't find out what it is until a few years in
  10. Still on my Stockport save, 1st season, picked up Ivor Lawton on a free. Very good midfielder at that level, paying him £325 a week. Theo Streete starts unattached. Very good defender, but wants fairly high wages
  11. So I signed Stone and Berry again on a new Stockport save upon release. Both have been top performers. Jake Evans now starts unattached, though I found he wants quite high wages. I signed Devante Jacobs, he's actually been pretty underwhelming, despite good attributes. I signed Rich Dearle in goal. Low wages and doing really well. Jason Oswell, who starts at Stockport, seems like a superb striker for that level. Scoring for fun for me. He's only just joined the club, so he may be difficult to sign if you'r not playing as Stockport
  12. I've found that loans and transfers shifted quite significantly between the beta versions and now the final release. In 18.02 I could get Robbie McKenzie on loan from Hull. When it moved to 18.03 they wanted him to play with better players. In 18.03, Samero Dool signed for me for £350 pw. Now he wants 1.4k pw! Conversely, Sam Berry and Lionel Stone will accept a lower wage. Back to good signings, Devante Jacobs looks a good left winger at this level. Starts unattached
  13. Quality, thanks for the reply mate. Used to live about 5 minutes from the ground. My sister had a season ticket there - cost a whopping £5 for the full season! Cheers
  14. Looks like you've got a great save going on there mate, quality. If you don't mind me asking, how do you get to manager Dulwich? I didn't think you could select teams that low down. If it's significant, I'd be playing FMT, not full fat mode. All the best mate, keep it up!
  15. I've got a Stockport County save going, here are some stand out performers: Lionel Stone, well known free transfer from last year. Still unattached, is performing well for me again. Sameron Dool, another free transfer. Can play striker or right wing Sam Berry, again a free transfer. Centre back I've also got some great loan players for no contribution: Cameron Healey from Mansfield Jake Evans from Swindon George Hughes from Shrewsbury Ellis Hudson from Bradford Josh Gregory from Wigan If you can get him, Robbie McKenzie from Hull. I had him on loan in an 18.02 save but after the update, Hull won't loan him to me
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