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  1. But isn't the 1st upgrade about £500k? And the board have upgraded my youth facilities previously, for more than that, so I don't believe that is correct. If anyone else has insight I'd be grateful
  2. Hi folks So a little background: I'm managing Dulwich Hamlet, started a save after the latest update. I've just got them promoted to League 1, so steady progress. In all this time, my board haven't agreed to upgrade my training facilities once. They've agreed to a couple of youth facilities upgrades, but no training. Dulwich start with (and still have!) basic training facilities. Can anyone help me out with the background processes for getting upgrades to your facilities? I was under the impression that whenever you put a request in, the game essentially 'rolled a dice' and you were
  3. Just started playing last night, looks good so far. The whole game does seem much more 'smooth', significantly more polished than previous versions. Couple of observations, first I'd imagine is a bug unless I'm doing something stupid: I've started a save as Dulwich Hamlet. I've signed a number of players, on contract and loan. Also sold on a fair few. None appear in the 'Transfer History' tab. I'd imagine this is easy to replicate with any save. Have others experienced this? 2nd point, not a bug, just an observation. The expectations of the board seem incredibly high. Despite th
  4. Folks, I play FMT, so I'm not 100% that this is possible in full fat: Is a roundabout way to get past these super strict work permit rules simply to apply the 'no work permits' unlockable? I know it isn't completely the same as pre-brexit rules, but is this an imperfect solution?
  5. So does this mean that FMT21 might not launch on the 1st and could potentially be even later?
  6. Neil, anyone who has purchased a copy through a 3rd party retailer, and I'd imagine that's quite a high percentage, will have almost certainly redeemed their Steam code already. Therefore they will be unable to refund this to then purchase the 'full fat' version. I have a potential solution for yourselves to consider. You could set up an offer on Steam where you could buy the full game at a discount if you already have FMT21 in your library. I'm pretty sure that's possible, I think you guys have done similar offers in the past. I'd suggest quite a steep discount, 70-75%. That sounds real
  7. I think this is really, desperately poor service to customers. I've purchased every version of FMT/C that has been available as a separate product and they have always been a part of the beta. For people to be expecting to play the game today and then be told that you actually won't get it for 3 more weeks, that's really difficult to defend. It technically might not have been advertised as having a beta, but as it has always been included, I think it's natural and quite reasonable for people to assume that would continue to be the case. Neil Brock then using the passive aggressive
  8. Once it's applied to the game, when you receive your youth intake, they'll be better than before. It doesn't necessarily mean you get ten 16 year old Messi's, but the intake should be vastly superior
  9. This unlocked for me after my 3rd season. It didn't give me a reason why it unlocked, just an email to say it had. I used it and did get a pretty superb intake for the level I'm at. As far as I can see, you can keep using it
  10. The issue with all loan players requiring the 100% wage contribution is still present. At lower league level I feel that the loan system is a pretty vital part of squad building, so this is pretty game-breaking for me. I've logged this in the bugs section. Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed this hasn't been resolved for the full release. I'm not keen on starting a long term save until it is rectified, but I'm now hanging on indefinitely
  11. I've got a save from the latest version where UK remains in the EU You get the email regarding it on Jan 1st
  12. I've just come on to report this too. Sometimes when the game launches, it is 'off centre', down and to the right by about a centimetre. It does clear itself up if you quit and restart a couple of times
  13. Playing as Dulwich Hamlet again. I had pretty much a full squad clearout at the beginning of the game and signed a bunch of freebies. Not sure that will work again if I start a new save after launch, always find it a little easier to sell on and sign players during Beta. Here's who I've picked up: GK - Luka Nakov. Really decent young keeper, got him on low wages too DR - Kevin Foley. Getting on, is nearly 35 when the game starts, but very good attributes. Already getting updates that he's on the decline, so will only be good for a season I'd imagine DR - Joshua Webb. Solid but u
  14. That's a bug mate. I've raised a query in the FMT bug section and it is being looked into. Had it confirmed that there should be some players available with lower contribution and that is isn't currently working as intended
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