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    So many mixed opinions on how Brexit affects FM. I really hope that for this coming FM that either it's optional, you can control the outcome, or that you find out what is going to be the 'Brexit outcome' much earlier, ideally as the save starts. I've found it absolutely baffling that a potentially game changing decision is made randomly by the game, at the start of the game, but you don't find out what it is until a few years in
  2. Still on my Stockport save, 1st season, picked up Ivor Lawton on a free. Very good midfielder at that level, paying him £325 a week. Theo Streete starts unattached. Very good defender, but wants fairly high wages
  3. So I signed Stone and Berry again on a new Stockport save upon release. Both have been top performers. Jake Evans now starts unattached, though I found he wants quite high wages. I signed Devante Jacobs, he's actually been pretty underwhelming, despite good attributes. I signed Rich Dearle in goal. Low wages and doing really well. Jason Oswell, who starts at Stockport, seems like a superb striker for that level. Scoring for fun for me. He's only just joined the club, so he may be difficult to sign if you'r not playing as Stockport
  4. Just so you know, this is resolved now with the full release. Cheers
  5. I've found that loans and transfers shifted quite significantly between the beta versions and now the final release. In 18.02 I could get Robbie McKenzie on loan from Hull. When it moved to 18.03 they wanted him to play with better players. In 18.03, Samero Dool signed for me for £350 pw. Now he wants 1.4k pw! Conversely, Sam Berry and Lionel Stone will accept a lower wage. Back to good signings, Devante Jacobs looks a good left winger at this level. Starts unattached
  6. Quality, thanks for the reply mate. Used to live about 5 minutes from the ground. My sister had a season ticket there - cost a whopping £5 for the full season! Cheers
  7. Looks like you've got a great save going on there mate, quality. If you don't mind me asking, how do you get to manager Dulwich? I didn't think you could select teams that low down. If it's significant, I'd be playing FMT, not full fat mode. All the best mate, keep it up!
  8. Hi people I've started a save with Stockport and noticed that not all the attributes are showing for staff members. It applies to my current staff and potential staff. In particular, the 'judging player ability' and judging player potential' stats aren't shown. They are still there, they show up if I compare a staff member to another. I posted in the general forum and it seems that others aren't having this issue, so I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. If it is significant, I'm playing FMT, not full fat mode. I've attached a 'print screen', which shows what information is displayed for my assistant manager. Really sorry but don't actually know how to take a screenshot! Thanks for looking Staff pic.html
  9. I've got a Stockport County save going, here are some stand out performers: Lionel Stone, well known free transfer from last year. Still unattached, is performing well for me again. Sameron Dool, another free transfer. Can play striker or right wing Sam Berry, again a free transfer. Centre back I've also got some great loan players for no contribution: Cameron Healey from Mansfield Jake Evans from Swindon George Hughes from Shrewsbury Ellis Hudson from Bradford Josh Gregory from Wigan If you can get him, Robbie McKenzie from Hull. I had him on loan in an 18.02 save but after the update, Hull won't loan him to me
  10. Happy to post a screenshot if it might help. Sorry for being dense, could someone give me a hand in how I actually take a screenshot in the 1st place? Cheers
  11. Folks I don't know if this has been reported previously, if it's just me or if it's by intent, but when you look at staff members, your own or potential candidates, it doesn't show their 'judging ability' and 'judging potential' attributes. The attributes are still there, you can see them if you compare a member of staff to another. Seems odd that such a key attribute is hidden away. If it is significant, I'm playing FMT
  12. Hi folks Just bought FMT18, setting up the game right now Whilst playing '17, I had it so that the sidebar was very thin, just displayed the icons down the side. I'd like the same setup, but I can't remember how I achieved that in the preferences, can somebody help me out? Cheers people
  13. Hello people Apologies for making a thread similar to my post in the FMT section of the forum, but there is so much more traffic here and would like some input if you'd be so kind. I'll copy and paste from the other post: Another topic about Brexit and how it relates to FMT. I'm not looking to start any grief, I'd just like a to get some clarity on how brexit is implemented on FMT17. I've had a look using the search function on here and there doesn't seem to be any thorough or conclusive discussion on how it is coded into the game. I've just got to 25.11.19, I'm using Stockport County, really quite enjoying my save. I've just received the email that a few others have posted saying that the UK has decided to leave the EU and that going forward EU players will need work permits. I thought I was going to get the choice to have a 'hard' or 'soft' brexit? I remember that actually being a headline in some newspapers and on Talksport in the run up to the game's release. Was there an option at the start of the game that I've forgotten where you can choose how this plays out? I actually saved just a few days before this. If I reload the save, will it possibly play out differently? Will it happen eventually anyway, even if I reload and it doesn't trigger on 25.11.19? Like I said, I'm not looking for grief, just some clarity. I know brexit has happened and this may well be how it affects football in the UK, but for now this has completely ruined my save Thanks for your time and info A member on here, boxtobox replied to say that the brexit outcome is decided when you actually set up the save in the 1st instance, you just don't find out what it is for a few years. Assuming that is correct, would you folks mind talking me through what options I have here. As I said in the original post, I actually saved a couple of days before this kicked in. I've tried reloading a few times, I sometimes get the same email, sometimes not. If I don't get the email, is it certain to happen at some point in the future? Thanks for looking
  14. OK, so I've reloaded and continued a few times now. Roughly half the time I get exactly the same email, half the time I get no notification at all. On the instances where I get no email, does this mean it hasn't happened? Does it mean it hasn't happened yet but will do at some point in the future? Does it mean it's happened but I've just not been told? Sorry to labour on the point folks, but it seems that for something that affects the game so massively, there's very little concrete understanding or even discussion about it Thanks again all for looking