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  1. Once it's applied to the game, when you receive your youth intake, they'll be better than before. It doesn't necessarily mean you get ten 16 year old Messi's, but the intake should be vastly superior
  2. This unlocked for me after my 3rd season. It didn't give me a reason why it unlocked, just an email to say it had. I used it and did get a pretty superb intake for the level I'm at. As far as I can see, you can keep using it
  3. Hi @Connor Winks I just started up a new save to test it out. Must be a few hundred players that start the game available for loan. I've just checked about 50 players, filtered by wage; some from the top, some from the middle, some from the top. Every single one requires 100% wages. Some of the comments regarding loans in previous editions are valid, it was fairly easy to sign players for a year that were a bit better than you'd normally have access to, that would be for little-to-no cost. But isn't that kind of the point of the loan system, especially at non-league level? I've got a save going, I think I started it on full-release day. I'm only in October, so not far. I've just checked the squads of other teams in the Conference South. Most teams have loan players from various clubs and most are for 0% contribution. They have various loan start dates, so they are not all loans that were in place at the start of the game. So now my club is the only one that needs to pay for loans whilst my competitors get loans for free? Come on, you can't honestly tell me that is how it is meant to be, surely? Would it be beneficial to upload my save to yourselves? No anger meant towards you mate, I'm really grateful you've taken the time to look into this for me
  4. Hi @Connor Winks, thanks for the reply and for taking time to look into it. I do find it odd that 100% of players require 100% of their wages to be paid. I appreciate others have found a few players for less, but as Dulwich Hamlet, I haven't found a single player. Dulwich actually start the game with a player loaned until the new year, Reisse Allasani. The club are paying 10% of his wages. If I want to extend it, I would then need to pay, you guessed it, 100%. Further strange behaviour is that if I want to loan out a player, no club wants to contribute towards the wages. So my Dulwich Hamlet are the only club in world football that don't receive a wage contribution on loans? Appreciate that that's how it's going to be for now, but it doesn't feel right to me. Loaning players at lower league level now is pretty much unaffordable, as anyone who will improve your squad will likely be on far higher wages than you can afford. Thanks again for looking into this
  5. The issue with all loan players requiring the 100% wage contribution is still present. At lower league level I feel that the loan system is a pretty vital part of squad building, so this is pretty game-breaking for me. I've logged this in the bugs section. Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed this hasn't been resolved for the full release. I'm not keen on starting a long term save until it is rectified, but I'm now hanging on indefinitely
  6. As per the title, I'm still finding that all loan players require a 100% wage contribution. I reported this numerous times during the beta and was assured that it was being looked at and that this wasn't as intent. I've not uploaded a save, as this is something you can check right from the off. I've started a save as Dulwich Hamlet. I've loaded all leagues in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland, using a large database. As soon as the game starts, go to player search and filter players by 'available for loan'. Every single player requires a 100% wage contribution.
  7. I've got a save from the latest version where UK remains in the EU You get the email regarding it on Jan 1st
  8. Nathan Smith, who starts the game as a free agent, has just joined Dulwich Hamlet. Quote from the official website: "Meanwhile, defender Nathan Smith has also signed for the club on a short-term deal, while we negotiate a long-term deal." https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dulwichhamlet/news/dulwich-hamlet-announce-double-signing-2484384.html
  9. I've just come on to report this too. Sometimes when the game launches, it is 'off centre', down and to the right by about a centimetre. It does clear itself up if you quit and restart a couple of times
  10. Playing as Dulwich Hamlet again. I had pretty much a full squad clearout at the beginning of the game and signed a bunch of freebies. Not sure that will work again if I start a new save after launch, always find it a little easier to sell on and sign players during Beta. Here's who I've picked up: GK - Luka Nakov. Really decent young keeper, got him on low wages too DR - Kevin Foley. Getting on, is nearly 35 when the game starts, but very good attributes. Already getting updates that he's on the decline, so will only be good for a season I'd imagine DR - Joshua Webb. Solid but unspectacular young defender who will sign on very low wages DR - Alex Pike. Wasn't able to sign this guy as his wage demands were pretty high, but looks a really good player at this level DL - Tyler Brown. Good all round defender who can fill in at CB in a pinch DC - Mic'hel Parker. Bit low on stamina, but otherwise a very good, two footed defender with decent first touch and passing DC - Ali Omar. Another good all round defender. Good physical stats DC - Jack Cowgill. Respectable squad player who will sign on very low wages MC - Mark McKee. Fairly certain I wouldn't be able to sign this guy if I tried after launch. My AssMan rates him as playing L2 level. And I'm only paying him £250 a week! Superb athletic midfielder, can play most roles pretty well. Is also natural at AM position too MC - Liam Bellamy. Useful squad player on low wages. Good Teamwork, Workrate and Stamina MC - Matt Carter. Decent squad player, 2 footed and with a good long range strike MC - Darren Oldaker. Signed this guy toward the end of August, another player who I don't think will come to Dulwich once the Beta is over. Another L2 level player, is an excellent Advanced Playmaker. Superb Passing, Vision and Free Kicks MC - Aiden Mesias. Missed out on this guy, worth checking out AML - Khalid Simmo. Missed out on this guy too, also worth checking out AML/R - Tobias Hayles-Docherty. Good pace, is a natural on either wing AML/R - Nathan Clements. Another versatile player, is natural on either wing or up top. Really good Dribbling, Passing and Off the Ball ST - Alasane Meite. Low Stamina and Determination, but otherwise a really good young striker. Is currently my top goalscorer You are welcome folks! What other non-league bargains have people uncovered?
  11. That's a bug mate. I've raised a query in the FMT bug section and it is being looked into. Had it confirmed that there should be some players available with lower contribution and that is isn't currently working as intended
  12. Folks has anyone had Brexit start on a date other than 31.12.2020? On previous editions, the game got to a certain date, think it was 26th October, then it would essentially 'roll a dice'. Depending on the dice roll, Brexit would either trigger at the end of the year or delay for a year, where the process would repeat again. This meant you could permanently delay Brexit if you were happy to save/load/repeat until you got the right result. I'm playing the Beta at the moment and got to October 26th 2019, where I've gotten the message about Brexit which will kick in in just over a year. I've tried reloading a number of times to see if it can be delayed, but no joy so far. Seems like it might be hardcoded this year. Anyone have any other experiences to share?
  13. Hi Connor, thanks for looking at this. I've just uploaded a save, titled 'Dulwich Hamlet loan bug.fmt' I have actually found 2 players that don't require 100%. If you search for players available for loan, set the interest to 'doubtful' and filter by wage, highest first. The 2 players with the highest wage should be Sam Barratt at Southend and Corrie Ndaba at Ipswich. These 2 require 70% and 80% respectively. Every other player listed requires 100% contribution. Thanks again for your time mate. If you need any more info from me please ask
  14. Jake Howells at Hemel Hempstead is on £1,500 per week. The next highest player at the club is on £400. Not beyond the realms of possibility, but it does seem unlikely
  15. Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into whether this is happening too often. Hi Alex Pitt. I've downloaded the latest update a few minutes ago and can confirm that this is still happening. In my bug report that I submitted a few days back I expanded on this a bit further: I've loaded up new games with a number of clubs in different leagues in England. For every club, every single player that is available for loan requires the 100% wage contribution, so it isn't anything specific to using Dulwich Hamlet. If I can help provide any more information, I'm happy to do so. Thanks for your time mate
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