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    Playing Fm since 1994 when it was CM on Atari. Arsenal fan.Irish. Love whiskey and steak. Engaged after finding someone who let me manage to my hearts content.

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  1. What is going on with the game play with wingers?? I have tried multiple formations with different styles of wingers and each time, they run to the bi-line, then towards the goal and shoot. WHY ARE THEY NOT CROSSING??? Also please sort out the fouls by AI opposition. It is also ridiculous!
  2. Yeah same thing happening to me constantly. The odd game I out foul more than the AI, yet I'm getting more and more yellow cards. I'm not talking a little amount. Usually opposition AI has 20 plus fouls with one or two yellows. Surely has to be looked at by the FM team
  3. I cant figure it out at all. Nevermind. Quick pick for the rest of the game:) Thanks anyways
  4. Guys can you go thru it once again. Are you talking about the shift button on the keyboard? Am nearly 40 so apologies for my lack of understanding...
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