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  1. Hi! I'd be happy to, but when I try, it says I'm only able to upload files of 9,77MB, and the save file has 54MB. :/
  2. How come Areola is unhappy overall if he's very happy and satisfied with everything? Wtf?!
  3. This must be a bug, must it not? How can Areola be very happy and satisfied with everything if overall he's unhappy?! Wtf?
  4. When we see the overall weaknesses and strengths of the oppositions in the oppositions' reports we receive via email, the least important points (in light green for strengths/in orange for weaknesses) are shown first. So even if we don't want to really delve into the analysis of a certain opposition, we still have to go into the full report and scroll all the way down to see the most important strengths and weaknesses of our opposition. This also happens in the screen right before the matches.
  5. These constant crashes started with the hot fix they launched, at least for me. I hope they fix this for the full game. The thing is we bought it on the pre sale, so we earned the right to play the beta but, with these crashes happening all the time, the beta becomes practically unplayable, which makes me ask "why bother buying it before the launch of the full game?" So frustrating...
  6. It's the second time this happens. In the second time, I was replaying all the games I had already played before. Frustrating. FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.08 20.51.59).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.08 21.30.05).dmp
  7. When you accept some or all the suggestions on team selection, not only the players suggested change, but the whole bench as well, which is pretty annoying, considering I want suggestions only regarding the first 11. Also, when you accept some suggestions but reject others, the positions of the rejected ones gets cleared and you have to bring back all the players you didn't want to change.
  8. I may have found a temporary fix while SI don't fix it at once: in addition to untick "Highlight important panels on overview", you also have to select all the panels you want. That is, if one of them is already one that you want, you still have to choose it again, so all of them will be chosen before you change screen.
  9. How come I suddenly don't have a scout report on the next opposition after I have had all the previous ones normally and have changed nothing at the responsibility tab nor the scouts' tasks? A print is attached and, as you can see, I'm playing as Bayern München manager and my next opposition is nothing less than RB Leipzig, not an unknown side from the depths of some obscure league.
  10. That's it. Panels at the Home screen keep changing every time I go to another screen and come back to Home.
  11. But the one I showed here has turbo boost to 4.6GHz and has an SSD and 16GB of RAM, while this G3 has only an HDD and 8GB of RAM. Is a G3-like laptop really necessary?
  12. Is this one any good for FM20: 8th generation of the processor Intel® Core™ i7-8565U (1.8 GHz to 4.6 GHz, 8MB cache, quad-core) Dedicated video card NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM Memory of 16GB, DDR4, 2666MHz SSD SATA M.2 of 128GB + HDD SATA of 2,5", 1TB and 5400RPM ? https://www.dell.com/pt-br/shop/notebooks-dell/inspiron-15-7000/spd/inspiron-15-7580-laptop/cai7580w5123brdb?configurationid=98659853-fec1-4348-ac88-e74f279750c9 (link in Brazilian Portuguese)
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