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  1. season 2 summary: Won the PL by 3 pts over ManU Won Community Shield Won the Caraboa Cup Won the FA cup Won CL against ManU (Revenge from last year) Thought I was out in the semi's after losing 3-1 away to Real but battered them 5-0 at home Players Firmino - Star player yet again, won pretty much all individual awards too Salah - Disappointing compared to last season, both Mane and Ox were better Arthur - Creative and dominant from the middle of the park Signings: Moise Kean - Arrived this season and was a development year, did well enough Theo Hernandez - Moreno has his head turned so signed the best young LB in the game, bed him in and will still split duties with Robbo next season Kieta - Shoehorned him into my tactics as mainly BWM, sometimes he covered AP for Arthur, solid without being spectacular Andriy Lunin - Couldn't get a WP so loaned out, don't think he'll get one for next season either... Youngsters: TAA - Not statistically impressive but rotated RB well, might retrain him as DM for more games and flexibilty next season Gomez - Coming along nicely and trying to convert him to CB but would like to get more games into him (3rd choice RB and CB right now) Woodburn - Started all cups and scored lots of goals, more than good enough to back up Firmino next season and will be played as such Solanke/Wilson - Both loaned out but don't think they'll make it Brewster/Jones - Next on the list of players I want to try to develop Next season: No one I really want to sign after winning everything, a world class CM/DM would be nice but no one that catches my eye. Might trust the youth a bit more (nice CM regen but only 15) but will continue to trim the squad - Milner, Wijnaldum and llalana could all be gone come next season but might leave the squad too thin/reliant on youth. Handing out multiple new contracts too
  2. So started a new save with the update, couldn't resist the increased potential of Woodburn, TAA and Gomez and the upgrades to Firmino and Salah. Can't be bothered with a full write up so season 1 summary: Won the PL on 86 pts - decided on the final day Won the Caraboa Cup Lost 4th round FA to Arsenal Lost CL final to ManU - Firmino had stinker but a highlight was 7-1 drubbing of Barca at home in 1st leg of the semis Players (Apps/goals/assists/rating) Firmino - 53/44/23/7.66 - Star of the season, Won PL and CL golden boots yet lost POTY to Hazard... Salah - 47/29/22/7.53 - Fantastic on both wings Ox - 32(13)/15/29/7.48 - The third member of my 'big 3' - ridiculous amount of assists and outperformed Mane to start all the big games Signings: De ligt - Bedded him in, we all know he'll be a star, 1st choice next season I reckon Arthur - Sort of a Coutinho replacement but more balanced as a CM(AP) (less attacking) with the front three doing the heavy lifting Moise Kean - Deal in place for next season Youngsters: TAA - Slowly made RB his own over Gomez who had a few injuries Gomez - Arguably better than TAA but injuries cost him, not sure where I'll play him next season Woodburn - Alot of sub appearances, mostly LW but some CF, early in the season, gave him a run at AMC in my 2nd formation towards the end of the season and was impressive apart from giving the ball away a bit too much - Bigger role next season deputizing the front three and starting all cups Solanke/Brewster - Both had 3.5-4.5 star rating which fluctuated during the season, small cameos in cups and got tutored, will loan them out next season otherwise no game time Next season: Not sure about signings, Kieta and Kean coming in mean the only position I really want to upgrade on is GK. Defence was surprisingly good and though I'd usually sell Lovern, he had better ratings than Van Dijk or Matip but a bit stacked at RB and CB with wanting to get Gomez gametime.
  3. Whilst we're talking about CB's can't decide whether to get Laporte or Rugani... price pretty similar, probably like Laporte's stats better but not a huge fan of his ppm's play way out of trouble and dives into tackles and my scouts rate Rugani higher
  4. I leave it opened and generally only pick up 1 or 2 youngsters that I want for the future, I like to keep the core of the team too in future seasons and am not a huge fan of blowing up the roster to make a superstar team, I'll probably never sell the likes of Gomez, TAA, Matip, Hendo, Salah, Cou and Firminho but some may slowly be phased away from being key players the longers I play. Defence is surprisingly solid, as is most of the team, but lacking a top class CB and GK. Right back is sorted with Clyne, TAA and Gomez but neither Moreno or Robertson are world class, both been very good for me though.
  5. So end of season 2 Competitions: Premier League: Won in similar fashion to my first season, down to the wire against ManU, my team romped the first half of the season and didn't lose a game until playing Man City where Aguero scored 4... build up of fixtures and niggling injuries started to add up toward the end of the season lead to a form slump (draws and a costly loss to ManU) but still won the league by 2 points. Goal difference of 78 too. Champions League: Knocked out in the Qtrs by Arsenal, lost 3-1 away with a really late goal to them and could only muster a 1-0 win at home in the second leg even with 10+ more shots. Part of a my aforementioned form slump. Cups: Won the community shield and Caraboa cup but knocked out of FA cup by Chelsea, once again during my form slump. Players: Salah was the player of the season, mainly as a winger on the right but also occasionally filling in on the left he racked up 13 goals, 22 assists and had an average rating of 7.62 in 37 apps. Won English POTY and POTY but didn't make the end of season PL team? Coutinho was immense the first half of the season in all comps, at the halfway mark lead the team for goals, assists and avg rating but then picked up a few different short term injuries. Played a couple of blinders on the left but is the focal point of my team at AMC. New boys: Oblak was good first half of the season and average the second half, improvement on Mignolet but not the superstar I was hoping for but could also be the defence Kean got as many cup games as I could give him and played well in those chances, him and Woodburn scored plenty of cup goals, made my TOTY team as striker over Firminho and Studge. Kieta - solid and good more often than not but may tweak tactics next year to try to bring the best out of him, my current 2 man midfield set up is CM-BWM/S and CM-DLP/D Players who keep performing better than expected: Sturridge (20 goals all comps), Ox - Happily shifting Salah to the left so he can play right and better than Mane, Lallana - Good tutor and fill in AMC when I want to rest Cou, Wiljnaldum - just gets the job done when I rotate him in and all my fullbacks have been so solid that I don't feel the need to bring new ones in. Special Mention: De ligt needs a mention because though he's performed great he's hated me the whole season after I failed to 'give him opportunities in cup games' in his first season as promised even though he played all cups in his first season. Thought it would have sorted itself out by now but still can't talk to him and he wants to leave and with only a year left on his contract I'm worried. Future plans: I want to make a good run in the champs league, I like my team a lot and don't really feel the need to buy anyone but I think I may have to splash out on a superstar or two to go next level (Dyabla). Wiljnaldum and Mane were both good this year but if I bring in more players they may have to go other wise I'll have too many players who will complain. Milner's contract is expiring and Lovern will probably be sold, don't think wilson will make it here either unfortunately. Matip and Firminho are getting new deals too and whilst Bobby is being reasonable for a 30k raise Joel wants to double his wage and I'll probably end up having to pay him ~175k, think I'll also reward a few other players with new contracts too depending on signings and my wage bill. My tactic works great most of the time, buckets of goals and routinely beat teams 4/5-0 but also prone to conceding late in games and to crosses and wasting opportunities with ridiculous long shots. Tweaks I'm thinking is dropping CM-DLP to DM-DLP for an asymmetrical pairing and making my fullbacks more defensive even though I love their overlap. Thinking I'll play my wingers on the same side as their stronger foot, they'll still cut inside due to their PPM's but they cross so often that I'm sick of wasted chances due to rubbish crosses on their weaker foot. I've noticed more tap ins from good crossed when Salah is on the left and Ox is on the right rather than Salah right and Mane left.
  6. Yeah strongly agree - watching how your team plays is a key part of tweaking tactics, not to mention already a lot of good information in the thread - I decided to use W's instead of IF's because they all already have PPM of cut inside and now they start wider but still cut inside like IF's though they do annoyingly cross more than I'd like. Just looking at the set ups the 4-3-3's will work better than the other tactic due to the players available and the first one is a bit boring, for lack of a better word, with 3 differently set up CM's rather than more defined roles.
  7. I'd keep him, you don't need the money and worse case I''m sure you could probably get a similar offer in the future Very hit and miss for me too, ended up averaging 7.1 for me over the course of my first season but more often or not he was an 8.5 or a 6. So I'm getting a new gk and I've worked out both Oblak and Donnurama can be got for 40m but Oblaks wages will be half (100k v 200k). So I'm weighing up a better now keeper of cheaper wages or better future keeper and possibly best (guys that have him is he that good?) in the game for double wages. I don't think I'll play more than 5 seasons so the potential might now be worth the price or even reached during my save... and like I said I like my teams to have a little point of difference form everyone elses....
  8. First FM for a few years after finding it for a good price Initially started a LLM save but wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would so jumped into a Liverpool save Can't be bothered doing a big write up with screens and don't think anyone would be that interested so dot point form: - Couple of signings with De Ligt and Kean (he's coming next year) whilst sold some deadwood in Flanno, Ings and Markovic - Competition results were won the PL (more on that in a sec), out of Carabo cup in the quarters to ManU in extra time after rotating heavily and played them 3 days later with my first team and beat them comfortably 3-1, lost to Citeh in the FA cup 5th round and they also bundled me out of the Champs League quarter-finals. - Premier League went down to the wire, 3 horse race most of the way between me, ManU and Arse. I was comfortable at the top from about halfway through the season after my team hit form but a huge congestion of fixtures, injuries and loss of form meant I won 2 out of the last 8 PL games (2/11 including FA cup and champs league losses to city) with a lot, I mean like 6, late/injury-time goals to the opposition. Last game of the season 1 point ahead of ManU so was a 'destiny in our own hands' against stoke, they equalized in the 83rd minute and I was pretty sure I'd lost it but ManU ended up drawing with Newcastle so I won the league. Didn't want to win the league first season though, I like to build a team and winning a big trophy first season take away from the game a little bit for me, not to mention a couple rage quits on my part possibly improving a couple of results... -Notable player performances: My fullbacks were great and had the highest rating for my team, both Gomez and Robertson especially. Firminho top scorer with 22 goals (all comps) but Studge did well when given the chance especially against trash teams and finished with 19 goals. Salah most assists (16) whilst double digits for both Firminho and Couthinho. Mane was good but not amazing and went missing too often, Ox was surprisingly good too and better than I was expecting. - Injuries: So annoying with the little niggles but with Sturridge, Mane, Ox and Coutinho all getting multiple (5+) injuries throughout the season. - Players complaining was mostly fixed by Hendo and Milner, even Cou helped out when I couldn't be bothered dealing with Firminho's contract demands. Funny though that I was rotating Moreno and Robertson between games and Robertson complains about 'not enough gametime' - 120m pound transfer budget next season, not sure what to do with it. Looking for a new top class GK - liking Oblak rather than Donnurama who everyone else has so one of the Migs/Karius will be moved and wanted to strengthen CM with Can being disappointing but Keita's coming in. The rest of my team performed well enough that I'd loathe to move them on, Sturridge was voted fans POTY, Milner is a quality tutor, Klavan doesn't complain. I think my main moves with be moving on a couple of players, Lovern is dispensible with Gomez really coming along and with Clyne back at RB with TAA so could move him central. Gomez was class at RB though... Want to get more games into Woodburn next season too and need to start developing Kean so all my attacking positions are pretty set, Wilson could be a pet project but just so packed on the wings now. Also 3 quality ST regens from my academy (did reload my save a 'few' times to get them though) and Dyabla is my favourite mix of stats out of all the world class players I would buy (quality finisher who can pass) so he may be a target season after when I likely do move on Sturridge. Enjoyed reading how everyone else went too
  9. So Juve are willing to sell me back Berardi in Jan for 32.5m pounds. Berardi is happy to rejoin after a little convincing but I'll have to double current his wage (to 70k odd) meaning he'll make more than double my highest paid player (Romero) Probably going to do it...
  10. So early Jan in season two and sitting 4th but equal points with 7th and only 3 points off top (7 teams with points from 40-37). Finished top of my euro cup group and have besiktas inthe first knockout round. All my Berardi money went back to juve as I bought both their quality young defenders in Rugani and Romagna. Savitsky and Leali came in on frees and I also brought in Gil Romero and Zivkovic (from Ajax as my Berardi replacement) Bedding in Zivkovic slowly and he's scoring and assisting, Savitsky has been great, made him undroppable and left IF(A) is mostly his. Due to these two reasons Sansone has been playing F9 though he's pretty average at it. Zaza hasn't been as good as last term but is now captain and scores more in bursts than consistently, think he's missing Berardi. Speaking of Berardi, hes had a few small bust ups about playing time with Allegri but with Tevez out for several weeks, broken toe, he's getting enough games to make him happy. Still going to try to convince him to rejoin us, maybe even this transfer window. Balanta and Romero are also starting to whine as bigger teams start sniffing around, had to promise to 'accept offers but only if they match my valuation' otherwise they wouldnt back down, Zaza, Sansone, Consigli and Vrsaljko are also attracting interest. Aim for this season is to get Euro cup again because I'm in a mini rebuild with my youngsters settling in though Champs league would be greatbut I can see myself being battered by the like of Bayern, Real, Barca, Citeh and Chelsea. When I did my actual transfers, Juve only bid 21.5m pound when during my skip ahead in time they bid 24m pound. He's still at Sampdoria and having a great season, just scored a hattrick against me but two of the goals were in injury time as I was chasing the game. I was a bit put off because I'm a huge attribute whore and his aren't the greatest, though playing my Sassuolo save where Zaza and Sansone have done great for me without looking like world beaters has changed my opinion a touch. Also drew Frosinone in the Italian cup.
  11. Pretty sure it was 24m pounds. Hopefully he'll want to come back next season, struggling a bit to find a replacement false 9, not many who can both finish and pick out a decent pass, Leandro Barbosa looks great but already filled my non-eu quota, alternative for next season if he's still available and I cant get Berardi.
  12. Season ended with 4th, Champs league spot was up for grabs on the final day but it was always Roma's to lose. Ins as above but Lucas Romero came in Jan and slotted in perfectly. As you can see I was pretty much carried by my attacking trio, with Berardi finding his shooting boots after I said he couldnt finish chances finishing equal fourth in league goals with 22, he scored 9 goals in Jan alone. Zaza lead the league in goals, assists and avg rating but lost POTY to Tevez, though he did play more games cause Tevez was out for over a month with an injury, but still... He did win fair play player of the year with no cards and the golden boot for all leagues (cant remember what its called) Sansone won fans POTY and Berardi Media's Italian POTY. Berardi and Zaza were my 'SAS' (being a Liverpool supporter) and I love what they did together. Minor Spoiler Jumped ahead through time for the bidding over Berardi and even though I put my whole transfer budget in I was still outbid by around 10m euro's so he's off to Juve, I only get 60% of the money as well cause of debt. I plan on buying him back as soon as possible but my dreams of Champs league qualification may have to wait another year. Dont know who to bring in to replace him but thinking about moving Sansone upfront. Plans for next year are to solidify my status as a Euro Cup team whilst developing my young talent, already have Savitsky coming in on a free and plan on picking up as much young Italian talent as possible with my transfer funds. (Around 25m euro after 'sales') looking at Romagnoli, Romagna, Castellano, Valzania but Scuffet looks too expensive. Bonazzoli doesnt fit my game plan. Any other recommendations?
  13. So Sassuolo are my 'create a powerhouse' team for this version of FM, I tried them as a similar save in a previous FM but didnt get very far, this one I'll try to stay for the long haul. So half way through season 1, INs are Balanta and Tielemans. Sitting 6th and looks like I'll be battling out for the Europa spots, no way I'm catching Juve, Napoli and Roma this season. Zaza has been great with 16 in 15, Sansone impresses as IF(A) on the left and though Berardi has a bunch of assists, he struggles to finish on mine. I''m playing an 4-3-3 with the front three set up as IF(A), CF(A) and F9. Going to try to get one of GG Romero, Lucas Romero or Kranevitter in Jan and in the long run try to get the young Italian talent and keep a solid Italian base. In line with that I'll keep Berardi too after this season.
  14. Yeah, he complained on my save aswell but after he got fit. Balo's been scoring alot for me, his best role from his stats/recommendations is Trequartista (pretty much let him do what he wants) and he's got 20 goals in 20(6) apps.
  15. Good November followed by a tougher Dec/Jan. Won all my matches in November and got MoTM whilst Balo won PoTM by banging in a bunch of goals, since that month he's effectively shifted Sturridge out wide to IF(A) on the right, and is now my leading goalscorer. Dec/Jan involved a handful of losses to the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham and QPR. The Chelsea loss was a 1-0 involving a Mignolet special where he lost an aerial duel in the box from a long throw in. Did batter ManU 6-2 though, Sterling had been under performing for most of the season prior to this match and I was due to give him a bake but he was PoM and has been playing well since. Coutinho has turned it on lately too. Speaking of the league table I'm now third at the end of Jan, 4 pts behind Chelsea who have won 15ish games straight in the Prem. Still alive in the FA cup but my 'reserve team' hasnt made it pretty, a couple of replays required to get through. Also finished top of my Champs league group, drew Barca in the first knockout stage though, pessimistic to say the least. Rant: Team can't defend corners at all. Easily 2/3 of the goals I concede are from corners. Before every game I set training focus to defending set pieces, doesnt matter if I'm playing Chelsea or Burnley, doesnt end up helping. Balanta is also complaining alot about lack of games, probably going to have to give him a solid run in the team cause he wanted to leave. Seems there are alot of volleys/karate goals from crosses, though the match engine was meant to fix this? Looked up the stats page and I concede majority of my goals from crosses but was surprised that passes were my main assist, was expecting crosses based on what I've been seeing form the match engine (maybe I'm not able to differentiate a cross and a pass form out wide from the match engine). Outs: Sold Borini for 7m but have to pay him 15k/w for a couple of years. Need a new keeper, had a look and he signed a new contract in October, bummer. As previously mentioned now a 33m release clause.
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