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  1. Who cares about the formation or players. It's how they play! Southgate is brave and he's chosen a style of football that is a hard working tough to score against bunch with good teamwork defending and a hard working athletic bunch with the ball that will look to change and interswap positions with one another in a bid to find space.
  2. I hate to break it to you but you are all looking at make ups, foundations, lip stick paints and hair colourings highlights... by all means enjoy.
  3. What is the point of Wellbeck over Shelvey really. We only have 1 natural backup attacking midfielder now. At least the teams setup is positionally dynamic, might need it to be... Callum Wilson is a very good player. What's the point in Lewis Cook anyone?
  4. only 6 months ago he started and we knew he was defensively neave. Every time a big time has targeted him they have shipped goals. He is also starting partly not out of choice for Liverpool, granted how that's how people get their opportunities but they were forced their hand really because both Clyne and Gomez were injured. I am not too worried though especially in a 3 man defence and I trust Southgate. He knows best at the end of the day. I also think Trippier, Walker and a right footed left back plus Arnold is a potential unbalanced overload. Man united's play is pretty pedestrian if we have any issues with Rose and Arnold at left wing back would be possibly really throwing him in the deep end.
  5. The latest rumour is that Trent-Alexandor Arnold is in. He has only played half a season what is going on now he's playing in a world cup?
  6. This has been my concern for a while. We have plenty of big players to profit from getting on the end of them but no clear taker. Rashford can hit a shot free kick in the past but it's likely that he is not a starter and hasn't been trusted by Mourinho. Trent-Alexandor Arnold likes to strike them but this is becoming to hunting in the dark. Who is it? Lallana, Trippier, Loftus-Cheek, Lingard?
  7. we are playing 3 at the back and passing out from the back. That is becoming more prevalent in the game now and unfortunately for Joe Hart and Chris Smalling they are now playing right at this time. Southgate made the right call and for all Pickford's mistakes or weak points he is good at passing out from the back and distribution, he is actually the best and it really helps the team. Thank god we are saying goodbye to constipated football in the boiling summer heat.
  8. I was surprised that some top ex pro players and tv presenters were suggesting we should repeat the wasted theories of the past in 'taking young players just for the experience of going'. Why would you waste a place in the squad you might need or want doing this? Theo Walcott went in that way, now at an age he should be there if he was actually good enough. Ultimately I trust what Southgate is doing lately even if 5 minute outtakes of Jonjo Shelvey on match of the day with great reasoning from Alan Shearer doesn't result in him going. It is about the team, not any individual in a squad of 23. And this is where I think Southgate is going right.
  9. because the defensive one sits so deep and doesnt venture as forward or forwarded minded as much as a more forward minded cb. Also less likely to be caught straight out of position while playing a wayward over ambitious pass.
  10. Whats working for me at the moment. My target man attack has reasonable pace too so not a pace useless target man. Its more about the rest of the teams defensive win back of possession through misplaced opposition passes or tackles. So wingers in a 442 with support roles to provide defensive balance and recycled crosses and feeding the main big man little man strike partnership. One cm defend one cm attack, the cm attack will be the main cm providing the passes through (the right order the best player to do so). fullbacks one limited the other automatic. I play it on a high tempo direct passing on counter with more closing down get stuck in. One target man attack and the other an advanced forward role.
  11. How do you pull off giant kills like in cups knocking out the bigger teams? Anything work for you?
  12. Ditto. I hope that this is implemented. My last version is fm16 and I had every version from 2005 I think (the first version) since then.
  13. Doh the game says Harrow now in fm16 :-(. How can I remedy this sigh I don't want to move clubs? Im gonna try and fill the bank or something. Bah, I would be better off running the club into debt, being bailed out then an investor comes in that builds a stadium. I sell out 100% every season every single game surely some sort of bigger stadium could be filled with that.
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