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  1. Ditto. I hope that this is implemented. My last version is fm16 and I had every version from 2005 I think (the first version) since then.
  2. Doh the game says Harrow now in fm16 :-(. How can I remedy this sigh I don't want to move clubs? Im gonna try and fill the bank or something. Bah, I would be better off running the club into debt, being bailed out then an investor comes in that builds a stadium. I sell out 100% every season every single game surely some sort of bigger stadium could be filled with that.
  3. The game says London. It's Barnet FC, the london borough of...
  4. I cannot get a new stadium built. I sell out my stadium of 12,500 in the premiership 100% every game for years. I have been in the prem a long time also have been in the champions league aswell as the europa. The reason given is always 'fanbase not big enough to be worthwhile, dont see signs of it growing anytime soon'. So am I stuck like this forever? It doesn't make any sense because the stadium for years is always a 100% sellout every time no fail.
  5. Managing in Bulgaria

    whats the weather throughout the season like? it was quite tough to get out the europa league group stages in the greek league ranked 10th league in the world but I think 451 being sensible with possession was more important that I neglected!
  6. Transfer offers

    yes in Greece league other especially italian clubs pay stupid big money for my youths especially
  7. managing Ergotolis in Greece. just managed to buy out the 26k stadium in the top tier (started avoiding relegation from 2nd) qualified once for europa league so far. missed out on the group stages on a last minute goal. Olympiakos storm the league every year so hoping to always have a challenge with them. AEK and Panathanaikos aren't a world behind them either. think its 2 champions league places and up to 5th europa league qualifies. or winning greek cup qualifies! the regen standard is good and selling.
  8. hi does the new fm ever give you a chance to upgrade the stadiums corporate facilities? does it happen when expanding sometimes? or do you have to have a new stadium just to up the corporate facilities? thanks
  9. thanks that clears up a lot! its not as important as I assumed.
  10. will my mental attributes raise in fm16? Is my adaptability stuck at 1? is my low determination making me at an exteme disadvantage player wage wise? can someone please tell me this save feels like a waste...
  11. So I am stuck with the worst mental attributes? I feel like I have wasted my time with this game. I don't to start managing the lowest greek tier with the highest reputation and 1 adaptability for life? fm16
  12. can i improve my manager mental stats in this game? I just lost half the knowledge of Greece from my manager profile straight away because my adaptability number is poor. will it ever improve without having to start out as a world class manager? never mind my working with youngsters etc.? will my working with youngsters improve in this version?
  13. noooooo is that really true? what is that stat meant to do for me?
  14. Hi can anyone help me I can't find the answer anywhere for fm15 how do I Increase my manager working with youngsters attribute? It hasn't gone up at all, and what does it affect? thanks. also if anyone could explain the others and how to increase that would be great too. Thanks
  15. FM 15 youth intake dates?

    I remember an old fm used to have some youth players join later in the season? Is this correct? It was on an old version when middlesborough had Jimmy-floyd Hasselbank. However all the english youth were completely useless all stats around the 1 mark! Could this return? It is a lovely exciting gem