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  1. Casanova, you don't need another skin to do that. Go to "Preferences -> Interface -> Skin colours" and change the attributes colour there (first four rows).
  2. Donwloading! Don't know what happend the other day. Always had NPT&C since first version, love your job!!! it's just to make sure i have the last update.
  3. cordobes, can´t download v1.2. Captcha words simply don't show up. Could you please fix it or upload it somewhere else? Thanks!
  4. Marconni this dark 1.2 is a update for Alavanja 14 Ultimate v1.1 or a different skin? thanks!
  5. that exactly it my friend. i didn't explained myself correctly, but you did understood And, Please!!! Continue your amazing job!!
  6. Was about to ask that to. I like to have the training progress selected and it cut those rounded numbers a bit. Thanks!
  7. Michael, thanks a lot once again! Just changed height to default value you told me and that was it.
  8. Thank you so much michael!! that's exactly what i wanted to know, just didn´t knew which file it was. In game it's impossible to adjust. I'll try to edit those .xml files you advised me to do. i''ll just backup them in case something goes wrong.
  9. Anyone? i've already asked at the skin thread, but still no answer.
  10. Hey ppl, Can anyone using this skin help me on >>>>THIS ONE<<<< Thanks, Xarpas
  11. Hello all, Need your help on this one. Im currently using Alavanja 14 Pervection Skin and during a match im never able to see my attendance. How can i adjust it? I'll leave an image so you can have a idea of what im talking about. In this image as you can see (top felt corner) attendance numbers are cutted and barely seen. Tks, Xarpas
  12. already managed a way to make it work. in the skin thread they have a file to "activate" background
  13. does anyone have the BG File to activate the backgrouns in this skin? Download link seems broken.. thanks
  14. VP., is there any way to make it work in "Alavanja 14 Eyegasm Skin". i've tried but no sucess..
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