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  1. I'm new always been a big fan of Soccer Management games (wish AFL had a version). But been looking at other games like NFL Head Coach 2009 and they have a great feature. Not sure if it has been put out there yet but an indicator of player familarity to the your tactical system. Maybe a simple bar metre would be adequate. Showing, for example, how tactically adept are new players and their progression within your systems. And the lower the tactical familarity with your system the more they will "not come deep", "not overlap when on offer" and continually be slightly out of position. This would also give more possibilities of players becoming "busts" in the wrong system. So that people can no longer go out and by all the best players, but they have to think, "Will this player fit into my system". I know this happens somewhat at the moment behind the game but I believe it would help people get closer to understanding your player and there prefered system they enjoy playing in. Further it would push the AI to find the right place for a player. For example a flamboyant, highly gifted player prefers an attacking system so therefore will want to get into the Real Madrid or Barcelona (or La Liga team) type system and won't really desire to go to a Chelsea (but will if no other offer tabled from a prefered team). What do you guys think?
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