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  1. Hi I posted on your forum on the 23rd March regarding this issue and had a few replies stating you were looking into why the match information history is not available on my save, is it not possible you guys can fix the issue by the 30th August? Thanks.
  2. So the latest version of FM is equally as floored as the rest, we are told time and time again that the game never cheats you and the old favourite "it's your tactics" is rolled out by Miles and the team. Personally I think the amount of patches and updates that are needed after the game is released is proof enough that there are endless cases when the programme is geared up to make the human fail no matter what they do. As Miles likes to find that one example amongst thousands upon thousands of games to "proove a point" I have uploaded a photo where apparently Jack Grealish had scored for me
  3. I didn't say leave them as a free agent indefinately, when they reach 35-36 I have no issue with players hanging up their boots for good.
  4. I never suggested they go somewhere else as a free agent, I made the point that they retire from playing altogether.
  5. I have raised this issue with the guys at FM countless times to the point where I now find it pointless, I also made the point that even if a player retires what seems too early they should be left in the free agent catagory incase a manager tries to tempt them out of retirement, its a bit of a joke that the guys at FM feel they know who would retire at 31,32,33 even when they still get regular games and 1-2 years left on their contract, it would be interesting to ask those particular players their thoughts on wether they would retire so early in real life (unless they picked up a career endin
  6. This isn't anything specific to my team, so in my 6 seasons managing 3 different clubs (1 Premier League, 1 Championship and 1 La Liga) you think it's just "unlucky" or "coincidence" that not a single team across 3 different leagues (2 seasons per team) have managed to score a direct free kick (for or against)!!, I do wonder what people read on these forums as everyone seems to be of the opinion that comments are complaints that your own team don't do things yet my comments are about improving the game (for and against my team)
  7. Haaaaahaaaaa you actually interpret my comment as "I want every shot to go in" and that I want to remove shooting off target!!, you never think I am making a general point of terrible shooting both for and against my team, yeah your right I want every shot to go in for and against and let every game finish 20-20 haaahaaa!!, people that just accept any old rubbish and go down with a whimper frustrate the hell out of me. Just watch todays games for example, how many shots will go wide but within the frame of the 6 yard box and how many nearly hit the corner flag!
  8. Wow!! the list of errors in game on FM18 is frankly embarrassing, the 2 glaringly biggest errors are shooting & free kicks. I have never in my life seen such an array of terrible shooting, even players with the highest shooting attributes in the game are awful at hitting the target. In the grand scheme of things in real life the majority of off target shots cross the by-line within the parameter of the six yard box (this is a 6 yard either side of the goal posts room for error), there is certainly an extremely limited number of shots that are closer to the corner flag than the goal bu
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