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  1. Maybe because it would start the chain of events that would lead to his dad killing two innocent people and then getting blown up?
  2. Because of his injury no? The problems the island cured.
  3. Because she knows that she is meant to shoot him. That's what had to happen.
  4. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    Except youve just said there was no incoming money initially
  5. Testing is always going on, and I can tell you that having worked at SI in-house on testing for the last 2 versions. The idea that testing isn't an ongoing process is simply wrong.
  6. I can assure that 1000's of bugs are found, you do realise that the bugs in the demo are a tiny minority compared to what will have appeared, and been fixed throughout the testing cycle?
  7. I think this is for the user not the AI. You aren't going to see a load of AI female managers
  8. The 2008/09 Juliano Belletti thread

    Its on citys official site im afraid
  9. It makes no difference whatsoever what view you watch the match on
  10. Club Invested 300m any ideas

    if you fall into financial trouble
  11. Why Hard-Coded?

    I wouldn't. Once you buy the game, you are free to do with it as you wish. Distributing is as your "own game" is a problem, but he said he would "Create his own game" - which is entirely legal. As for "Hard-Coded". They are basically things in the game that you can not change, via any editor or external program. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> You'd be wrong there i'm afraid, you aren't fere to do with it as you wish.
  12. And its replicating an objective opinon, so they will get it wrong.
  13. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    They've got the club wrong, it says "Digard to sign for Newcastle - According to the english press Newcastle will pay 6million Euros for Digard" It's reporting the english press, who infact say Middlesbrough are the team buying him.