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  1. No, exactly the contrary to this specific post, I would like to read your general thoughts about some TI s, lets say the most common ones you use. Im really enjoying this thread because it is s real GUIDE, and not a specific tactics introduction. Ive been playin this game for ages, had some great careers but I must say my whole insight has changed. To cut things short on my side and not type a huge post, you might tell us a bit about the TI s you often use in your different platforms (attack-counter-standard), which I am really curious about. Once again, this is great work and thanks for your time.
  2. This is top top class. Thank you mate. Can you also give some advices about team instructions?
  3. How about changing the MR and ML to defensive wingers on support duty? Would it make any improvements?
  4. I guess the defensive midfielder is also a liability with the passing duty. Your center and sides are rather close to the opposition box, therefore the DMC passing is more than risky, since his passing range is considerably increased. You should give him more freedom. Regista might do. Setting Javi Martinez to stay in midfield as a DLP-Defend, and letting Isco arrive more into the box, followed by Busquets is a better setup
  5. Pull the sweeper 2 steps forward and use it as an Anchor Man. Put the WBs to auto duty and mentality to counter. I am a fan of "single player on the flank" and this is bu far the best I have achieved in this game. Anchor and Enganche create enormous depth and passing options on the attack.
  6. I was playing 3 CDs, 2WBs 2MCs 1AMC and 2 Forwards but the defense wasn't getting anywhere near solid. Moving the center of the central defenders one step forward as an anchorman is doing just fine with me now. Although the midfield looks like a narrow diamond, the Anchorman is a real anchor and is operating as a defender rather than a midfielder as expected, reducing the crowd and the mess. This also creates a bit freedom for the central midfielders to operate more offensively as they have a solid DM at the back holding his position. I am using the AMC as Enganche so he will not get in to the box very often, and create passing options and space staying behind. I can say that my strikers are doing well. I set the wing backs to automatic duty, so they will adapt to the mentality of the team. When it is set to control, they stay a a little bit forward and when i set it to counter, they just fly. If you wish to know more, I'd be happy to give details.
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