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  1. I'm sorry, I really don't like being this whiny nitpicking guy on the forum but all of these 3D renders look like they're from 2010 and yet are advertised as a graphical improvments. Also the fact that this is an actual improvment doesn't reflect good on FM19. I'm not expecting a lot from a game that's basically purple excel sheet simulator but maybe just don't try to sell it as one of the main features of the game.
  2. So now if I want to see my full U19 or Reserves squad I need to go to the Dev Center first, and then chose it form the dropdown menu instead of just clicking it on the sidebar? That doesn't make any sense. You could simply keep those icons and the Development Center. There's still plenty of wasted space on the sidebar anyway. I know it seems like some minor complaint but there were a lot of changes to the UI like this one in previous editions, that make this game less and less accessible.
  3. So I've just played through the first season and it was pretty nice. What bothered me though was the fixture. I had like 10 matches in March and then like 3/4 weeks without a game in September. I know nothing about the real MLS so maybe it the way it's supposed to be and you took inspiration from but I find it strange anyway.
  4. Looks fun, but does it really work? Is the "not enough good players in the squad to join" issue somehow fixed?
  5. Just wanted to do something different this time and to give myself additional challenge pain to make this tactic work. The problem is - without those instructions roughly 75% of the shots are from long distance, which is not the way I would like my team to be playing. I've added 'work ball into box' instruction and changed mezzala to CM(A) and it helped a bit though.
  6. So as the title says I might use your help to make the tactic I'm trying to create better. I must say at the start that I'm getting a pretty decent results, but obviously I'm not entirely happy about the tactic. It's pretty stable at the back, I'm not loosing too many goals. Three attacking players are pressing the opposition defence nicely - as intended. The main issue I have though is not being creative enough while attacking. I average like 10 shots a match. That's way too low Most of the shots are from the long range and the attacking play is really not exciting at
  7. That was really helpful, looks much better now, thank you!
  8. So I would like to change two things in the basic skin to make it more to my liking but don't really know how. Firstly, I would like to know how to change the background picture and secondly i would like to know if there's a way to set the transparency for those boxes in the attached screenshot below. Want to change the bg pic to solid grey color and make the boxes almost fully transparent. If anyone could help me with it, that would be great.
  9. You solved all of my issues here. Thank you very much. Looking great now. Most pleasant fm skin ever made (merged).
  10. Woah, that looks almost perfect, nevermind that delay. Big thanks for putting your time into this. Let's move on to this 'almost perfect' stuff. What buffles me most is the goal site for the news section. When zoomed out (95% on low res monitor though) looks like this. To make the skin perfect I would also change the colors of the boxes on the tactic screen to either color palette of the Helvetica skin which are I believe: #454545 (grey) #77c193 (green) #e36357 (red), or the variation of one color from the skin color palette (eg. ligher grey - grey - darker grey). This would make th
  11. Dear Bill, Actually, I tried to merge those skins for personal use, but failed miserably. Anxiously waiting for your updates then.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. It would be great to mashup those skins. Hopefully there is someone capable of doing this.
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