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  1. Broken Promises

    I had one of my brightest youngsters ask for a contract, which he fully deserved (and his was running out) so i told him that i would sort one out in a week. His idiotic agent asked for a stupidly high amount of money for himself and in signing on fee. The player got upset because i wasnt able to keep my promise and i wasnt able to tell him the reason the contract wasnt sign was the agent, tho normally you can ask him to sack him. So i promised again that i would give him a contract right away. This time (as i was expecting) the agent asked for a little more in everything and still those stupidly high numbers in those two categories. I cancel the deal. My player ended up angry again, and told me he could not trust me because i broke too many promises when i told him i would get him his contract in the next week. Still no option to tell him his agent is a dick. This time, i had to wait the standard 4 to 5 weeks to give him a new contract, while he had the "uhh: lost faith in the manager" thingy, After a while i tried again, this time successfully. He sign the contract and now 8 months later he still has the lost faith in manager unhappiness. I cant even talk to him to tell him he is doing well/bad in training or recent form. I dont know why he sign a new contract is he is getting me the angry girlfriend treatment for the duration.
  2. In my game i sold Icardi to Man City for 145 millons. The next season they sold de Bruyne to PSG for like 70/80, for me that was even weirder than the Icardi bid. Verratti went to Utd. for 99, Saul for 80 to PSG. There are a lot of expensive signings from those 3 clubs. I still find odd that top tier teams sell some players that are indispensable to them like de Bruyne. For stupidly high fees yeah, but at this point in time, 120 mil is the threshold in FM, i cringe every time i see bids accepted for franchise/irreplaceable players accepted for less, specially when they are fighting for the top spot in the league or pushing as high as possible in the Champions.
  3. Im playing Inter too, while im losing money monthly, i was never in the red. My FFP during my second half of the first season was in red tho, and by a lot, i started to panic as i was fighting for the league and i promised Icardi that we ll play in the Champions next year. And this was after the board injected some money. At the end of the day after the FFP projection said i was 180 millions in the red, one day out of the blue, it started saying i was making money. Dunno if it was a bug or if that was the point where something in particular started counting like next years tv deal. Maybe thats what happening to you. If your balance is actually in the red, i wouldnt care too much if i was you. Thats kinda normal, specially before 2019, when you end your loan payments. Tho i never hit the red in 2017, i did in fm16. You can always sell a midfielder, you have plenty xD
  4. Error message when starting the editor

    Yeah, i just did that, thanks a lot!
  5. Error message when starting the editor

    Mmm, no, its not installed in the same drive. I have a solid one thats almost completely full, do i need to install the editor there nonetheless?
  6. Error message when starting the editor

    I did like 4 times and still same issue
  7. Argentina premier division

    I think is like bestbrother said, but if you want to be completely sure you could ask in the database and research subforum
  8. Hi guys, i made a quick look and didnt find anything, at least not for fm17. I just downloaded the editor and when i tried opening it, i have an error message saying: "; No valid language found or set, cannot continue" This is the first time im using it, so i didnt change any options, i validated the files to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. This is also something i dont really like that is staying in the vagueness SI likes the attributes to be. I have some issues with it, for example the two Argentines center backs, Otamendi and Funes Mori. The two are completely awkward with the ball in their feet. Actually Funes Mori can dribble, so its not the dribbling stat that should be low. So i dont know if its first touch or technique, but at the same time, i dont know if technique is taken into account for tacking and marking, or even heading, where he is really good. At the same time, he is also quite good at stopping the ball after receiving a pass (the actual first touch), so im at a loss.
  10. My Liverpool also bought back Balotelli, i dont understand the reasoning xD
  11. You guys that are playing in England and not managing Man Utd. how are they doing? How is their transfer market movement? In my save they are doing extremely good after a few big signings. They bought Manolas, Verratti, Koke, Danilo and Correa (At. Mad). Right now they have the best midfield in the world. They struggle first season before this signings (8ths) but they won with 92 points the next season. 3rd they are first tho is quite close between the 4 or 5 top clubs. Im playing in Italy with full details in England and Spain.
  12. Im in 3rd season 27 games played in the Premier, they are 4th, 4 points behind leaders Manchester Utd. They sack Klopp sometime in first season, where they ended 8th while in the second their final position was 6.
  13. Lost trust in manager

    Great to hear! thanks for the full history! I would have hated to lose such a good player for something like this! Anyone else had some stories to tell about this?
  14. Hi guys, did anyone got a player unhappy because he lost trust on you? I have one of my best players with this, after failing to get him a new contract 2 times in a week (the agent was crazy about one of the clausules). He had this for 6 months, his morales is always on the low side, tho he still likes me and feels he gets along well with me. This will ever be removed or its just a done affair and i cant do anything for him to regain trust? IMO, two promises of a new contract in under a week being failed dont feel like a reason for such a loss in trust. If there were an option in the conversation with him to tell him his stupid agent is making it impossible for the new contract to be accepted maybe. Just my two cents. Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, im having a little trouble deciding when to select be more expressive as a instruction. Is it more worth it with attacking mentality? is it good with control? I know this is based mainly on the players you have available, so what do you look stat wise, for your players to have before deciding to tick this instruction? Thanks!