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  1. I just played 10 games 50 goals being scored, of them 42 were from crosses or rebounds from a cross. I know that every game there is a heavy reliance on crosses and that some tactics even use them more, but i wanted to know if this is normal in fm16 for all of you guys. Its kinda boring looking at the matches and seeing the goals all look the same and no "nice" goals being scored. This goes for my own goals and the ones the AI gets against me. Also still seeing a lot of open players and the one carrying the ball just prefer to shot even if he is in a poor position. Would love to see those last second passes in game too. On a different note, im using the same pc as before, but with win 10. Right now my matches are really slow, not the highlights per se, but the in between. The corresponding slider is set to max (i used to set it at 50%) and is way lower than before. Is this an issue with win 10? I already tried resetting the settings, clearing cache and downgrading the graphics options. Thanks!
  2. Hi, any new development in this? I format my pc a while ago, reinstalled the game (same pc) and now my matches are taking 4 or 5 times longer. The only difference is that i now have win 10. My pc used to run the same game in full graphics. The rest of the game is completely fine and the highlights are super smooth, its just between them that is taking forever. Thanks!
  3. in mine they won the World Cup against Argentina... on penalties hahaha
  4. Im looking at them after every match but there is nothing there that shows the reason for the nervousness. The only thing i can think of is that my DM is unhappy because supposedly did not keep a promise to him. Last season after Chelsea make an offer i told him that if they come back again after the season ended with a good offer i would sell him. No one was interested in him but he got upset nonetheless. He is always the first player to get very nervous, normally 8 minutes into a game.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Im in the same league, doing just a bit better (now 1st or 2nd while before i was 4th or 5th until we rally up to end 2nd or 3rd. My players i think are all capped CA wise, just my youngsters are really improving. one of the strangest cases for me is one sub that is really young who has played games for me for 2 years (now 20) who was never nervous but now he is. No, i still have the same captain and while he can get frustrated once in a while, he isnt getting nervous. I think they are not lacking confidence, as im getting the results nonetheless but we are not playing as fluent and i draw while i should have won a couple of times. I tried giving them the all the teamtalks possible, its always the same unless we score really early, and even then a couple gets nervous.
  6. After 4 seasons with relatively the same starting eleven (just one change per year more or less) where my determine squad was composed or motivated throughout the matches regarding of their morale im now having them after just 10 or 15 minutes very nervous and i feel that is costing me some points. We are playing our best football and only one player on the starting eleven has a low morale. What could have made this happen? How can i change their in matches morale? Thanks guys!
  7. I tried changing the AP to A and the Regista to DM D, but my team did not play better, the contrary in fact. Less shots on goal and less possession, the games were really dull. Any tips?
  8. Yeah, i used to have him on attack (the wingback) and modified him so it would be more stable when i decide not to be offensive. I have more assists from the left flank tho, and this was true in my last season too (same defensive positions). I used to play with a box to box instead of the CM S but he always got bad ratings and i didnt saw him having any important appearances in games. 3 or my 6 midfielders are perfect in a box to box role, but i was never able to make them play well, probably i didnt set up the rest of the midfield well at that point. I ll try changing probably the advance playmaker to a box to box or CM A. My main problem is that im dominating heavily almost all matches (stat wise) but im failing to get clear cut chances. To get you guys into perspective, a normal game (it do vary, i dont dominate each game or in the same way) would end up with 14 or 15 shots for my side, only a couple on target, maybe 3 or 4 being half chances. The possession goes between 58 to 65 % normally and my opponent have 5 or 6 shoots being 2 or 3 on target. The most weird part is that my av ratings (i do know they are not really important, but its curious to me) in many games goes to 7.2 or even more while drawing 0-0 or even losing. My normal results are 1-0 or 0-0. Thats the broader aspect of things. Being more precise, im not happy with my two more attack minded players performance. My IF is probably my best player, and he is underperforming in every stat compare to the other seasons. I tend to see dwell on the ball when he should shot, also think he never sees an open pass (not his fault but because the rest of the players are marked, so i guess my bad). About my striker, he is a really good player (Icardi) but i cant seem to find the role suited for him and the tactic. He is a beast as an advance forward, but i think he would be far to ahead of the rest of the team and would not participate too much. He is my main scorer this season but his rating is terrible. Normally i would be happy enough with the goals, but the lack of scoring in the hole team is worrying, also because i end up not winning some games where i dominated hard. Thanks for answering!
  9. The idea was to give my creatrive players control of the midfield though their decision making and good passing. If you would change them, what roles would you suggest? Thanks!
  10. Im not having a problem defensibly right now. I do concede a big % of the shots on target of the opponent. I was actually playing the Regista as a Defensive Midfielder in defense, and after that i changed it to deep lying playmaker defensive (at the time i wasnt using the AP in the wing) but i was getting a lot of possession in the midfield which i didnt want. I went with Regista just because of his predisposition to be higher up the pitch, in some situations it is counterproductive when they steal a ball or intercept a pass, but i thought it would be a tradeoff that would not be that bad.
  11. The idea (which i might not have been able to replicate in the tactic) is to enter the box with passes and take advantage of the quality and flair or the IFs and the movement of the ST. The players that run forward are my IF D, DR and to some extent my IF I. Also a couple of my midfielders have the run into the box PM. I do understand what you are saying tho, you think that is has more to do with the roles or the Player instructions?
  12. Clearly no, if not i would not have posted here I thought it could be a fun different way to ask for help, i prefer you delete the post instead of making fun of it.
  13. Hi guys, I was thinking about how to improve my team tactics but i didnt want to present my tactics like everyone else, so i decided to show you all my instructions and not tell you what problem (if any) im having, so you can "play" and see if you are a tactical genius that can see a problem with as little as only pre game data. Hope you guys like the idea (probably im not the first one to do it hehe). I do want to give you some info. Im playing as Inter a couple of years into my save, while i do care a lot about results my main concern was to get the economy back on track so we could became an economic powerhouse in Italy after 2019, thats when we finish paying the loans. Serie A has been dominated by Juve, they have won all but 10 matches in the first 2 years but in the third season the saw how many of their best playes left for some bigger leagues, maybe this can be my year to start getting trophies. This is how im playing right now:
  14. Im starting to get angry, the team cant produce, i changed almost everything and the team still plays like a bunch of *******. I do think that defensive or counter tactics are overpowered in the current ME, and that directly hurts the 4-1-2-2-1 tactic. In game 5 teams that were dominating their leagues with ease before the patch are now really struggling while for example Pescara is sitting 10 points ahead of the second half the season in with a horrible and pathetic team. Even their averages suggest that they should not have gotten so much good results. In spite of this, i still want to make my team play well, so if anyone could help, im all ears
  15. Sorry if i didnt explain myself well, i wasnt basing this in the av position, just by watching the games, he is where he should be and normally tries to close off when he should, not getting carried away or losing position.