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  1. Ok, a shame if its a bug, didnt really want to sell the player zzz. Thanks for the help
  2. Yes, there is. I can click it, and the effects last for like a day
  3. I took him off 2 more times, and both times one or two days after he was listed again :/
  4. No, i didn t have any conversation with him. Im looking at my inbox for messages related to him, and im almost certain his first time being transfer listed without my consent what the same day he was left out of his national team European championship squad. Another thing i could say, is that when he told me he was angry about the transfer, i tried talking with him and after clicking to do that, the screen didnt have anything, just a end chat button that i had to click as i wasnt able to pass the day without doing it. Thats why i asked another player to talk to him
  5. Not in this case, he didnt, he even got angry that he was transfer listed. Also when a player ask for it the text in his transfer tab says it explicitly
  6. Hi, im having a player that i realice he was transfer listed after he asked me why he is not consider par of the future plans or the club. I didnt understand, looked and saw that 5 days before he was transfer listed and set to not needed. I changed it back, it stay like i wanted for like 4 days and now again he is transfer listed. I couldnt find any staff responsability that could make this, nor he is in any unwanted list and he never asked for a transfer and we didnt have any conversation that could lead to this. Has this happened to anyone else? Am i missing something? Thanks for helping!
  7. To give some stats, my striker only had one time 5 shots attempted (funnily enough, the only game when he scored 2 goals) and one with 4. Almost all games just 1 attempt or 2. in 31 games he shot 55, only 23 on target with 7 goals. My team, in 39 games scored 74 and conceded 16. Of those 74, 33 where from clear cut chances, which we created 47. As always in FM, 24 of my goals came from a cross assist, and only 8 from though balls. I cant compare this stats with real life, maybe someone with the knowledge could interpret them better than me. From them, for me the striker amount of shots is the more concerning. And yes, i know that tactics and how i make the other 10 players play influences the striker, but watching the games i have a clear idea of what is happening and why the striker is not getting enough scoring chances. And they can be sum in not enough movement.
  8. Im running 5 or 6 Leagues in full detail, stats wise the strikers and IF are scoring a low amount of goals. In 1 and 2 forwards formation im seeing this. For example, Barcelona is top of the league in February and Coutinho got 3 goals, Dembele 7, Messi 3, Munir 5 and Suarez 9 (those are counting cups). They "only" have 50 goals on the league in 21 games. Real Madrid have 36 in the same amount, tho at least Bale got 11 and Benzema 9. In liverpool Salah made 8, mane 7 and Firmino 18, who is with Ronaldo and Aguero, the only strikers scoring Real Life numbers, in Firminos case, more than he normally does actually. Kane for example only scored 12. In Italy Lazio only conceded 2 goals in 22 games with none of their strikers scoring more than 7 (tho their best player scored 11, mostly from AM). In my team i played half a season with 2 strikers, both playing abysmally. After that i sold the best one so i started playing with 1, still almost never scores. This striker has 7 goals in 30 games. The wingers/IF are also underperforming in the scoring category tho not sooo much. I might add, im using a good team, Inter, im currently 2nd, one point of Juventus and havent lost a game in the league or in the cup. Only lost 2 games in Champions in group stage against frigging PSG. As this is the beta, i also decided to tweak little things only in the tactics to see how the presets work and how good they are as i imagine the AI will be using them almost all the time. What i have changed the most is the forward role to see if it made any difference, which i havent, at least not in the chance created/scoring department. I think something is not working 100% right with movement up front. Not saying for sure and not saying that its working extremely bad. Just that how it is now doesnt feel natural and the flow of movement isnt perfect.
  9. Its not thats better or not, its just that after trying every combination possible, i wasnt able to get the possession happen near or inside the opposition area, so the players decided to shot from anywhere, even if they had better passing options. FM normally has some issues with one or two tactics being hard to replicate, this time around i found that, at least in my case, its the 433 with DM. As i said, if he, or anyone can get the tactic to work, i would gladly switch back to my preferred formation
  10. After playing that tactic for the last 7 or 8 FMs at least, i decided to change it this time around, instead of the DMC im using a AMC, that solved my long shots being 80% of all my attempts. Before that i tried for the hole beta to make it work, even playing 50 times the same match tweaking every little thing until i was satisfied. I did this with Barcelona, mind you. And it was impossible to get it right, i ended up the beta with 235 hrs and i didnt even finish a half a season, just trying to get it to work. If you ever find a way, let me know xD
  11. I simulated 5 first seasons, Arsenal won all of them
  12. Thanks for the answer, about data, its mainly the same if i continue my save or were there quality of life changes as well?
  13. Its the same, for the ones playing the beta we got a patch to download. Thanks for the answer.
  14. I can live without knowing the full spectrum of changes (if there was any), but would be nice of them to at least say there was a patch that fixed some known issues, even if they dont tell anything else. And mainly i would like to know if there was any significant change to database (like if they found a glaring mistake that could make the experience better if we start a new save). Just my two cents.
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