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  1. Simulate Leicester's first season in the Champions League?
  2. Pep did a fine job of doing it in my save, only lasted a season but they finished 14th...
  3. Don't think I've suffered a crash yet on this version.... counting myself lucky.
  4. Getting relegated from The Premier League, on the final day, on goal difference, thanks to conceding in the 90th minute.
  5. Maybe its because Bolton don't want to loan him out?
  6. Agreed, it doesn't seem plausible that huge signings would go out on loan straight away. That being said, would a players AI intelligence not come into play, with lets say Man United signing a new striker. (They did on my save in Higuain).
  7. Well, I've since started a new save with Aston Villa. Manged to get the little bugger on loan, with Jesse Lingard as well. Had to free up some funds by selling Westwood & Guzan.
  8. Only think I can say is a bit of a snag is that I'm conceding more goals at the near post, that's about it.
  9. Jermaine Defoe is manager of Sunderland on my current save. He was out of contract, they released him and sacked Ole Gunner (He was the manager at the time), then they appointed Defoe as manager.
  10. Signing Anderson, Kleberson and Djemba-Djemba wannabes. His glasses must be brimming with tears if joy.
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