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  1. Any ideas if this request needs to be made out of season? I'm playing with Barnet FC with back to back promotions from the skrill premier to the sky bet championship. Won the JPT 2 seasons so finances are "Rich". But the board keeps rejecting my requests stating the facilities are "good" but my players suffer from poor fatigue :l and I've tried to tinker with the training and I upset a few of my stars so I reverted it lol.
  2. Yeah getting into a bidding war with a club in the prem is pointless same with Scots prem too. Ollie Banks is a good midfielder and can play out wide too not sure what club he belongs to at the game start but not too expensive either, Luisma villa is at barnet to begin with and is a superb winger though suffers from poor fitness. . Getting.players on loan is an arseache as they moan about not getting first team action which you can guarantee and they still snub you. :l
  3. Luke James from hartlepool is a good buy if you're a low league club, I currently playing with Barnet FC and I tried to sibn him but Everton beat my maximum bid amount. He's doing well for them too. Also Tom Eastman from colhchester is a decent centre back for low league clubs. Best of luck pal
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