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  1. I'm a few years into my save with portsmouth where i try to replicate the 3-4-3 system used by Conte at Chelsea (named 5-2-3 WB wide in game), and have really been struggling to develop talent to play in my wingback positions. It seems like i can get any type of player to become accomplished in the position, but becoming natural seems almost impossible. I have had no problem whatsoever with this when it comes to retraining DM/AM to CM or strikers to wingers/IF and vice versa.

    Until now, i have been trying to retrain fullbacks and wide midfielders to become wingbacks, but none of them have become natural, some of them after maybe 2-3 years of training + maybe 100 youth apps as WB and 30-40 senior apps as WB.

    Is there anything else i can do to increase the likelyhood of my players becoming natural, or maybe identify which players have a higher chance of becoming natural?



  2. Like the title sais: club staff (especially younger staff) should be able tochange their favoured formations over time after spending a long time at a club playing a certain way. I find it very unrealistic that this should be a static trait, when apparently Arsene Wenger at the age of 68 according to FM changed his preferred formation from 4-2-3-1 to 5-2-3 wb wide over the course of a year.


    If i bring in a 25 year old coach to a club where all the teams play a certain way, it should have an effect (see Jody morris at Chelsea who changed his to 5-2-3 wb wide aswell because of Contes style between fm17 and fm18)

  3. Hey everyone,


    I have a few questions regarding whether or not staff actually see an improvement to attributes other than for example training attributes relevant for coaching assignments?


    for example: do young scouts improve their JCA/JPA? Is there any way to affect this, for example hiring a 25 year old scout with decent JCA/JPA and wait for him to improve?


    Also, is it possible to affect staff members favoured formations?

  4. There is no way to affect what roles players will have in youth teams. I have tried creating and saving a specific formation containing the desired roles for each position, but it doesnt appear in the drop down menu for selecting formation in staff responsibilities for u23 team. I have also tried giving each player in my youth teams personalised instructions, but they get overwritten as soon as i appoint a manager for the u23s. 

    This is a massive flaw, since it does not give any possibility to affect development of young players in your team, leaving us with the only option to take control of all teams ourselves, which is both very unrealistic and very time-consuming.

  5. As the title sais, i've asked the board for feeder club recommendations to send out players on loan for work permits. The recommendations are all in bulgaria and im trying to decide between two candidates. One of them is an amateur club not currently in a league and the other one is a proffessional club in a low league but with 1 step worse training facilities than the other one. What would you suggest i prioritise; higher division or better training facilities?

    Thanks in advance

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