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  1. I'm a few years into my save with portsmouth where i try to replicate the 3-4-3 system used by Conte at Chelsea (named 5-2-3 WB wide in game), and have really been struggling to develop talent to play in my wingback positions. It seems like i can get any type of player to become accomplished in the position, but becoming natural seems almost impossible. I have had no problem whatsoever with this when it comes to retraining DM/AM to CM or strikers to wingers/IF and vice versa.

    Until now, i have been trying to retrain fullbacks and wide midfielders to become wingbacks, but none of them have become natural, some of them after maybe 2-3 years of training + maybe 100 youth apps as WB and 30-40 senior apps as WB.

    Is there anything else i can do to increase the likelyhood of my players becoming natural, or maybe identify which players have a higher chance of becoming natural?



  2. Like the title sais: club staff (especially younger staff) should be able tochange their favoured formations over time after spending a long time at a club playing a certain way. I find it very unrealistic that this should be a static trait, when apparently Arsene Wenger at the age of 68 according to FM changed his preferred formation from 4-2-3-1 to 5-2-3 wb wide over the course of a year.


    If i bring in a 25 year old coach to a club where all the teams play a certain way, it should have an effect (see Jody morris at Chelsea who changed his to 5-2-3 wb wide aswell because of Contes style between fm17 and fm18)

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