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  1. Hi, I would like to add the stadium picture to the schedule/Fixture list screen. Anyone know how I can do it. Using the Dark is really Dark skin. So the staduim picture would go where the badge is.
  2. Great tactic. Worked for my Ipswich side and now for my Tottenham side. over 25 chances a match and a few 7-0. 8-1 scores. Usually my goals are coming from midfield but striker chips in with 20-25 season so not complaining. Give it time and don't mess around with it to much, as long as the players can play in the roles the team adapts quickly. Keep developing it TFF.
  3. Having a similar problem. The highlights are uploaded to Youtube but they play over 20 seconds very fast. Any way to correct it. Also the highlights are saved in a .ogv file and can't play in windows media player.
  4. Cannot buy a win with this tactic. forwards do not score either. Will have a tinker with it.
  5. Great tactic. Just can't get my forward to score goals.
  6. Hi, How can we delete the percentage circle next to the player both on the tactics screen and in game? i have the file that i used for fm15/16 but it no longer works.
  7. Hi, how can I make the text in the player information area (contract and other details) white? the black only seems to occur for Wolves and Hull.
  8. Trying to create a new corner tactic from scratch. I've said for a few years that this game is missing a big feature here. Once a set piece is created you should be allowed the option to run through the tactic in training. For example, create the tactic and then press play and it simulates the set piece. Can't be that hard to incorporate. I mean In real football teams like Stoke and WBA utilise set pieces and spend ages on the training ground perfecting them so surely they should do this in FM!! Imaging being able to run through them in training rather than wasting chances in actual matches wh
  9. Also if overspending and failing FFP you should be able to inform the DoF to start negotiating the contracts and drive them down. Currently the DoF just keeps offering what the player wants!
  10. When viewing the match goal highlights I have a red bar in the area commentary should be. I have re verified the game cleared cache and reloaded skin in preferences. Tried with all graphics and skins removed but it is still there. Any ideas?
  11. I signed Xavi in 2016-17 on a free for cardiff. £13k/week. He is player/u18's coach. I don't think that that is a unreasonable request of wage. the experience he has and the work with the youth will hopefully be worth it. Players do seem to want to haggle. try and offer the agent a bit more and the player less.
  12. Just started using this tactic as my other tactic has gone to pot after the update. I loved Mr Hough's tactics from other versions of FM and decided to try a trusted Tactic creator. I changed the tactic slightly by going with Attacking, fluid and changing a couple of match instructions. Lower tempo, work ball into the box and be more expressive. Seems to improve results though I do seem to concede a goal in 1st 5 mins but at the mo I come back to win.
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