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  1. Yes I thought about that too but then again in some players you can see he ''wants to go on a loan to gain first team experience'' in their player information screen and he is a good player as well and not some rubbish player. And still you don't get any offer.
  2. I don't understand regarding loan interest in a player. I am trying to loan out Moussa Dembele. I am in year 2018 and he is quite good. He is in 3 star ability for my team Chelsea. But When I list him for loan no one wants him. even When I offer him for loan with 0% salary even then no one wants him. But After I offer him for transfer for 20m 20+ clubs shows interest in him for loan. What is this? Is this how it suppose to work? Also there are several good players in my team who are in high wage and even if I offer them for loan with 0% salary requirement even then no one wants to take them.
  3. Hi Guys. Trying to get Paulo Dybala for a while now. Offered Around 100m + but Juventus don't want to enter into negotiation. The player wants to join. Playing Manager after a while now and in the past it was rather easy to get such players. It seems very difficult now. Is this how it was suppose to be in football manager 2017 or I am missing something?
  4. Guess what Just sold Willian for 80 mill after 1 week later. These fees are crazy!
  5. Alright So I had pretty bad season. finished fourth and surprisingly wasn't sacked. Hazard had a pretty decent season assisting a lot and had a good overall rating. Man City were chasing him for last two months. I had all those gossips coming up that Man City chasing him and all that in the news feed and social media. They made an inquiry after the season ended. I had no intention to sell him so I replied with a demand of 120m Pound and guess what they accepted. WHAT The.....Ha ha. I can't belive my eyes. Its only in 2nd year of the playing. Is this real or a bug?Insert image from URL
  6. Hello. I wanted to sign this staff but he doesn't want to join my club because he don't want to move from his current location. But in other save game I managed to sign him. And I have tried this several times and he signs in some and he rejects in others. What is the reason for this? Is there anything I could do to change his mind?
  7. Board didnt mind or at least they didnt complain. I did manage to sell them without any issue and yeah keep paying so much wage for a player that is not mine is a waste but I signed a bunch of wonderkids and wanted to give them proper playing time. Yeah in the first season. Fabregas wage was 890k Pound per month!!!
  8. Managed to Sell them. Had to offer salary contribution of 200k per month for Oscar and 400k per month for Fabregas :@
  9. I am having serious trouble getting rid of the players that I don't want to play. I am playing with Chelsea and I am trying to sell Fabregas and Oscar. Both of them have few buyer and after I agree deal with them they are rejecting the transfer saying they don't like Salary and singing on Bonus. I haven't played Football Manager for a while but back in the days in this kind of situations players use to ask for salary contribution but now players not asking for this and they are straight forward rejecting the transfer. Any suggestion on how to get rid of those players in the proper way?
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