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  1. I've always used 2D classic regardless how strong was my config. My reasons go from tradition to better view for my analysis. It's sad to see how SI/SEGA take care of the business: first regarding the lack of effort to bargain with Brazilian clubs. No effort, no clarity to make us able to support the negotiations spamming our clubs with messages, nothing. Now the 2D classic. It seems the minorities don't even matter. Ok, the engine changes for the future. But couldn't the new engine look like the previous pitch?
  2. What are the reasons for FM 17 pre-purchase not being available in Brazil yet? We've heard some rumors that there are legal issues involving Flamengo and/or its supposed replacement (Flemish). Some others say it's an issue regarding our currency pricing on Steam. The fact is the Brazilian community is afraid of not being able to play this version and/or having to pay a substantial amount we can't afford. Someone could, please, give me some feedback about it? We're ready to press Flamengo if it's the case. Regards!
  3. Well, great! I've noticed that sometimes it appear, sometimes not, but not why. Anyway, things would got easier if it were available on the player profile. After seeing that a player has an undesirable characteristic (susceptible to injuries, bad-tempered, so on) it would be much easier to cancel it. Currently, we need to go (to search and then/or) to the assignment screen, find it in a huge list and finally finish the assignment prematurely. Did you face this same annoyance? I've never faced it until establishing an incisive scout system.
  4. I haven't played FM 16, so sorry if this feature is already implemented and just forget it. Otherwise, if it's not implemented yet, I'd like to say I miss a lot this sort of feature on FM 15: more buttons to cancel an assignment. As it's shown in the attached images, this button doesn't appear always on inbox screen and it'd be very appreciated to see the same button on player profile screen. Moreover, knowledge percentage and days passed since the last report would be shown on assignment screen, thus we could remove assignments for those players that are already know and that are recent, saving some time of our scouts. Regards, razmth
  5. fenomeno9 Does this pack work on FM 2015? These hairstyles are completely awesome and I've been using them since FM 14.
  6. My favourite one! Congratulations and thank you so much, drswit!
  7. Well, in my example, you only need to update and it could be done as the threads are created. Look at this example: http://www.fmsite.net/foro/topic/57155-indice-de-guias/
  8. Thank you! I'll check it later. Happy Xmas
  9. Thanks, Michael. Currently, the player overview panel.xml is working with rows by default and I already noticed that work with columns would be easier (at least for me) which is your suggestion, right? Anyway, I'm struggling to understand the links between columns and rows and where they appear. Is there a post explaining about it? Is it made by the class="vertical_adaptive_container" ? What is the option for unlink columns/rows?
  10. Well, I did it in my way, but I still wishing to do like the last example. Does anyone know how this could be done?
  11. drswit, How you added player statistics at the profile screen? Cheers, EDIT: I found my way Anyway, thanks for the previous answer, I hadn't seen it.
  12. In my opinion, this section would be better without many fixed threads as we currently see. Maybe you can put all information in only one. I can help, if necessary. In my view, the ideal is as follows: - Skinning suggestions and improvements thread - FAQ's & Useful Resources - READ THIS FIRST!!! - Skinning Summary Just these 3 fixed threads. Edit: Here's an example: --- SUMMARY General Guides FAQ's & Useful Resources - READ THIS FIRST!!! How to Install Skins and Graphics Information for Previous Versions Steam Workshop Guides and Information [FM 2014] [Valid for latest versions] Skinning Guides Important: Skins in FM15.2 How to Extract Default Files & Understanding File Structure [FM 2015] Skinning Guide Part 1: The Basics [FM 2015]
  13. Michael, Adobe released all its Creative Suite 2 products for free in 2013. So, you can recommend the Photoshop CS2 which is very powerful until today. Here is the page to get it.
  14. Hi guys! I'm trying some changes and I need your help. Here is my current player profile screen: And I'd like to do this: Obviously, the player stats should appear without distortion. Could someone give me an idea?
  15. Where I edit that? I want to do the same with the official skin.
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