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  1. It is 13. It was just a random taker in the season after Belotti left. Btw, I started my game in the beta. It that is of any relevance.
  2. Ah, from before? I dont have any any more. Though I have the one from that day. A few days later the fan's team of the season was published and there he was best right defender again. Maybe that helps? It is called "team_of_the_season.fm"
  3. Please find one instance here. Barcelona_missed_penalty.pkm
  4. Mh, interesting that you are not able to reproduce it... Here is a screenshot without additional graphics.
  5. Also for me, comparing Belotti (pen:15, composure:16, fin:17) to the rest of the league. This has been the same over all last seasons. So far I didnt see a difference over different FM versions. Always scoring less than 50%. As can be seen, auto matches dont seem to suffer this problem.
  6. I cannot support this finding. In my recent season I had 2 important, crazy games being turned around in added time. But these were 2 rare instances over many seasons. To me that is perfectly realistic.
  7. I see it still being there even though I thought this should be an easy fix?
  8. Even after exiting the CL the next season the message remains along with the correct message that they are mad for real this time^^
  9. I find it unrealistic that the single best player of a season (here Bruno Fernandes playing as right defender) is not in the season's dream team but only on the bench. He played 90% right defender and maybe 9% right midfielder and 1% central midfielder. See screenshot. If needed a savegame with this can be uploaded. It was the Spanish la Liga, team of the season, right defender.
  10. Summary: Winning the champions league is on the negative side of things in the evaluation of my performance as manager... I mean, I am really sorry, I guess?^^ Description of Issue: This item should not be there, instead on the positive side. Steps to Reproduce: Win the CL, see if that also happens to you or just with very big clubs (I am managing Barca being the reputable club in the world) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: If needed I can upload such a save (I have limited access to the internet at this very moment though)
  11. Yes, I have experienced the same problem. On Mac (low graphics settings, screenshot from there) and PC (very high graphic settings). It is connected to the player. I would even guess to the specific haircut. For example in my Barca team I only see it on Pedri. I once uploaded a savegame called "B" for another purpose. But you should be able to reproduce it with any game and looking at Pedri during a match.
  12. Mh, strange, basically always get that, with every newgen face. most notably for the opposition as I dont load their players before a match. That is 100% reliable. Also I used to get this in last years version (and maybe before, cant remember). Even more: on Mac and PC the same way. Make sure it the player is not clicked before so his face is displayed for the first time during the match after he comes on (so for the substitution for example). That turning black/grey actually also happened to a player of the B team now (so one of whom I didnt watch a match). But that seems to be only temporal... I did a little video to show you It is called "Showing_bald_newgens". I uploaded it to the cloud too.
  13. On the right side of the screenshot the rings in the graphics for the shots and possession dont quite fit. there seem to be 2 on top of each other. This problem remains through different machines (PC and mac) and different resolutions. It has been there since the beta.
  14. Well, you can test with every savegame that has new gens I guess. I have uploaded mine to the cloud: "B.fm" Also Another thing that seems to happen: faces turn grey! Attached here a screenshot of the same savegame. I am not yet sure what has to be fulfilled, but a goal (or maybe also a yellow card or something like that), so the fact that the face has to be displayed during a match triggers it. Even after restarting the game this remains. But only for some time, than it it normal again. Again not sure what causes it to be normal again, maybe a complete restart of the PC
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