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  1. When I was still learning the ins-and-outs of FM it took me a while to figure this out as well. Go under the "Finances" tab and then click on "Salaries" - it will list out the wage structure for each Team Status.
  2. So...I'm probably thinking too much in to this, but when a player has this PPM, is he the "one" or the "two". I'm guessing that this player will like to play a short pass and then run into space, but does it also work the other-way around? i.e. if this player receives a short pass, will he look to play in the passer? Does this PPM work best if used with 2 players that have this PPM?
  3. 1)Pep talks during matches, specifically the 2 options "I'm disappointed with your efforts" and "You weren't that bad but I think you can do better" (don't know if those are the exact phrases). It annoys me that they are right next to each other. Every so often I go to choose the latter (I usually get good reactions with that option) and I end up picking the former, and Bam! team morale plummets. 2)Transfer negotiations. Speficially AI teams completely withdrawing a bid even after a minor change. i.e. loaning a player out, they ask to pay for 70% wages. I counter with 80% wages and they c
  4. I think this is more a limitation of the system than anything else. If you ask me, the way it works now is the ideal. You shouldn't immediately know the exact stats of a player on trial (it was a bit overpowered) especially since there are "no strings attached" i.e. you can just terminate the trial. Once you sign a player though, he is on your books so it makes sense to be able to know their stats, as you made that commitment. You can argue that if you sign players, it should still take some time to get to know their exact stats, but in practice I can see it being more frustrating for th
  5. Thanks, however it wasn't completed. I said in one of my posts, it was played Jan - May. I started my season in December, so I don't know why I was not eligible to play. I also chose another Brazilian team, in the same Sao Paulo state championship - and I was able to play in it starting in January.
  6. Pardon the resurrection - I just wanted to close the loop on this, in case anyone else is in this situation. The following season, I was indeed eligible to play in the state championship. The only "issue" I have is that I have no idea why I was able to. The season prior, 4 teams were relegated from the state championship (to I'm assuming a lower/unplayable league?) and I was suddenly eligible. But nowhere did it indicate where I was promoted from, or why/how I was suddenly eligible to play in the State championship.
  7. The images aren't showing, but I would like to know about this as well. I doubt this is a but - I'm thinking you need to wait a shorter amount of time to sign? i.e. 3 months maybe? Hopefully someone who knows better can advise.
  8. On my main save playing as a Serie A club Salernitana (brought up from Serie C!!) I have an affiliate club (Slovak First Division - Zilina) in which I'm able to loan players out to. Most of my players I am able to loan out, however for a few players, I get a simple message saying "XX Player cannot be loaned to Zilina". I cannot for the life of me find out where or what the reasoning is. It has nothing to do with transfer window timing (as I can loan out player A, but when I click on player B, I cannot), nothing to do with Age (I can loan out an 18 y/o, as well as a 32 y/o. One of the playe
  9. The first thing that jumps out to me, especially with "The strikers seem to blow by them" in your opening post, is the Acceleration/Pace of your 2 starting CB's (per your first screen shot) of 7/8 and 9/10 respectively. I know this is the Serie C, but those are not the most attractive #'s to see. Both have a concentration of 10 as well. Couple this with your FB's being Automatic, and with you playing on Control - they will be more Attacking, leaving your very slow CB's fairly isolated. With the CB's Closing down more, and having them man mark (per your TI's) - any fast striker will be
  10. Was able to check. The state championship (for the state that I'm eligible to play in) has been played. In Jan - May, and it doesn't looks like I'll be able to play in it. So I think i may have just wasted my time. It mentions in the rules that the bottom 4 teams are relegated, but how does one qualify for the state championship? I thought everyone was eligible. With a quick Google search, it does say that my team participates in the Sao Paulo state championship - how come I'm not eligible in the game? Can anybody help at all?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I sure hope so for next season. Not at my computer so I can't check to see if there was a 2013 champ. Regardless, I was under the Impression that the state championships starts in January. So If I was eligible, I would have played right away I just hope I didn't waste my time, thats all.
  12. Hoping someone more knowledgeable in the Brazilian leagues can help me here. I recently started a save with a Serie C side Guaratinguetá, and started the save December 2013 (which was advised when starting in Brazil). I've noticed that my first game wasn't until May - which was for the national championship. I was under the impression that my team would be involved in the state championship (which would typically run Jan-May). Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something here? I did vacation for 4 months so I can start playing, however If my team only plays 5 months out of the year (only
  13. Ha...well then, I may have wasted a lot of minutes NOT playing my promising youths
  14. Hi Cleon, another excellent read. IIRC a youth player won't develop, or "learn from" a match unless he gets a match rating. I believe they have to play at least 15 mins before they get a registered match rating. So, is it fair to say that it's useless to sub a developing youth in the 75+ min? I have read this somewhere (for fm14) and I refrain from making my youth sub's late in the game. Not sure if it holds any weight, however... Is there any truth to the above?
  15. Is there anyway we can have the Opposition instructions closer to the players names? This is during the pre-match instructions. i.e. I want to set "tackle harder" on the MCR. I have to look at his name, which is on the left, then very carefully follow that row all the way over to the right side of the screen, and then double check myself to make sure I'm actually selecting the right person! I know there are different, alternating, shades but regardless, it should be easier to see!
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