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  1. Nope. I've been using the same PC all along. It was showing fine up until this season when it just disappeared and reset back to 0.
  2. Hi, On my FM2015 save, for some reason my hall of fame data has been lost. Is there a simple way of retrieving it, or editing it? I know where the file is and it's not corrupt so can't see why it's happened. I've won 22 trophies with 2 managers but only 2 of those are showing. Pics attached
  3. hi mate just noticed you've missed richie de laet. Moved from Stoke to Man Utd for £150,000 (I think!!)
  4. thanks Wally. Don't suppose you have a list of all the transfers you've done have you?
  5. is the first post the latest update? As i can't use Rapidshare. Can someone upload to megaupload or filefront please. I've just downloaded the megaupload one on the first page but it isn't up to date. Thanks Wally. Great work Edit: Please ignore post!
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