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  1. Oh lol.... fair point. Wasn't aimed at aimed at anybody I've ever communicated with, just on posts I've read. thanks for highlighting :-)
  2. Last edited by Kriss; 01-03-2014 at 13:08. Reason: Why break the rules with your very first post? read house rules Sorry I don't see your issue... defenders now defend and strikers now score on topic and improved since patch - point made as per every other post you haven't tried to censor. If you don't like the negative aspects of my post then release a working game in the first place. I don't buy Halo with stickmen graphics in the hope that in 6 months it will be a top of the range graphics beast.
  3. My main concern was the game was unplayable before this patch - the numerous bugs (particularly opposition hoof ball while my defence just watched them score). I spent hours trying to find a solution on forums.... only to read comments from a lot of people saying it must be your tactics. but Having played the new patch last night I have to say much improved ME (which is really the only part of the update I care about). I can score, the defence now tries to defend.... I win some and I lose some, but at least I don't appear to lose because of a blatant bug every time. Positives: This is the minimum level of gameplay I expected back in November when I purchased the game. Negatives: Shame it took 6 months to get to this point. Sorry a positive turned into a negative there but the frustration of the last few months coming out.
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