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  1. Or you could do it my way, load every league and sit back and enjoy while your laptop melts through the couch.
  2. SEASON 1 - 2019/20 (and a bit of season 2) Well, well. wellity, well. What a bizarre start to this challenge. The Mighty Cocks had a season-saving run in and survived the lofty heights of the Chinese second tier. Just. With s few key signings, and an actual midfield, the Great Escape was achieved. Here was the run of a majestic ZERO points they had achieved before I arrived: Top work my dudes. And here was the final results and table after I worked my magic with some decent training and a good formation that I've used in other challenges to great effect: Is is
  3. Anyone else have trouble controlling the U23's side for the Olympics in FM20? I've selected Take Control when given the option and I've manually gone in and switched the settings to me having all the responsibilities, but it doesn't work, the best I can do is control the Friendlies, then it automates the Olympics. Any advice?
  4. Quick question, how do y'all get those indented, lineless tables with the typewriter font? I've just finished my first season and like that format. Cheers!
  5. SURD - UNEMPLOYED Well well well. I haven't tried this challenge since the famously well balanced FM2007. So here we go. Surd here fresh off getting San Marino to produce a Ballon D'Or striker. Now to conquer the world in my ÜBER GAME. Because why load some of the leagues...... WHEN YOU CAN LOAD ALL THE LEAGUES!!!! MUAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA....... my poor laptop. So, introducing me! Plucky Irish Brummie. I am one crap manager WITH A DREAM. A dream to conquer world football with zero skill or connections. I applied for all 96 available jobs and waited to see who would pick me up. I go
  6. 2022/2023 Season I know there's a new thread, but it feels wrong posting my FM20 stuff in there and getting all of the first achiever status for half of the things because I'm a few seasons ahead. Finally got back to FM20 after a festive period of filthy console gaming. But WOW what a comeback! League First season in the top flight and we've only gone and done a bloody Leicester City! League and cup double! The squad finally gelled together properly this season and became an elite fighting force! In truth, it was entirely down to one man. Greatest Sammarinian ever
  7. 2021/2022 Season So, been away for a while, tried some other projects, but honestly this just called me back, I am definitely most invested in this saved over my others. I think it's the national challenge that is the hook here! San Marino Calcio It's been a great year for San Marino Calcio. Back to back to back promotions and I'm into Serie A! Serie B was no joke. It started slow, several defeats and draws, but eventually I clawed my way to top spot and stayed there. The league was tight with everyone drawing and losing to each other. Really no standouts in this league! It reminded m
  8. And that's why I'm back here! There's something intangible about this save. I tried a China save and Ireland in my absence, but the Chinese restrictions on transfers got annoying and Ireland just didn't cut it as the national team were already decent.
  9. Bit of a delay since the last post, but I was getting really hacked off with the Sammarinese club board. A transfer saga had developed with my star man Macina. Despite being rated at £90m by the media, as soon as the bids went north of £3m the board accepted on my behalf. I used my ultimatum, which bought me 6 hours on deadline day. Then as soon as £4m came in there was nothing I could do. I had used my ultimatum. I may admit a wee bit of save scumming trying to save the guy and experimenting with ways to prevent anything similar in future. This morning I had a brain w
  10. Meanwhile in real life: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54531143 PROUD OF MA BOYS!!
  11. Not sure about all the formatting and proofs, but I just had a dream debut for 46 year old Amir Karic. Oldest player and goalscorer in the same match, not bad for a left-back!
  12. 2019 Season End of the first season and ooooooooooh boy that was a close one. The team remained in the relegation zone for most of the season. But..... we survived. We needed a win on the last day to avoid the drop, but due to how close it was at the bottom, that final win catapulted me from 14th to 11th, which in all honesty, made it sound like the season went better than it did! For reference, here is the position chart: As you can see it was a close run thing! For wider, but more cluttered context, as you can see below, XJ TS Leopards and us swapped the bottom sp
  13. Right, here we go. There are 7.5billion people on Earth. 20% of them live in China. You'd think one of them would've been the Ballon d'Or winner by now! And yes I realise a mix of sporting cultural importance over time, genetics, etc., but what if China decided to focus its efforts on the world of football? What if they weren't there to take part in the world football, but to take over! Let's make this interesting. So here is my challenge. Take a club at the bottom of the Chinese First division and lead them to producing the world's best player. Futhermore, and to add a bit of spice, to ta
  14. Ok, so after much delay and attempts at some other challenges, I've finally finished season 20/21. And what a great season. Serie C: Champions Serie C Cup: Winners Italian C Supercup: Winners I wasn't sure about some of the achievements at the start of the start of this thread, so I'm covering a few bases, I came top of the first stage, then rode the wave all the way to victory on all fronts. San Marino Academy went on a tear, winning all competitions with a bit of a blip towards the end of the season. Made it over the line. I think this season was helped by sending my
  15. As they look at each other from across the tiny stand.
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