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  1. Why can we only take coaching courses through a club? Sometimes it is not possible to take a course because the team does not have money or does not want us to miss the training camp. Why can not we take it out when we're unemployed? We have money and we have time! Why should taking a course be blocked to a team? In real life I can take a course whenever I want. Thanks
  2. I'm sorry if this idea already exists, but the search returns 404. What if we, football managers, had an agent to help us renegotiate the contracts or look for new contracts, whether unemployed or not? Example1: I am training Liverpool and our agent came to me with an improved contract to go to Arsenal. Example 2: We are unemployed and our agent presents several possibilities to go to the interview, Hull City, Everton, etc. We could hire and fire the agent. A good agent, find better clubs. Example 1: If we were a football manager with little reputation, we could not be represented by agent Jorge Mendes, and he refused (I know there can be no real names, but what I mean is represented by an agent with a good reputation) Sometimes it's a nightmare to have to click on all available clubs to find a job. Thank u
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