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  1. I can't document it but I seem to remember Cruyffs Barca side using a defensive midfielder high up the pitch to spoil the opposition build up and quickly get the ball back. I think Bakero was used for this.
  2. One thing that puzzles me is the use of "shouts". My understanding has always been that you use the TC (complemented by the sliders perhaps) to define how you want to start the match. Then, when changes are needed during the match you use shouts to try and achieve what you want to change based on what you read from the match. However, some of the discussions in these forums on how to achieve a certain playing style (for instance tiki-taka like football) seems to indicate that you need to apply certain combinations of "shouts" at the very beginning of each match. Am I interpreting this the wrong way? If not, wouldn't it make sense to have these shout combinations made available through the TC so the "shouts" can remain in-match responses to what is going on in a specific match?
  3. Can the usefullness of an anchor-man vs. a ball winning midfielder be seen as dependent on the oppositions use of through-balls? If the opposition is using "pass into space" a lot, an anchor-man might be useful acting as a midfield sweeper. Whereas if the opposition passing is "pass to feet" a ball winning midfielder might be more suited. Look at Barcelona for instance. If I were facing that side I wouldn't use an anchor man - I would use a ball winning midfielder. On the other hand, if I were managing FCB I would use an anchor-man to try an counter the oppositions counter attacks.