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  1. Regarding the ground issue you'd probably end up sharing with Oldham as they're the closest professional league club to Curzon
  2. it does this for me too, the app isn't open but if you go to your task manager it will show Steam as running in the background
  3. I don't think it'll be in Qatar irl tbh, don't think Infantino will want to mess up the European season
  4. The World Cup in 2022 has been moved from Qatar to Argentina in my game due to 'club protests about tournament scheduling', where has it been moved to for anyone else? Do you think that the game is predicting the future?
  5. Did you have any leagues below the National north and south? If so then I'd contact the creator of the content
  6. You can only edit the salary of the contract, when it ends and any bonuses/clauses that are in it. If you want to alter the start date of a contract you'd be best off using the pre game editor
  7. The ability to edit under 21 competition names ie English under 21 group (whatever). I edit the competition names (I prefer to do this rather than use someone else's work) and then it says for the under 21/18 competitions 'English under 21/18. I know there's a real name fix out there but as I said earlier I prefer to do my own work
  8. I would recommend having a good processor and 4gb ram or above
  9. The game runs slower with more leagues loaded on low end laptops/pc's but there's more realism
  10. How fast does the game actually process? I had a similar problem with my laptop (Medion Akoya E1713T 2gb ram amd A4 processor) until I upgraded to 4gb ram, now despite it saying 1 star for both speed and performance it runs a helluva lot quicker and I'm enjoying my gaming experience more. Also close down any background programmes via your task manager as games like FM eat a lot of ram, so if any other programmes are running as well they're gonna slow the computer right down, thus FM runs like a snail
  11. When you click the spanner icon, look down and it will say 'freeze attributes'. The game will freeze all the attributes of that player
  12. Try telling that to Lee Johnson, guy has left my Oldham in a right mess  irl that is
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