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    So imagine if you click on the 'Tactics' Menu on the sidebar. Now, you are seeing 6 tabs: Overview, Player, Set Pieces and so on. Imagine now that you have a 'Movements' tab. In this tab, something inspired in this would appear: - Team Movement - Attacking Movement - Defensive Movement - Midfield Movement I really don't know how good idea this is... Another idea is I have not seen yet dressing rooms sacking managers... That happens in real life!!
  2. No mate is not that... My tactic has been excellent this season... With 26 games played in the league, 45 goals scored, 18 goals suffered... But im entering that phase of the season where im only playing with weaker sides than mine... i dont know if this is some kind of complacency...
  3. So.... Im playing Newcastle and I my attack is composed in the following manner: ---T(A)----CF(A)---- --------AP(S)-------- -> Instruction: Move to channels. T(A) - Pérez; CF(A) - Gabriel Barbosa; AP(S) - Thauvin I just played against Man utd at home, and my team produce 5 clear cut chanches. I lost the match 1-3. What to do to convert those clear cut chances?
  4. I'm looking to emule the brendan rodgers system from 2013 (with Sturridge and Suarez)... but Im having a hard time scoring goals. At the present time my tactic is: ------T(A)------CF(A)------- ----------AP(A)-------------- ----B2B(S)-----DLP(S)------ -WB(S)--------------WB(S)- -BPD(D)---CD(D)---BPD(D)- ----------GK(D)------------- In some matches the players are ~6.8 ratings but no goals... just now, draw with reading...
  5. See? - No passing options - Zaza is completely alone, poor guy! Another example - Two players of my teams fighting for possession... - Two players of my team in the same square feet! - As a result of this situation, Ross Barkley got injuried with a chest injury!
  6. thanks for the reply, doc! My tactis instructions Im writing this ate the same time Im playing against Liverpool and I noticed that: - The are few passing options when a player of my team has the ball - Positioning when defending (right back and left back too close to the centre backs even with the instruction "Stay Wide") - Left and Right backs arriving late in the corridors near the oposition area - When a player of my team tacke some oponent, this player tackles and looses the ball to other oponent -> I want another player of my team to gain possesion or the same player that made
  7. how do you put the team to play in a fluid, continuously manner without fail any passes? My coaches are incredible, 4.5* average, but the team fail a lot of passes and the players get in the way of each other... I dont know which training focus I should give... Tips? My team uses very creative wingers, with a AP and a B2B in the midfield and one Roming Playmaker in the defensive midfield. The team plays with a AF in front!
  8. just begin a save with liverpool as usual... game began in December of 2013!!!!! SI, what have you done to the awesome 15.2 version??
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