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  1. Your most prolific striker?

    Sergio Aguero. Unstoppable.
  2. Best ever signing?

    Alberto Paloschi back in FM 09. Scored like over 500 league goals for my Birmingham side.
  3. Fix the transfer issues and the Spanish league so I can start my career game there.
  4. Why - ?

    Don't tell me how to play my game. I just want to know what it is so can someone private message me? Or link me to another forum where i can discuss this cause i think SI is trying to hide this flaw or something.
  5. Why - ?

    Can someone pm me what the corner exploit is? Im struggling pretty hard with my Sociedad team. Cheers.
  6. I think I hit the jackpot big time right here
  7. I got another question. Once someone becomes accomplished can i drop the training in that new position? or would they go back to being incompetent in that position?
  8. Which one do you think is more effective for a striker? I got all my strikers on places shots except Jo who shoots with power and i think that shoots with power is more effective. Thoughts?
  9. have i just been robbed

    Game is rigged. I can tell im not going to score in a game within the first 20 minutes no matter how much we are going to dominate. Its ridiculous.
  10. Okay this is getting ridiculous now i now gone 3 draws and a lost in my last 4 games. I create like 10 CCC every game i just can't seem to beat their keeper. Stupid game.
  11. Creates chances but my strikers don't score using the joint venture tactic =(
  12. I am using Sea 424 with Birmingham and just won the Champions league against Real Madrid in the final. Mine you this is in the year 2015 but my team isn't world class by all means. Thanks for the tactic Zero Sea.
  13. Ain't all your tactics purely based on someone elses tactic anyway? You just tweak them. Just saying.