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  1. I'm doing an experiment which requires a new injury. I've had some success with it before about a year ago on fm2014 (yeah i'm bit slow) but that editor file had another experiment in it (I wanted to make a 3 tier team with under 21 and under 18s playing in the league structure, the team was top quality) Has anyone else had a problem with it?
  2. I'd say Milan because I love managing in Italy. However Milan might have high expectations from the board
  3. I just looked on my save 2035 and there is 2 true world class players (aka messi and ronaldo equivalents). One thing i noticed is that high tactical attributes are quite rare and these 2 and 1 other (35 year old) have very high ones whilst most other high rep players have not as good tactical (like average 14-15 rather than average 18-19)
  4. When did northern Ireland get work permits? in fm 2014 i didn't have them?
  5. Valenciennes are a team in France i think their in the second tier. Interestingly there the only french team i've ever managed on FM. I recommend not sticking to the comforts of england, try something different. Italy's a good shout if you get to know it bit the teams are quite similar to england but it's more competitive (that can be good or bad). If you don't like it you can always move back however.
  6. backstory: He was a player at my old club, who have released him. He was on about 120k a week there. backstory 2: I like to role-play as a tycoon manager (yeah it's cheating but its fun) so my team is loaded (not edited just transferred a player for £600m from my "bank" club). backstory 3: My clubs now professional and most players I can sign are young players from places like Scandinavia and Poland who were only youth contracts anyway. This guys not one of those I know I am one of his personal favourites but isn't it bit extreme for a big international player to move to my team even with money?
  7. I've always found Poland a good place to buy players from especially regions
  8. And you guys thought i didn't know it! Fooled by the fool.
  9. Never seen this before my board just gave it to me. (I am currently on course to win the league for the first time) Is there a big catch to it?
  10. my rule is if he's going to be better than the player he'll be replacing [say a 5 star potential 1 star ability 17 year old and a 3 star ability and potential 28 year old] i usually rotate players, but then again almost all of my players have multiple positions. I don't even have a proper DR in my team, just a re-trained AMR and a DC who can as well (he's got 16 pace fastest DC ever). If the young player isn't going to necessarily be a star for your team i'd loan him out.
  11. I managed to buy him in the summer instead of january even though he signed a new contract with his club. I only paid 4m for a "world class" player (he's not quite a messi or ronaldo but like the step below, still going to be amazing and get many caps for his country). Celtic you could have asked for 5x that and i still would have paid.
  12. I went to purchase a player, who also happened to be in the last six months of his contract. I first put in a bid that was generous, seeing as i am roleplaying as a tycoon club. Contract, all good. continue on for a week, sometimes players take time to sign it. No big deal. check transfers page, theres nothing there. check player again i can offer him a contract due it expiring. all good he agrees again. check a few days later in the transfer page and it says transfer cancelled Why can't i sign him?
  13. yeah i'm usually the youngest in league with my teams and theres usually one thing they're not that good at.
  14. I would say it's kinda possible. You can knock them down but they will always have some sort of strength. I did it with Barcelona once. They did get there finances back into order after a few seasons (not rich however) but they just sat in the 3rd tier forever in the mid-table with finances of 400m and no debt.
  15. I'm currently managing Preston in my save. They'd just been relegated and I needed a decent goalkeeper because the no 1 had a transfer request. I purchased a pretty nice looking 18 year old keeper (he's a regen). He's nothing special other than he's the third choice for england u19s and has "good" premier league potential. I don't plan on staying at the club after i get them promoted and have little interest in my other players, they're just my pawns. However I am randomly attached to this goalkeeper and want his career to go well. Who's your random attachment?
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