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  1. Personally, I think the F9 role needs a total rework. The movement of the F9 in FM is just so inconsistent and barely drops deep.
  2. Paired it with an IF(S) and RMD in a 4-3-3. Even used a player with drop deep PPM
  3. One role I've always wanted to use was the False 9, but I could never seem to get it to work (didn't drop deep as much as I liked/too wasteful in possession). So I always switched to DLF or CF (S)
  4. I've gone with WM(A) and modified PIs to replicate the way Sane and Sterling play. I find the Winger role too wasteful in possession, as they just run wide and cross aimlessly.
  5. yeah i've experienced similar issues. Hope this gets looked at as HB is one of my favourite player roles
  6. Anyone else experienced similar problems?
  7. Hi, I've been testing a few tactics with the Half-Back role but it doesn't seem to be functioning properly. The centre backs only seem to be splitting wide when using fullbacks in the WB positions, otherwise they won't split. E.g. Nuri Sahin is the HB. I'm playing with FBs but my CBs aren't splitting wide However when I move my FBs to the WB position my CBs split. Surely this is a bug?
  8. I hope that the inverted wingback works at it should for fm17!
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops, as I absolutely loved that Bayern team. A couple of comments from me: - I don't think the Barcelona game does justice to how they really played. For me they're a possession team, albeit a more direct one. They averaged 58% possession in the Bundesliga, and apparently only Barcelona had higher possession and passing stats that season (See Jonathan Wilson: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/may/28/tactical-trends-2012-13) - It's worth paying attention to how Heynckes used the N.10 role. Kroos enabled Bayern to dictate the game due to his passing prowess and movement off the ball (dropping deep and moving laterally), while Muller was a defensive workhorse who provided the penetrating runs from deep - The Juventus game in the CL Quarter final was a good example of how Heynckes used the N.10 to mark out deep lying playmakers such as Pirlo - When considering roles for the double pivot, I'd be careful labelling Javi Martinez as a pure holding midfielder. If you watch some clips closely, he did tend to venture into the opposition box a fair bit. This is also a useful article showing aspects of their play: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1656404-how-bayern-munichs-success-might-change-tactics-across-europe-next-season
  10. Jambo, you've mentioned that your having issues with your striker and even though you haven't posted up much analysis, I already suspect that its something to do with the F9 role. I don't think the role is functioning as its supposed to in FM16. For example I'm finding that 1. he's simply not dropping deep enough and 2. he's not dropping when he's supposed to. If this is happening in your save, then its no wonder your ST is not contributing. If the F9 is not dropping deep he's going to be isolated (especially as you play a 451) and he won't be creating space for your other players to come onto. I think this is definitely something to keep an eye on.
  11. Yeah I agree that you can apply some of the basic principles, but for me counter pressing is much more than just pressing with a high line. Its all about intelligent pressing, knowing when to press effectively and knowing when to conserve energy. For example, there is currently no option for us to instruct our team to focus their press during the transition phase, like when the balls just been turned over. It's these small details which differentiates ordinary pressing and counter pressing in my view.
  12. The problem with trying to replicate Klopp's counterpressing is that we can't instruct our players to press when specific conditions are triggered, e.g.when a player is isolated. It's either all or nothing.