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  1. Paired it with an IF(S) and RMD in a 4-3-3. Even used a player with drop deep PPM
  2. One role I've always wanted to use was the False 9, but I could never seem to get it to work (didn't drop deep as much as I liked/too wasteful in possession). So I always switched to DLF or CF (S)
  3. I've gone with WM(A) and modified PIs to replicate the way Sane and Sterling play. I find the Winger role too wasteful in possession, as they just run wide and cross aimlessly.
  4. yeah i've experienced similar issues. Hope this gets looked at as HB is one of my favourite player roles
  5. Anyone else experienced similar problems?
  6. Hi, I've been testing a few tactics with the Half-Back role but it doesn't seem to be functioning properly. The centre backs only seem to be splitting wide when using fullbacks in the WB positions, otherwise they won't split. E.g. Nuri Sahin is the HB. I'm playing with FBs but my CBs aren't splitting wide However when I move my FBs to the WB position my CBs split. Surely this is a bug?
  7. I hope that the inverted wingback works at it should for fm17!
  8. If only I had access to this when I started playing.... amazing work
  9. I want a sort of player who behaves as a treq when we have possession (move laterally, drop deep etc) but will press and track back defensively (like an AP does). So i'm trying to find a way of achieving both if that's possible
  10. would an AP(A) at AMC with 'roam from position' provide the same attacking movement as a trequartista?
  11. After analysing a few more games in depth I'm actually starting to agree with you. I think my perception is slightly skewed by my misinterpretation of the role and how it performed in the previous patch. However I do feel at times the DF(D) doesn't drop deep enough at times, maybe not in line with the midfield but I feel he should operate at a closer proximity in the defensive phase.
  12. I agree, my DF(D) doesn't seem to function as a DF(D) anymore. With defend duty I expect my player to drop deep and press the oppositions midfielders. After the patch my DF is positioned too high up the pitch and as a result doesn't contribute as much defensively anymore. This is with using Robert Lewandoski as a DF(D) who has 18 work rate and 16 teamwork (I'm using 'Very Fluid' with 'Control' mentality and 'close down more'): Surely this is not right?
  13. What's the difference between an AM with attack duty vs a AM with a support duty and 'get further forward' PI?
  14. Inspired by this article I have actually tried something similar. I play with similar tactics, in terms of the high block, pressing and low risk PIs, but I use the counter mentality instead of control. I've tried and compared both mentalities but I've stuck with counter, as the pressing isn't quite as extreme on control and also it seems to enable slow build up play from defence, which I think is crucial aspect of Guardiola's play.