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  1. I appreciate you considering that, I think it would be a very balanced way to add to both the realism and the challenge.
  2. Great game but there are a couple of things I hope have been addressed. Can we expect the AI to improve this year from a transfer/team building perspective ? I’ve seen others say, and I agree, that after a couple of years the quality of opposition tends to fall as they don’t replace their best ageing or sold players with similar quality. Also, I feel it’s far too easy to accelerate the financial power of sides by selling players for big fees and then tweaking budgets to dramatically increase your wage budget allowing you to shop in a much more expensive market. I think the impac
  3. Great game, love it, and spent (too) many hours enjoying it. However, two areas for me that should be adjusted to improve the challenge in a way that players of all capabilities could hopefully get on board with as it would simply add to the realism. 1) CPU transfers - opposing clubs, particularly top clubs, are terrible at buying players. They either don’t spend their money or buy too many mediocre/poor players that add nothing to the squad and very quickly the quality of opposition falls as they don’t replace their top players as their squads age. I appreciate in real life transfer
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