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  1. it might be a little offtopic but Has anyone here asked their captain to help with a teammate Happiness ? One of the player is unhappy cuz i fined him and so i asked the captain to help me with it...Does it really work ?
  2. I also had a doubt with how to raise the youth players ? Should i give them Individual role training or Specific attribute training ? which way is better ?
  3. Okay so i started playing after almost a month i want you guys to take a look at my team and set up cuz I AM ****ING LOSING to CHAMPIONSHIP sides and this is my freaking SECOND SEASON. GK Lb-Cb-Cb-Lb BBM-Cm(d) IF-Winger(both attack duties) AF-TM(both attack Duties) The formation being 4-2-2-2 with both Lbs with support duties Shouts as -Run at Defence,Direct Passing,Pass into Space,Exploit the flanks,look for Overlap,Play Wide,Hassle Opp,Get Stuck in,Lower Tempo,More expressive I am playing with Chelsea and in second season :| I would've uploaded a pic but it doesn't let me :/ says '
  4. Is there any specific tactic you can adapt to play against a certain type of style ? Like what would you do to play against a team with direct passing ? or short passing ? something like that ?
  5. Haha maybe !! Formation ? i used a 4-2-2-2 .. 2 cbs , 2 fullbacks ,1 BWM ,1 BBM,2 Wingers,1 Treq and 1 poacher :| Trek cuz i have Alexsandro Dsouza who is although 35 has GODLIKE attributes except for pace and strength obviously what do you have to say about this :/ as to the goals..well Kacanklic scored a hat-trick :| ..two from the box and one from a penalty :| .. i mean not like it was one on one..there were defenders too ! and the fourth goal was from a corner.
  6. i kind of need help with tactical analysis of opposition from the scout report. First thing i do is check their weak attributes and select players accordingly - If it's Pace i select pacy wingers and direct passing with Run to defense..this kind of thing. Then i check the most assists area and set passing accordingly. I check their strikers attributes and determine if they're playing Target man so i'll push up defensive line or are they playing a fast striker so i'll drop deeper. And yet i lose to Fulham 4-0 who are 13th on the table and 4-1 to Aston Villa who are freakin' 20th on the tabl
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