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  1. Quite OP this tactic I feel. I've got 2* Cirjan performing as a god as a treq. Even better than Pedri! Any kind of quick player with good off the ball performing as either AM-A gets crazy good results as well.
  2. Absolutely spot-on, they defend too deep, but that also contributes towards the overall defensive quality. Maybe experimenting with playing way out of trouble PPMs and extra build-up from the back training would work?
  3. Just dominated 2nd in the league Man Utd. I'm comfortably top of the league.
  4. When I beat Liverpool last year 1-0 away with my B-team, I knew it was a good tactic! Decided to rest all my best players in a game that meant practically nothing.
  5. PPMs; AM-As need to get forward whenever possible, play 1-2s, beat offside trap. Treq needs to play killer balls, 1-2s, run with ball through centre, look for pass rather than shot, get forward whenever possible. PIs; DLP-D set to mark AMC tighter. CB-D set to take fewer risks. I have Tierney set to cross more often cos his crossing is 15
  6. Hi everybody Just thought I'd share my strikerless 433 in FM21 I love it. It does exactly what I want. Defends in numbers and then breaks for amazingly beautiful counter-attacks. I can't stand keeping possession of the ball, I find it so boring. It's an iteration I made myself. I originally started it in FM20 with a standard 4-3-3 but it just didn't do what I wanted it to do and the striker was basically pointless. The striker has become the AM treq and that's transformed the tactic. Wow. Even with slow, unhappy, undetermined Özil he got 10 goals and 15 assists last
  7. Currently 4-2 down to Bayer over 2 legs, all 4 of their goals from corners. Changed my defensive corner routine completely in-between as well. 2 systems both getting ravaged.
  8. Just incredible. I think 8 of the last 10 goals I've conceded have come from a corner or free kick. Such a blatant bug with the game.
  9. Hi everybody I saw on twitter yesterday that Cleon said nobody does Moneyball in FM. I've not played for the past few weeks because I'm very bored with my long-term Arsenal save and Moneyball seemed like a decent and interesting challenge, so I took over Cardiff and I'll be giving Moneyball a go. I'll be doing all my posts via YouTube because posting takes too long + it's a lot more interesting watching instead of reading I think. Hope you enjoy! Let me know any feedback you have. https://youtu.be/Y0QqcoNvc4g
  10. Well both lines are kept on standard, which is what I meant by deepish.
  11. Ok I got bored of the 4231 in its traditional format as I wanted to play a more counter attacking-esque style of play. Relies on staying deepish, keeping space between their defenders and GK, very fast flairy good passers on the wings, a very pacey striker who can also hold up the ball and a work horse beast in central midfield. The goals come from anywhere from the front 4. You'll think the left winger will score and then all of a sudden the right winger scores, or you think the striker will score but the CM-A buries it. It's just beastly beautiful fast flowing football, I love it.
  12. Ok I've started doing this now and also with the FM 03/04 database. I used the editor to change PPMs, and Pires and Ljungberg inexplicably had extremely low concentration and/or composure stats (8 or so, really mad), so I changed them to 14, which I think is very fair for players of their calibre. Obviously I won't be signing anybody in the first season, I only intend on using these players. Not sure how long I'll play the save for. I was worried there'd be no suitable Bergkamp replacement but actually there are quite a few possibilities. This is how I'll start the season;
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