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  1. Never in a million years was Bergkamp a False 9. DLF-S if you want to play him as a striker, not sure about his role as an AM. Ashley Cole without doubt a CWB, Ljungberg very rarely dribbled, Gilberto absolutely not a DLP, either CM-D, A-D, DM-D or DM-S, Vieira either BBM, RP, SV-S or SV-A. Kolo Toure I'd say was a BPD. Henry absolutely a CF. PPMs vital. Henry 'comes deep', 'beat offside trap', 'place shots', 'run with ball often', 'knocks ball past opponent', 'cuts inside from left wing' Bergkamp 'stops play', 'killer balls' Ljungberg 'dribbles rarely', perhaps 'beat offside trap'? Gilberto 'stays back at all times' Ashley Cole 'hugs line', 'gets forward whenever possible' Pires 'runs with ball', 'killer balls', 'cuts inside' Just some suggestions. Re. team instructions. I'd say 'positive', 'more expressive', 'more direct', 'higher tempo', 'focus play down the left' amongst others. You don't want to play too high up the field, I'd keep the defensive line as standard or perhaps lower. Absolutely NOT overlap right. Lauren stayed back. He was a destroyer, much like Gilberto. I'd also look for medium aggression from your Gilberto, 12 at most.
  2. I did lose a game though! On penalties...unbeaten over 90 mins in all competitions, Jan 10th. 3 draws (opposition so lucky, penalty given by a sub for an injured player in 1 for 1-1, stupid Ederson own goal where the shot deflected off the post and off his back, and a 87th minute equaliser from a player I sold a few months earlier). Won the rest.
  3. This is Thomas Lemar's world and we're just living in it. I mean the guy was incredible before, but this year he's just on a different level. January 10th and he's 1 goal behind his best SEASON tally already. Already 2 more POMs than his best season, just needs 8 more assists to equal his best year on that front.
  4. For a couple of years I've wondered why in my clauses it says Mbappe will receive 50% of his next transfer fee. I'm 99% sure I didn't offer that. Then the same happened with Lucas Paqueta, 25% of the next fee will go to him. Now I've just offered SMS a contract including 50% sell-on profit fee. And when the contract summary came up, I realised why the game says all this. It thinks the transfer fee is £0! Please fix this.
  5. Well I don't know, some minor PI or TI improvements might be possible. Attacking narrower/wider, much higher tempo?
  6. Hi everybody Just looking for ways to improve my tactic. It's a terribly boring 4231, sorry about that, I'm getting bored of it myself but I'd like to give it one more year. Want to try and win everything in one year + go unbeaten, I've done pretty much everything else. Obviously a lot depends on PPMs + players, but let me know if you see anything you think I could improve on. PIs; AP-A Gets further forward IF-S Gets further forward, stays wider, cross aim far post BBM Shoots less often, fewer risks CM-D Fewer risks WB-S Cross from byline, cross aim centre, shoots less often FB-S Runs wide with ball
  7. But why does that delay even exist? And often it's not after a couple of days, sometimes weeks.
  8. I had a situation last season around June 29th where I was trying to sign a player because another club was about to get him. I had maxed out my wage budget at the time, I was something like -£150k a week with £0 transfer budget, but I was about to lose several hundred thousands off the wage budget on July 1st + I had players under bids as well. At the very least I would have had at least £250k pw wage budget available, so it kind of sucked that I wasn't able to offer the player more than £110 a week. The player ended up going to the other club as a result. Pretty silly.
  9. I've had this a couple of times now. I offer what the agent believes to be an insufficient offer + cuts all talks. Now I can't reopen talks with said player...despite me being the most reputable club in the world + them playing for a midtable side. Is that not just completely ridiculous? In real life would a player really sabotage a move to a much higher reputation team, getting a huge payrise, just because a previous contract offer wasn't sufficient?
  10. All been overwritten now. I'm in the CL final, I have ONE central midfielder available...
  11. And can you please please please fix throw-ins? Painful.
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