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  1. Thanks guys! Would have preferred a more challenging scenario like that you u guys mentioned, but exciting nonetheless!
  2. Hi Guys, Could anyone tell me if this is a hard brexit or soft brexit? What are the key implications? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you very much guys. I shall start my long Arsenal save now then
  4. Hi, do you know if there will be CA/PA changes to this team when full game is released tomorrow? If there is, then I will wait before starting a full Arsenal save. THanks
  5. Hi does anyone know if player CA/PA will change when the full game is released on 4 Nov? If there is, I wouldn't want to start a proper save 1 day before the game releases. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Just want to ask, if I have signed 3-4 new players for the season, but slowly integrate them into the first team by playing one new player each time in the starting 11. Will this reduce the impact of the new signings on my team's performance on the pitch? Or will it be the same as long as they are in the team? Really appreciate any advice, thanks!
  7. If u team is low on confidence, maybe switch to a more disciplined or rigid setup?
  8. It happens in real life, for instance southampton in the epl this season. I would say form and morale does have a significant impact in fm, just like in real life, but tactics can help to arrest any slide in form.
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