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  1. It's a bit weird what happens. I caught up with the editor and took Sergio García to a LaLiga Santander team (1st Spain) to see if he would appear ... and nothing ... is still not seen in the game. I would beg you to see it and try to fix it. I would appreciate! THANKS!
  2. Good morning everyone!! I have a problem. Let's see if someone can tell me if it also happens to him or if you know what the solution is. I usually start games almost always with the following configuration and player load: https://ibb.co/jgJLNM0 That is, as you can see, I charge the maximum players and employees that the game allows me. Although I go slower sometimes, I prefer it that way because of the browsing theme. The thing is that the other day seeing the news that Sergio García and Joan Verdú had signed for CF Montañesa (ID: 67109604), I decided
  3. Can you tell me how to do that? I do not see the players in the FM21 Editor at the time of the search. Thank you!!!
  4. If you let me open both at the same time, the 20 and the 21. What happens that in 21 the search by player name appears with blank records ...
  5. 2 days later and we still have the same problem. Does anyone think of a solution to this? We cannot work or do anything. Please take action! THANKS!!!
  6. Good morning everyone!!! I have gone to start the FM21 Editor and when I search for players by name, it loads the results but the names appear (as you can see in the photo) empty. It only happens to me with the names, the rest of the data (clubs, competitions, ...) I can search for them and they appear without problem. Someone else happens? https://ibb.co/3dQXHcz Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Likewise, I believe that the situation of a number of players, who appear poorly positioned between the first and second teams, should be corrected: - ATHLETIC BILBAO - - Iñigo Vicente + Asier Villalibre -> first team. - Adrián Trespalacios + Iñigo Gómeza + Beñat de Jesús + Asier Grande + Unai Vélez + Kepa Uriarte + Iñigo López -> must appear in Bilbao Athletic and not in the first team. - ATLETICO MADRID - - Ivan Saponjic -> first squad. - Ismael Gutiérrez + Rodrigo Riquelme + Sergio Castel + Nicolás Ibañez -> Atlético Madrid B (second t
  8. - ATLÉTICO MADRID - In Atlético de Madrid the signing of Mariano Gómez (Ibiza) appears. The signing of this player also appears in Atlético Madrid B. It should appear only on B, not on both teams. - The same happens with Joel Ngoya (does not appear in B) - In this list, the signing of Luis Suárez (ex-FC Barcelona) does not appear - In the list of casualties of the first team, appear Iker Recio, Óscar Clemente, Nacho Quintana, Adrián Gómez, Alejandro Garnacho, Segio Castel and Darío Poveda. These players should not appear on this list. They should be listed on tea
  9. In the Real Sociedad the signing of Mikel Merino appears in the 20/21 season. This player has really been at the club for a long time. Joined on 07/12/2018 A greeting! https://ibb.co/jvzWt77
  10. I think this is very important. As for the Copa del Rey, the final of the year 2020 is not played? Thank you!
  11. - CÓRDOBA C.F. (UNIÓN FUTBOLÍSTICA CORDOBESA, S.A.D.) - --> Category: Segunda B, Group IV B 1) Bahrain Owners, New Ownership Organization Chart: - Owner: Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa - President: Abdullah Al-Zain - CEO (Executive): Javier González Calvo - Vice President (Chief Financial Officer): Mohammed Al-Nusuf - Adrián Fernández Romero: adviser - Jesús Coca: adviser - Miguel Gómez Huertas: adviser - Antonio Palacios Herruzo: adviser http://www.cordobacf.com/club/consejo-de-administracion https:/
  12. Good morning everyone!!! I am writing to tell you about the problem I have and to see if anyone can help me out. The thing is, I'm playing a game online with a friend. I have created the game and he joins. The thing is that every time he will enter we take 1 hour, 1 hour and a half for him to enter the online game ... This seems like real **** to me, does anyone know how to fix it or is this normal? THANKS A LOT!!!
  13. Dude, we have already managed to fix it. It was a matter of waiting. Thank you!!!
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