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  1. I really can't see how there's so many complaints with this year's FM. Just like every game the only people unhappy will come to the forums and criticize it, the others will be playing or sharing their results. They can't please everyone, and this forum is a hell of a minority. It doesn't have that much of activity compared to other FM forums for comparison, and certainty far off from the people actually playing FM. Yes, we are happy with this game, accept that. IMO the game is the best that Sigames have done, it's really that awesome. First seasons i had some bad results, but now it's just #winning. Some tweaks here and there that is needed, but you know what? Last year 13.3 was released in 28th February.. You know what day tomorrow is?
  2. Last year, FM 2013 13.3.0 patch was released in 28th February. I don't know where people are getting the early march, but if you check in Sigames site, or google it, you'll see it was in 28th February. I remember last year being crazy when it was released.
  3. Just saw on reddit people happy saying the patch is confirmed at 28th February! I'm a bit of a lurker here, just joined recently but this time i'm actually excited for this update Let the countdown begin mates!
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